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Re: [perl #133347] BBC SREZIC/Tk-804.034.tar.gz

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Petr Pisar
September 10, 2018 12:01
Re: [perl #133347] BBC SREZIC/Tk-804.034.tar.gz
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On 2018-07-08, Karl Williamson <> wrote:
> I edited encGlue.c to get rid of all these and all the warnings, but the 
> make test crashes before it gets to where the failures in this ticket occur.
I came across this issue when I applied:

commit aa3c16bd709ef9b9c8c785af48f368e08f70c74b
Author: Karl Williamson <>
Date:   Tue Jul 17 13:57:54 2018 -0600

    Make utf8_to_uvchr() safer

    This function is deprecated because the API doesn't allow it to
    determine the end of the input string, so it can read off the far end.
    But I just realized that since many strings are NUL-terminated, so we
    can forbid it from reading past the next NUL, and hence make it safe in
    many cases.

to perl-5.28.0. Then unpatched Tk crashed for me in Tcl_NumUtfChars() at

Tcl_NumUtfChars(CONST char * src, int len)
 U8 *s = (U8 *) src;
 U8 *send;
 if (len < 0)
  len = strlen(src);
 send = s + len;
 len = 0;
 while (s < send)
→  s += UTF8SKIP(s);
 return len;

when debugigng Tk-Pod-0.9943 test failure like this:

$ DISPLAY=:99 perl -Iblib/lib -e 'use Tk::MainWindow; $m=Tk::MainWindow->new; require Tk::Pod::Search; $m->PodSearch'

The backtrace was:

#0  Tcl_NumUtfChars (src=src@entry=0x55a6feecede0 "Search:", len=25087, len@entry=1853537494) at encGlue.c:117
#1  0x00007f076e750fc4 in NewChunk (layoutPtrPtr=layoutPtrPtr@entry=0x7ffdcbaaed38, maxPtr=maxPtr@entry=0x7ffdcbaaed2c, start=start@entry=0x55a6feecede0 "Search:",
    numBytes=numBytes@entry=1853537494, curX=0, newX=9, y=27) at tkFont.c:3298
#2  0x00007f076e751c93 in Tk_ComputeTextLayout (tkfont=0x55a6fee8afe0, string=0x55a6feecede0 "Search:", numChars=<optimized out>, numChars@entry=-1, wrapLength=-1,
    wrapLength@entry=0, justify=justify@entry=TK_JUSTIFY_CENTER, flags=1, flags@entry=0, widthPtr=0x55a6feebe0c8, heightPtr=0x55a6feebe0cc) at tkFont.c:1977
#3  0x00007f076e78019e in TkpComputeButtonGeometry (butPtr=butPtr@entry=0x55a6feebdf50) at tkUnixButton.c:602
#4  0x00007f076e749351 in TkButtonWorldChanged (instanceData=instanceData@entry=0x55a6feebdf50) at tkButton.c:1392
#5  0x00007f076e749928 in ConfigureButton (interp=interp@entry=0x55a6fec3aea0, butPtr=butPtr@entry=0x55a6feebdf50, objc=objc@entry=2, objv=objv@entry=0x55a6fe685a98)
    at tkButton.c:1279
#6  0x00007f076e74a572 in ButtonWidgetObjCmd (clientData=clientData@entry=0x55a6feebdf50, interp=interp@entry=0x55a6fec3aea0, objc=objc@entry=4, objv=objv@entry=0x55a6fe685a88)
    at tkButton.c:823
#7  0x00007f076e729560 in Call_Tk () at tkGlue.c:2260
#8  0x00007f076e729b4d in XStoWidget (my_perl=0x55a6fe680260, cv=0x55a6fea63e58) at tkGlue.c:2627
#9  0x00007f076ef91299 in Perl_pp_entersub (my_perl=0x55a6fe680260) at pp_hot.c:5232
#10 0x00007f076ef87485 in Perl_runops_standard (my_perl=0x55a6fe680260) at run.c:42
#11 0x00007f076ef03fdd in S_run_body (oldscope=<optimized out>, my_perl=<optimized out>) at perl.c:2689
#12 perl_run (my_perl=0x55a6fe680260) at perl.c:2617
#13 0x000055a6fd8ab26a in main (argc=<optimized out>, argv=<optimized out>, env=<optimized out>) at perlmain.c:122

The "Search:" string 25087 length seems dubious.

Maybe it's the same reason why your attempt to port Tk to the new API
ends with a crash.

-- Petr

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