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perl5.git status 1 message Sawyer X 31 Aug
TONYC TPF Grant 14 report 8 1 message Tony Cook 31 Aug
TONYC TPF Grant 14 report 7 1 message Tony Cook 31 Aug
TONYC TPF Grant 14 report 6 1 message Tony Cook 31 Aug
maint releases for 5.32 and 5.30? 11 messages Leon Timmermans, Karen Etheridge, Steve Hay via perl5-porters, Tomasz Konojacki 31 Aug
h2ph converted header files on Linux 1 message ASSI 30 Aug
Re: float arith slowdown and S_lossless_NV_to_IV() 3 messages Dave Mitchell, Nicolas R. 27 Aug
PAUSE indexing permissions on dual-life distributions 9 messages Neil Bowers, Dan Book, Peter John Acklam, James E Keenan 25 Aug
TONYC Grant Report July 2020 3 messages Marcus Holland-Moritz, Sawyer X, Tony Cook 24 Aug
TONYC TPF Grant 14 report 5 1 message Tony Cook 23 Aug
5 -> 7 -> ? 6 messages Dominic Hargreaves, Sawyer X, David Cantrell, Andreas K. Huettel 27 Aug
C<sort { return f() } LIST> fails to sort 3 messages Eric Brine, Eirik Berg Hanssen, Dave Mitchell 24 Aug
Announcing release of Perl 5.33.1 4 messages Karen Etheridge, Christian Walde, Shlomi Fish, Dan Book 21 Aug
perldeltas for 5.33.1 2 messages Richard Leach, Karen Etheridge 20 Aug
What's the status on broken documentation search 9 messages Scott Baker, Ricardo Signes, Dan Book, Leon Timmermans 23 Aug
Re: FINALLY - ready for comments/review 26 messages Paul "LeoNerd" Evans, Dave Mitchell, Felipe Gasper, hv 18 Aug
RFC revamping perlapi 4 messages Karl Williamson, bulk88, Leon Timmermans 16 Aug
Re: I would like to start 5.33.x releases 5 messages Leon Timmermans, Andreas K. Huettel, Paul "LeoNerd" Evans, Karen Etheridge 20 Aug
Perl 5 vs Perl 7 4 messages Joseph Brenner, bulk88, Dan Book, =?UTF-8?Q?Andr=c3=a9_Warnier_=28tomcat/perl=29?= 12 Aug
the "v7 proposal" and "defaults for v7" page need to be updated 3 messages Christian Walde, Nicolas R. 12 Aug
as the maintainer of PPI i gotta ask, who are the ppi folks youtalked to who aren't me? 1 message Christian Walde 12 Aug
microperl removal 1 message Zach van Rijn 11 Aug
A thought on type safety 2 messages Chris Prather, Veesh Goldman 11 Aug
Changed defaults - Are they best for newbies? 18 messages Christian Walde, =?UTF-8?Q?Branislav_Zahradn=C3=ADk?=, James E Keenan, Paul "LeoNerd" Evans 15 Aug
Devel-PPPort-3.59 drops PERL_BCDVERSION from ppport.h and breaksText::CSV_XS 13 messages Nicolas R., H.Merijn Brand, Leon Timmermans, bulk88 13 Aug
parsing perl (perly) - maintenance and evolution 7 messages =?UTF-8?Q?Branislav_Zahradn=C3=ADk?=, Dave Mitchell, Jon Gentle 24 Aug
Re: Asking for help in deciding what functions should be in the API 3 messages Tony Cook, Karl Williamson, Dave Mitchell 10 Aug
Q: what the hell is going on? // A: ... 28 messages Leon Timmermans, Christian Walde, Tomasz Konojacki, John Lightsey 10 Aug
AvARRAY 16 messages demerphq, Felipe Gasper, Dave Mitchell, Paul "LeoNerd" Evans 11 Aug
push HASH, LIST 11 messages =?UTF-8?Q?Salvador_Fandi=c3=b1o?=, Tom Molesworth via perl5-porters, H.Merijn Brand, Paul "LeoNerd" Evans 5 Aug
When was %hash in boolean context optimized? 5 messages Eric Brine, H.Merijn Brand, Dave Mitchell 3 Aug
Re: TONYC Grant Report June 2020 3 messages Marcus Holland-Moritz, Sawyer X, Tony Cook 3 Aug
TONYC TPF Grant 14 report 4 1 message Tony Cook 3 Aug
TONYC TPF Grant 14 report 3 1 message Tony Cook 3 Aug
Re: PSC Meeting Notes - 2020-07-28 6 messages Christian Walde, Todd Rinaldo, Karen Etheridge 2 Aug
Thanks for keeping Perl alive! 2 messages Shlomi Fish, Ryan Casalino 2 Aug
Dead global variables? 5 messages Todd Rinaldo, bulk88, Dave Mitchell, Paul "LeoNerd" Evans 1 Aug
Re: PERL_PERTURB_KEYS=2 (solved) 12 messages hv, demerphq, John Alvord 1 Aug
Re: Types in Cor (and Perl) 3 messages David Nicol, Curtis Jewell, Darren Duncan 1 Aug

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