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Re: Remove function from "Undocumented" 5 messages Zefram, Karl Williamson, Sawyer X, KES 4 Feb
Re: [perl #132760] Blead Breaks CPAN: YANICK/List-Lazy-0.3.0.tar.gz 45 messages Zefram, Sawyer X, Dave Mitchell, Father Chrysostomos via RT 27 Feb
[perl #132810] Blead Breaks CPAN: KYZ/Test-MockCommand-0.03.tar.gz 12 messages James E Keenan via RT, Zefram, Father Chrysostomos via RT, Leon Timmermans 5 Feb
[perl #132665] Always use STOP_AT_PARTIAL in PerlIO::encoding 1 message Leon Timmermans via RT 4 Feb
Re: [perl #132777] Blead Breaks CPAN:GRAY/POSIX-RT-Spawn-0.11.tar.gz 4 messages Leon Timmermans, slaven @ rezic . de, Zefram 30 Jan
[perl #132805] Blead Breaks CPAN: ZARABOZO/Perlmazing-1.2812.tar.gz 3 messages slaven @ rezic . de, Father Chrysostomos via RT, James E Keenan via RT 4 Feb
minitest t/op/state.t 3 messages hv, Father Chrysostomos 3 Feb
Perl 5 Commit Summary 2 messages Perl 5 commit summary 3 Feb
[perl #132802] Error when compiling perl on windows 8.1 inlib\unicore\mktables 5 messages James E Keenan via RT, Tomasz Konojacki 3 Feb
Smoke [blead] v5.26.0-2074-g3b6c52ce7d FAIL(X) os/390 25.00 (2964/) 1 message Yaroslav Kuzmin 2 Feb
[perl #132801] Blead Breaks CPAN:MARKOV/XML-Compile-SOAP-Daemon-3.13.tar.gz 5 messages Dave Mitchell, Zefram, slaven @ rezic . de, James E Keenan via RT 20 Feb
Re: Another idea for speeding up /i matching on ASCII characters 6 messages Karl Williamson, Father Chrysostomos 23 Feb
[perl #132800] lib/unicore/mktables takes too long 6 messages Sergey Aleynikov via RT, demerphq, Sergey Aleynikov, Karl Williamson 2 Feb
[perl #132252] Blead Breaks CPAN: Role::Tiny, Variable::Magic, Moo 18 messages via RT, Father Chrysostomos via RT, Sawyer X, Dave Mitchell 4 Feb
[perl #132799] Blead Breaks CPAN:PERLANCAR/Unix-Passwd-File-0.250.tar.gz 3 messages slaven @ rezic . de, Sergey Aleynikov via RT, James E Keenan via RT 2 Feb
Re: [perl #132788] Blead Breaks CPAN:LEMBARK/Object-Trampoline-1.42.tar.gz 21 messages Zefram, demerphq, Dave Mitchell, Sawyer X 15 Feb
Re: [perl #128627] Quadmath builds fail on Cygwin in ext/POSIX 4 messages Leon Timmermans, perlbug-followup 1 Feb
[perl #132732] use if - behaviour does not match documentation 3 messages James E Keenan via RT, sisyphus1 30 Jan
Re: EXACTFish matching in regexec.c find_byclass() is a waste? 6 messages demerphq, Karl Williamson 2 Feb
Re: [perl #131046] [PATCH] Carp: Do not crash when reading @DB::args 6 messages demerphq, Zefram, perlbug-followup, pali 1 Feb
Zefram 2018-01 TPF grant report 2 messages Zefram, Sawyer X 6 Feb
[perl #132795] t/porting/bench.t uses system perl's /lib duringtesting 3 messages James E Keenan via RT, bulk88 via RT, bulk88 1 Feb

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