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Re: RFC: Remove support for Ultrix? (Atari etc.)

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March 14, 2018 19:08
Re: RFC: Remove support for Ultrix? (Atari etc.)
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From the keyboard of Karl Williamson [13.03.18,12:05]:

> There is some complicated code for Ultrix in locale.c that I've never been 
> comfortable with.  Now I find that the last release of this OS was in 1995, 
> and the last post in comp.lang.ultrix was in 2013 (ilmari checked that)
> I added this comment some years ago
> /* XXX This is to preserve old behavior for Ultrix
> * when i==0, but I (khw) don't think that behavior makes much
> * sense */
> I'd like to get rid of that, and from having to spend time on considering 
> this special case when working with this file.
> I'm thinking we don't need to keep up support for this OS any longer.

There are certainly more goners. For instance,

     perl -nE '$c++for/atari/g}{say$c' Configure

AFAIK the last build for Atari was perl 4 patchlevel 19 by Gurusamy
Sarathy. Removing 'atarist ' from Configure would save just 8 bytes, so
that could remain in Configure as a historical reference. And,

     perl -nE '$c++for/atari/g}{say$c' `grep -ril atarist .`
     perl -nE '$c++for/atari/g}{say$c' `grep -ril atari .`

the latter containing matches for 'catarina' and 'qatari' also.

Grepping for other defunct OSes could reveal slightly higher numbers...
No, I won't file a bug report about perl not building on my MEGA2.


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