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Re: The great dead-branch prune part 1

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Karl Williamson
February 9, 2020 05:05
Re: The great dead-branch prune part 1
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On 2/8/20 9:23 PM, demerphq wrote:
> I just deleted all of the following branches:
> should delete: origin/Conf-qah2016
> should delete: origin/aix-doubledouble
> should delete: origin/alh/valgrind-fix
> should delete: origin/ams/no-more-study
> should delete: origin/ap/baseincguard
> should delete: origin/chip/magicflags7
> should delete: origin/corion/cpan-sync
> should delete: origin/dom/dot-in-inc-doc
> should delete: origin/drolsky/stub-deleted-pods
> should delete: origin/hugmeir/pedantic-cleanups
> should delete: origin/jesse/remove-changelogs
> should delete: origin/jkeenan/ghi-17296-storable-metadata
> should delete: origin/jkeenan/slaven/ghi-17399-hash-seed
> should delete: origin/perldelta
> should delete: origin/release-5.21.2
> should delete: origin/sawyerx/ap/baseincguard
> should delete: origin/sawyerx/new-rmg-maker
> should delete: origin/smoke-me/bulk88/win32-io-layer
> should delete: origin/smoke-me/davem/non_recursive_op_fns
> should delete: origin/smoke-me/davem/win32_exit_revert
> should delete: origin/smoke-me/dom/
> should delete: origin/smoke-me/dynaloader_silence_xs_warning3
> should delete: origin/smoke-me/fix_129903_129897
> should delete: origin/smoke-me/fix_bitfield_definitions
> should delete: origin/smoke-me/jhi/cpan-fixes
> should delete: origin/smoke-me/jhi/cppflags-dedup
> should delete: origin/smoke-me/jhi/hires
> should delete: origin/smoke-me/jhi/ibm-cray-fp
> should delete: origin/smoke-me/jhi/netbsd-vax
> should delete: origin/smoke-me/jhi/slowpoke
> should delete: origin/smoke-me/jhi/time-hires
> should delete: origin/smoke-me/jhi/vax-netbsd
> should delete: origin/smoke-me/jkeenan/Wparentheses
> should delete: 
> origin/smoke-me/jkeenan/aleynikov/2nd-gh-15641-darwin-time-hires
> should delete: origin/smoke-me/jkeenan/bulk88/gh-16425-svrecode
> should delete: origin/smoke-me/jkeenan/gh-16105-capture-all
> should delete: origin/smoke-me/jkeenan/ntyni/gh-16887-posix-2nd
> should delete: origin/smoke-me/jkeenan/pathtools-20180211
> should delete: origin/smoke-me/jkeenan/tonyc/gh-16820-set-magic
> should delete: origin/smoke-me/jkeenan/xenu/133141-dragonfly
> should delete: origin/smoke-me/khw-wild
> should delete: origin/smoke-me/khw-xenu
> should delete: origin/smoke-me/leont/unix-close-fix
> should delete: origin/smoke-me/new_hash
> should delete: origin/smoke-me/rt_114884
> should delete: origin/smoke-me/sawyerx/findbin-duallife
> should delete: origin/smoke-me/sawyerx/fix-storable-rethrow
> should delete: origin/smoke-me/trie3
> should delete: origin/smoke-me/untickle_mingw_bug_1
> should delete: origin/sprout/cv-in-stash
> should delete: origin/toddr/hek_flags
> should delete: origin/tonyc/122287-new-dtrace
> should delete: origin/tonyc/126706-useshrplib-no-rpath
> should delete: origin/tonyc/127426-snprintf-overflow
> should delete: origin/tonyc/132506-renameat-unimplemented-netbsd
> should delete: origin/tonyc/132867-openpid-delay
> should delete: origin/tonyc/133659-inplace
> should delete: origin/tonyc/133936-more-socket-send
> should delete: origin/tonyc/134221-open-temp-modes-vms
> should delete: origin/tonyc/do-warn-curdir
> should delete: origin/tonyc/dynaloader
> should delete: origin/tonyc/regcomp-read-overflow
> should delete: origin/tonyc/time-hires-fix
> should delete: origin/yves/cow_threshold_in_sv_c
> should delete: origin/yves/fix_128085
> All of these have been merged into blead according to git-cherry.
> Fret not, if any of these need to be restored there are loads of backups!
> I have made a local backup on my laptop, and I also have a backup 
> available at
> Unless you have configured fetch.prune than any and all Perl devs with a 
> local checkout ALSO have these branches in their local store, just do a  
> git branch -r | grep $branchname to find them and repush if you wish.
> I have another list of patches that are likely candidates to delete, but 
> where git cherry does not agee. That is, branches which consist ONLY of 
> commits where there is a commit upstream with *exactly* the same author 
> and commit message. (Eg ignoring the contents of the diff). I will 
> delete those later once I am more confident of the heuristics.

Your algorithm for determining what has been cherry-picked is defective, 
as it got in-process branches of mine.  So, you all might want to verify 
soon that you don't need one of the deleted branches.

As for mine, I myself have the workspaces still of the ones that I want 
back, so no action is needed by anyone else but me.
> Again, to repeat, NONE of this is permanent, there are oodles of 
> backups, so dont fret if you think something was deleted that shouldnt be.
> Yves
> -- 
> perl -Mre=debug -e "/just|another|perl|hacker/"

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