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Re: [perl #131046] [PATCH] Carp: Do not crash when reading @DB::args

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February 23, 2018 09:40
Re: [perl #131046] [PATCH] Carp: Do not crash when reading @DB::args
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On 23 February 2018 at 10:36, demerphq <> wrote:
> On 1 February 2018 at 10:35, demerphq <> wrote:
>> On 1 February 2018 at 10:17, Zefram <> wrote:
>>> demerphq wrote:
>>>>                                        We can encounter a stack
>>>>refcounting bug /only/ because we are serializing the stack to report
>>>>some other exception.
>>> We can indeed, but that doesn't make it any more possible to work around
>>> the bug.  It does give you the opportunity to entirely avoid tickling
>>> these stack refcounting bugs, by not attempting to serialise arguments
>>> from the stack at all.  But if you do look at arguments on the stack,
>>> you're subject to the refcounting bug, and can't work around that.
>>>>This ticket isn't about fixing the stack refcounting, it is about not
>>>>dieing while trying to report some other issue.
>>> Yes, and that objective is not achievable.  The stack-not-refcounted
>>> bug cannot be reliably detected.
>> I really feel like you are missing the point. By adding the eval we do
>> not die in at least /some/ situations. That is all our users care
>> about. In most of the cases we are going to die a second later anyway.
>> If the stack refcounting bug leads to a SEGV, then so be it, there is
>> not much an end user can do about it. But we do not need to mess up
>> peoples stack traces and hide user thrown exceptions when we /can/
>> detect it and handle it gracefully, which as I said already /is
>> clearly happening at least some of the time, or I wouldn't be aware of
>> this issue at all/.
>> By that I mean the fact I know about this issue is because our error
>> reporting pipeline at Booking collects all errors via $SIG{__DIE__}
>> and then sends them over the network to centralized collectors. All of
>> the code involved to send the error is Perl. Thus intercepting these
>> errors does not appear to be harmful. So I see no reason why Carp
>> should not intercept them.
>> Your argument comes down to "we cant do this perfectly so we shouldn't
>> do it at all". To me that is the fallacy of the excluded middle.
>> Carp throwing trappable exceptions while serializing the stack is of
>> no use to anyone other than someone interested in debugging stack
>> refcounting issues, and losing valuable user data is an unacceptable
>> price to pay. If we can reduce the surface area of data loss then we
>> can and should do so.
>> With respect, unless you can provide a better argument or you decide
>> to invoke the Pumpking I will merge smoke-me/rt52610 (assuming it
>> passes tests). Leaving this as is is not in the
>> best interest of our user community.
> Patch pushed as 4764858cb80e76fdba33cc1b3be8fcdef26df754
> Note this ticket is a duplicate of Perl #52610

Actually, this ticket is a workaround for the bug document at Perl
#52610, sorry for the confusion. :-(


perl -Mre=debug -e "/just|another|perl|hacker/"

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