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Re: Types in Cor (and Perl) 3 messages David Nicol, Curtis Jewell, Darren Duncan 31 Jul POD: Latin-1 or UTF-8? 3 messages Felipe Gasper, ilmari 31 Jul
Unfreezing blead and the 7.0.0 Git branch 1 message Sawyer X 30 Jul
Re: Smoke Failures on Alpine Linux 6 messages ilmari, David Nicol, James E Keenan, Carlos Guevara 30 Jul
PSC Meeting Notes - 2020-07-28 6 messages Christian Walde, Todd Rinaldo, Karen Etheridge 30 Jul
TONYC Grant Report June 2020 3 messages Marcus Holland-Moritz, Tony Cook, Sawyer X 29 Jul
TONYC TPF Grant 14 report 2 1 message Tony Cook 29 Jul
Perl possible bugs with gcc 10, -O3 and unaligned long pointer deref 3 messages Tony Cook, Leon Timmermans, demerphq 30 Jul
TONYC TPF Grant 14 report 1 1 message Tony Cook 29 Jul
AIX =?UTF-8?B?LeKGkg==?= green 3 messages H.Merijn Brand, Tony Cook 29 Jul
so why did we switch to Github again last year? 3 messages Karen Etheridge, bulk88, Steve Peters 28 Jul
PERL_PERTURB_KEYS=2 12 messages hv, demerphq, John Alvord 31 Jul
TONYC TPF Grant 13 report 33 1 message Tony Cook 27 Jul
TONYC TPF Grant 13 report 32 1 message Tony Cook 27 Jul
Asking for help in deciding what functions should be in the API 3 messages Dave Mitchell, Karl Williamson, Tony Cook 27 Jul
RFC: freeze bison version with docker container 9 messages =?UTF-8?Q?Branislav_Zahradn=C3=ADk?=, ilmari, bulk88, Paul "LeoNerd" Evans 27 Jul
[Encode] 3.07 released! 111 messages Dan Kogai, Steve Hay, Steve Hay via perl5-porters, James E Keenan 25 Jul
Commits to blead - or not 2 messages Paul "LeoNerd" Evans 27 Jul
Re: [Perl/perl5] Run failed: testsuite -smoke-me/jkeenan/gh-17993-evaluate-net-ping (22da0f9) 3 messages ASSI, James E Keenan, Paul "LeoNerd" Evans 23 Jul
PSC Meeting Notes - 2020-07-21 1 message Todd Rinaldo 23 Jul
Reviewer needed for small savestack PR 1 message Paul "LeoNerd" Evans 23 Jul
FINALLY - ready for comments/review 23 messages Paul "LeoNerd" Evans, Felipe Gasper, Dave Mitchell, hv 28 Jul
Request review for adding a text trim() function to core 4 messages Eric Brine, Scott Baker, Dan Book, Alexander Hartmaier 21 Jul
Re: Killing Symbian, DOS (DJGPP) and NetWare in 5.34? 20 messages ilmari, Tomasz Konojacki, Karl Williamson, Sawyer X 25 Mar
So are refaliasing and declared_refs stable? 5 messages Eric Brine, Alexander Hartmaier 24 Jul
Thanks 2 messages Shlomi Fish, krishna murti via perl5-porters 20 Jul
Perl 5.33.0 is now available! 2 messages sisyphus, Sawyer X 17 Jul
Clarification about features on/off by default 8 messages Eric Brine, H.Merijn Brand, Paul "LeoNerd" Evans, Karl Williamson 21 Jul
We're short on hints bits and feature bundles - possible ideas 4 messages Paul "LeoNerd" Evans, Nicolas R. 17 Jul
try/catch and CLEANUP/FINALLY/&c. 20 messages Felipe Gasper, Paul "LeoNerd" Evans, =?UTF-8?Q?Branislav_Zahradn=C3=ADk?=, Eric Brine 20 Jul
[Jul 15] Additional Perl 7 updates 1 message Sawyer X 15 Jul
Latest thoughts on LEAVE - it is now CLEANUP 10 messages Paul "LeoNerd" Evans, Felipe Gasper, =?UTF-8?Q?Branislav_Zahradn=C3=ADk?=, David Mertens 16 Jul
Pass by reference (alias) when using signatures 3 messages Tomasz Konojacki, Eric Brine 14 Jul
TONYC TPF Grant 13 report 31 1 message Tony Cook 13 Jul
TONYC TPF Grant 13 report 30 1 message Tony Cook 13 Jul
Perl 7 Questions 3 messages Darren Duncan, demerphq, Yuki Kimoto 13 Jul
Types in Cor (and Perl) 17 messages Darren Duncan, Ovid via perl5-porters, =?UTF-8?Q?Branislav_Zahradn=C3=ADk?=, Paul "LeoNerd" Evans 14 Jul
Fwd: Re: I would like to start 5.33.x releases 1 message Karl Williamson 8 Jul
Perl 5 Commit Summary 1 message Perl 5 commit summary 8 Jul
Where has gone? 3 messages James E Keenan, H.Merijn Brand, Craig A. Berry 10 Jul
Exceptions thrown from LEAVE 5 messages Paul "LeoNerd" Evans, Christian Millour, David Mertens 8 Jul
Firstclass exception type representation 12 messages =?UTF-8?Q?Salvador_Fandi=c3=b1o?=, Paul "LeoNerd" Evans, Ivan Baidakou, demerphq 7 Jul
Newx()/sv_grow/newSV() that doesnt die on too much memory? 3 messages Paul "LeoNerd" Evans, demerphq, =?UTF-8?Q?Salvador_Fandi=c3=b1o?= 7 Jul
I would like to start 5.33.x releases 7 messages Darren Duncan, demerphq, Sawyer X, Philip R Brenan 8 Jul
Re: Adding PERL_GLOBAL_STRUCT define breaks build on 5.30.2/3 4 messages Tomasz Konojacki, NormW 5 Jul
Modules, CPAN, and multiple versions 1 message David Green 5 Jul
Re: Perl 7 -- 'use strict' and oneliners 26 messages demerphq, Paul "LeoNerd" Evans, Kent Fredric, Marc Chantreux 8 Jul
Embrace this rare chance for a peaceful dissolution 5 messages Leon Timmermans, Peter Rabbitson, Darren Duncan, Ricardo Signes 5 Jul
Help - need an 'reduce the core' reference 8 messages Christian Millour, Matthew Persico, Todd Rinaldo, Nicholas Clark 5 Jul
CPAN and the perl plan 3 messages Ricardo Signes, Paul "LeoNerd" Evans, Matt S Trout 5 Jul
Syntax syntax 5 messages Matt S Trout, =?UTF-8?Q?Branislav_Zahradn=C3=ADk?=, Christian Walde 4 Jul
Is 5/7 Interoperability a Desirable Thing? 11 messages Paul "LeoNerd" Evans, James E Keenan, Tom Molesworth via perl5-porters, Petr Pisar 8 Jul
Mailing List Etiquette 4 messages Paul "LeoNerd" Evans, Kent Fredric, Matthew Persico 5 Jul
Perl 7 - updates 54 messages Kent Fredric, Paul "LeoNerd" Evans, Darren Duncan, Todd Rinaldo 5 Jul
Re: RFC: LEAVE phasers 4 messages Paul "LeoNerd" Evans, =?UTF-8?Q?Branislav_Zahradn=C3=ADk?=, Eric Brine 3 Jul
Some facts about `use VERSION` 5 messages Craig A. Berry, Paul "LeoNerd" Evans, Karl Williamson, Scott Baker 3 Jul
A thought about 5-7 compatibility 3 messages Paul "LeoNerd" Evans, Veesh Goldman, Kent Fredric 2 Jul
=?utf-8?Q?Re:_=E2=80=9Cuse_v5_AnyEvent=E2=80=9D?= 5 messages Felipe Gasper, Tom Molesworth via perl5-porters, David Mertens, Paul "LeoNerd" Evans 2 Jul
=?utf-8?Q?=E2=80=9Cuse_v5_AnyEvent=E2=80=9D?= 2 messages Felipe Gasper, Tom Molesworth via perl5-porters 2 Jul
Re: What am I not grokking about $SIG{__WARN__}? 6 messages Sergey Aleynikov, James E Keenan, Paul "LeoNerd" Evans, Eric Brine 30 Jun
Re: Dual-life perl 5-or-7 code and prototypes - impossible? 31 messages Paul "LeoNerd" Evans, Kent Fredric, Todd Rinaldo, =?UTF-8?Q?Salvador_Fandi=c3=b1o?= 4 Jul
Perl 5 Commit Summary 2 messages Perl 5 commit summary 4 Jul
Re: Announcing Perl 7 172 messages Paul "LeoNerd" Evans, Christian Walde, demerphq, Dan Book 4 Jul

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