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trim - wrapping up the discussion 38 messages B. Estrade, shmem, Darren Duncan, Ben Bullock 31 Mar
Re: Making format variables an opt-opt feature; gaining much syntax 14 messages Paul "LeoNerd" Evans, Martijn Lievaart, Alexander Hartmaier, Yuki Kimoto 31 Mar
Re: [DISCUSS] The future of mod_perl Yuki Kimoto<> 1 message =?UTF-8?Q?Salvador_Fandi=c3=b1o?= 31 Mar
Two Kinds of Perl 4 messages Paul "LeoNerd" Evans, B. Estrade, Christian Walde, Leon Timmermans 31 Mar
weird gcc utf8.c compiler warning 2 messages Dave Mitchell, Tomasz Konojacki 29 Mar
Questions to all proponents of Strict-By-Default 29 messages Christian Walde, Ricardo Signes, Felipe Gasper, Chad Granum 31 Mar
On the Decline of Perl [internal factors] 18 messages =?UTF-8?Q?Salvador_Fandi=c3=b1o?=, Paul "LeoNerd" Evans, B. Estrade, Yuki Kimoto 29 Mar
On the Decline of Perl [external factors] 5 messages Paul "LeoNerd" Evans, B. Estrade, Ricardo Signes 28 Mar
on changing perl's behavior 74 messages Christian Walde, Ricardo Signes, Dan Book, B. Estrade 31 Mar
Perl 7: Fix string leaks? 45 messages Felipe Gasper, Dan Book, Yuki Kimoto, =?UTF-8?Q?Salvador_Fandi=c3=b1o?= 27 Mar
CPAN release of ExtUtils::ParseXS 1 message Ricardo Signes 27 Mar
Let's talk about trim() so more 54 messages Christian Walde, Darren Duncan, B. Estrade, Eirik Berg Hanssen 31 Mar
PSC #012 2012-03-26 5 messages Ricardo Signes, Nicholas Clark, Darren Duncan, Philip R Brenan 27 Mar
My thoughts on the recent proposal on The Future of Perl 8 messages Andrew Hewus Fresh, "H.Merijn Brand" via perl5-porters, Martijn Lievaart, Paul "LeoNerd" Evans 30 Mar
PSC #011 2021-03-19 8 messages Christian Walde, Sawyer X, Nicholas Clark, Ricardo Signes 24 Mar
RFC / POC - more than 32 features 8 messages =?UTF-8?Q?Branislav_Zahradn=C3=ADk?=, Philip R Brenan, Tony Cook, Paul "LeoNerd" Evans 24 Mar
Re: De-experimentalising "signatures" 35 messages Paul "LeoNerd" Evans, Dave Mitchell, Yuki Kimoto, ilmari 27 Mar
Should `use v5.34` enable warnings? 18 messages Paul "LeoNerd" Evans, Darren Duncan, Dan Book, Ricardo Signes 25 Mar
SvPVutf8 validity 8 messages Felipe Gasper, Tony Cook, Karl Williamson 22 Mar
Devel::NYTProf on blead [issue 18215] 8 messages Ricardo Signes, Karen Etheridge, Veesh Goldman, James E Keenan 24 Mar
Perl 5.33.8 is available 2 messages Nicolas R., Ricardo Signes 21 Mar
Fwd: [DISCUSS] The future of mod_perl 16 messages Yuki Kimoto, B. Estrade, Petr Pisar, Darren Duncan 31 Mar
DAVEM TPF Grant#2 Feb 2021 report 2 messages Dave Mitchell, Marcus Holland-Moritz 23 Mar
RFC: Rmv dist/I18N::Collate from core 1 message Karl Williamson 15 Mar
Perl::FeatureList and feature-list 4 messages Yuki Kimoto, H.Merijn Brand, Ricardo Signes, neilb 15 Mar
Can we write a test for the warning revised in commit 65c2a5af6c? 2 messages Karl Williamson, James E Keenan 19 Mar
The current state of perl 18 messages B. Estrade, neilb, bulk88, Yuki Kimoto 20 Mar
PSC #10 - 2021-03-12 2 messages Ricardo Signes 12 Mar
Seek collaboration on refactoring of Pod-Html 2 messages James E Keenan, Scott Baker 11 Mar
PSC #009 2021-03-05 26 messages Darren Duncan, Yuki Kimoto, Philip R Brenan, Ricardo Signes 12 Mar
try/catch visibility to caller() 18 messages Ricardo Signes, Paul "LeoNerd" Evans, Dan Book, Sergey Aleynikov 25 Mar
MAXARG in op handlers 5 messages Felipe Gasper, Tony Cook, Paul "LeoNerd" Evans 9 Mar
Perl feature wish: my old dreams 1 message Marc Chantreux 5 Mar
Perl feature wish: quote-word array-ref operator 53 messages Paul "LeoNerd" Evans, Felipe Gasper, Neil Bowers via perl5-porters, H.Merijn Brand 14 Mar
PSC #008 2021-02-26 4 messages Ricardo Signes, Yuki Kimoto, Sawyer X, Philip R Brenan 8 Mar
sprintf on HP-UX and AIX 15 messages sisyphus, H.Merijn Brand, Craig A. Berry, Karen Etheridge 8 Mar
=?utf-8?Q?OSes_that_expect_something_besides_bytes_=E2=80=A6?= 1 message Felipe Gasper 3 Mar
Re: undoing of auto-deref removal 16 messages L A Walsh, Ricardo Signes, Veesh Goldman, shmem 28 Feb
Re: Perldelta entries for 5.33.7 5 messages Alexander Hartmaier, =?UTF-8?B?UmVuw6llIELDpGNrZXI=?=, James E Keenan 2 Mar
Disclosing a Security Vulnerability in perl v5.30.0 2 messages Dan Book, Amir Naseredini 1 Mar

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