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TONYC Grant Report March 2021

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Tony Cook
April 19, 2021 11:20
TONYC Grant Report March 2021
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Approximately 29 tickets were reviewed, and 3 patches were

[Hours]         [Activity]
  1.63          #18519 manually rebase and some clean up, make PR #18647
  0.17          #18523 recheck and apply to blead
  2.33          #18557 review, find several similar tickets, work on
                adding a warning, create #18643
  2.52          #18587 review discussion and changes, and review perlguts,
                #18587 review and comment
  0.22          #18589 review and apply to blead
  0.08          #18629 review and approve
  0.70          #18632 review makemeta, work on a fix
                #18632 more work on a fix, testing, make PR #18670
  1.12          #18634 review changes, review list discussion
  0.38          #18639 review and research, comment
  1.74          #18642 research and comment
                #18642 documentation fix, and look over magic handling for
                setsockopt and make PR 18660
                #18642 fix non-portable new test
  3.06          #18643 add each @{ anonarray } too, fixes, debugging
                #18643 add more tests, testing, force push
                #18643 update each() documentation too
  1.97          more autovivification, debugging, work out what’s wrong,
                tests and make PR #18650
                #18650 review, research and comment
  6.64          #18651 review ticket, work on a reproducer, debugging,
                research and comment
                #18651 debugging, try a fix and bounce off my_snprintf(),
                try a simpler solution, testing, add new test, debug test
                to ensure code works as expected, polish (need a bit more
                test debugging)
                #18651 more testing, code checks (some code handling q
                size flag or not)
                #18651 post PR with comment, comment on original ticket
  0.35          #18652 review and briefly comment
  0.35          #18656 comment
  0.68          #18658 recheck and apply to blead, perldelta update
  0.33          #18662 review and comment (request changes)
  0.45          #18663 request more information
                #18663 ask for more information again
  0.53          #18664 research and comment
  4.96          #18667 testing, reproduce, try bisect
                #18667 try bisect again on different hardware
                #18667 review commit found by bisect - it’s not the cause
                (fa353c3d2), debug some, the error feels like a stack-not-
                #18667 more debugging, trying to find code that might
                trigger stack-not-refcounted
  0.72          cage cleaning - review tickets, closing some, seeing which
                need work
  0.23          comment on Fix string leaks thread
  0.82          feature.[ch] on perl5-porters
  1.87          list catch up, also some cygwin testing for khw
  0.72          look at autovivication feature
  0.92          more list catch up
  0.58          review github notifications
  1.67          review list discussion
  1.02          review The current state of perl email and the following
 38.76 hours total

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