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Short- and long-term visions

Sawyer X
August 9, 2019 13:52
Short- and long-term visions
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Hi everyone,

I gave a keynote at the North American and European Perl conferences
where I laid out some ideas that I want to share with you.

I spent time thinking of the usage of the language in the world and the
causes of its decline. It would be a very long email if I were to write
it all so I will keep this relatively short. I think the main issues we
are dealing with are: Syntax, capabilities, tooling, documentation, and
available libraries.

To me, these are the areas we should be focusing on when planning a
vision for the language. These topics are what I intend to focus on
during the upcoming Perl 5 Core Hackathon.

Additionally, I am also looking into some other problems we have.
Primarily, the lack of definition for a Core Developer of the
language[1] and the lack of process for charting a language direction
and making decisions are problems I see us facing.

I want to create a clear definition of the core development team for
Perl 5. Additionally, I want to introduce the concept of a steering
committee, which would work on deciding a direction and prioritization
for topics. The latter responsibility currently falls on me. While I
intend to stay a core part of this, I think the job would be done better
with additional stakeholders and knowledgeable people on board.

I just wanted to provide an update of what I'm working on at the moment.
I will share more once I gain traction on these topics. If you are
attending the core hackathon this year, we will also be dealing with
these topics.



[1] This causes multiple problems, mainly in responsibility and decision
making. Perl Programming lists via nntp and http.
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