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Re: "Damaged tar archive" for perl-5.32.2 on ftp calls from CPANmirrors

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Tony Cook
July 22, 2019 01:25
Re: "Damaged tar archive" for perl-5.32.2 on ftp calls from CPANmirrors
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On Sun, Jul 21, 2019 at 08:55:44PM -0400, James E Keenan wrote:
> My CPAN-River-3000 program uses Net::FTP-wrapped ftp calls to query a CPAN
> mirror for the presence of a new monthly development release tarball.
> Hence, once a month it downloads a tarball via ftp to a tempdir, unpacks the
> tarball and builds a dev release of perl which is installed elsewhere on
> disk.
> Today, when attempting to run the program, I noticed that the tarball had
> not yet appeared at my customary ftp site:
>  So I manually adjusted
> the cron job to try a different FTP mirror (adjusting both the host and
> hostdir as needed).  I started here:
> #####
> Identified 602 perl releases at
> Performing FTP 'get' call for: perl-5.31.2.tar.gz
> Elapsed time for FTP 'get' call: 228 seconds
> See: /tmp/HZpKrcdLfp/perl-5.31.2.tar.gz
> Path to tarball is /tmp/HZpKrcdLfp/perl-5.31.2.tar.gz
> Located release_dir: /home/jkeenan/var/tad/testing/perl-5.31.2
> tar: Damaged tar archive
> tar: Retrying...
> ... [# Above 2 lines repeated hundreds of times]
> tar: Damaged tar archive
> tar: Retrying...
> Tarball has been untarred into /tmp/HZpKrcdLfp/perl-5.31.2
> Configuring perl with 'sh ./Configure -des -Dusedevel  -Uversiononly
> -Dman1dir=none -Dman3dir=none -Duseithreads -Doptimize="-O2 -pipe
> -fstack-protector -fno-strict-aliasing"
> -Dprefix=/home/jkeenan/var/tad/testing/perl-5.31.2 1>/dev/null'
> sh: cannot open ./Configure: No such file or directory
> Unable to configure with 'sh ./Configure -des -Dusedevel  -Uversiononly
> -Dman1dir=none -Dman3dir=none -Duseithreads -Doptimize="-O2 -pipe
> -fstack-protector -fno-strict-aliasing"
> -Dprefix=/home/jkeenan/var/tad/testing/perl-5.31.2 1>/dev/null' at
> /home/jkeenan/bin/perl/ line 275.
> cannot remove path when cwd is /tmp/HZpKrcdLfp/perl-5.31.2 for
> /tmp/HZpKrcdLfp:  at /usr/local/lib/perl5/5.28/File/ line 784.
> So the program diagnosed the tarball as damaged in some way, but eventually
> unpacked it (or claimed to unpack it).  However, configuration very quickly
> failed.  When I cd-ed into the tempdir for unpacking, I saw that fewer than
> a dozen files had been properly unpacked.
> I then tried two other FTP mirrors -- with similar results.
> Identified 498 perl releases at
> Identified 602 perl releases at
> When I did a manual 'wget' call to the ftp mirror, I downloaded an
> apparently undamaged tarball.
> I've now run the CPAN-River-3000 program, together with its embedded tarball
> download via FTP, many, many dozens of times.  I have never previously
> gotten this "Damaged tar archive" message.
> Can anyone suggest a reason why this is happening this month?

Did you run out of space in /tmp?

Does that sha256 match?

tony@mars:~/src$ sha256sum perl-5.31.2.tar.gz
4047199a79bf793e1f245e20fe7eb25f3c76969a475634613b152c5969826d01  perl-5.31.2.tar.gz
tony@mars:~/src$ cat perl-5.31.2.tar.gz.sha256.txt 

Otherwise, since you're using FTP, do you call binary() on the
Net::FTP object?


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