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TONYC Grant Report June 2020

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Tony Cook
July 29, 2020 08:39
TONYC Grant Report June 2020
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Approximately 31 tickets were reviewed.

[Hours]         [Activity]
  2.44          #16471 redo old fix, testing, push for CI
                #16471 try to track down CI failure, find issue, testing,
                make PR 17846
  0.37          #17808 fix feature description
  2.53          #17813 review code to work out how to do it, define a
                feature for this PoC
                #17813 finish PoC and make PR #17831
  1.17          #17816 review, try to understand patch
  3.93          #17818 review code, debugging
                #17818 added index reporting for not found items, push for
                #17818 make PR, minor edit and testing, comment
  1.98          #17822 research, work on a doc update
                #17822 review test results, research, comment
  0.72          #17835 review and research, comment
  0.52          #17846 make a suggested change
  0.45          #17851 review and comment
  0.25          #17852 research and comment
  5.54          #17853 debugging
                #17853 track down strange results of calling expl() (works
                fine in standalone code, acts like it returns double in
                #17853 figure it out, the compiler constant folded exp(1)
                in my test case, comment
                #17853 path for hints and for the failing test as PR
  2.20          #17854 research (NetBSD’cc claims to be a C11 compiler,
                but isn’t), add workaround to POSIX.xs and make PR #17866
  1.22          #17858 review, testing and comment
  0.20          #17866 review smoke failures and comment
 13.70          #17871 comment, testing setup
                #17871 more testing setup, networking issues
                #17871 work on change a bit more blindly
                #17871 debugging
                #17871 more debugging, find the stupid bug, try to setup
                m68k again. network fails again
                #17871 re-check while distracted by sawyer’s talk, find a
                couple of problems, hide some pointer manipulation in
                macros, testing
                #17871 try qemu on intel instead of amd (no better), write
                up a commit message and push for CI
                #17871 review test results, make PR
  1.35          #17872 try to reproduce, debugging, review code, comment
  0.27          #17884 review
  0.48          #17894 review and briefly comment
  0.45          #17909 review and comment
  1.23          sec #83 read, think and briefly comment
  2.75          :utf8 rebasing
                :utf8 rebasing
  0.60          discussion re POKp and NVs with khw
  0.78          look at khw’s macro vs inline issue and (likely) find the
  6.96          no bareword filehandle
                no bareword filehandle
                no bareword filehandle
                no bareword filehandle
                no bareword filehandle
  2.68          no bareword filehandle, get many ops reporting an error on
                bareword handles (print, readline seem to be especially
  1.17          no bareword filehandle, work on tests, find issue with non-
                IO LOP handling (atan2 for example)
  0.88          no feature bareword handles
  1.82          no feature bareword handles, debugging to understand code
  0.07          review github notifications
  0.70          review perl7 discussion, briefly comment
  0.58          test-leak-check branch, rebase and test against blead (no
                leaks found)
 59.99 hours total

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