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Re: Moderation

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February 13, 2018 17:15
Re: Moderation
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From the keyboard of Peter Rabbitson [13.02.18,14:48]:

tl;dr - dismissed

- author complains about words used within a post, without context
   awareness, which goes against the camel's hair
- author charges SawyerX with unprofessional management of the ban
   issue, after statements were made (publically) why this happened
   and without providing witness or proof for "numerous, severe,
   userbase-affecting mistakes" as claimed
- author reprehends usage of words understanding then in another context
   as intended, and provides yet another example of misguided political
- author demands performance in dismissal of personal situation of the
- author tries to give arguments more weight with "being there long
   before", which isn't a merit in any way

I'd *never* task this person with moderation.

Long version:

> On 02/11/2018 09:04 AM, Sawyer X wrote:
>> [Top-posted]
> Apologies for breaking my silence. There is an ever-present piece of the 
> narrative being nonchalantly pushed around that simply can not be allowed to 
> stand.
> Two non-controversial exhibits from way way way outside the chamber:
> This is decidedly not abuse ( 5 secs ):
> This also does not qualify:
> Yet:
> ~$ curl -sL 
> | 
> grep -oiE 'abus\S*|assault|safety|bullying'
> abuse
> abuse,
> safety
> bullying
> abuse
> abusive
> assault
> assault
> assault

Are you aware that these words cannot be taken out of context? There's
that famous Black Perl Poem:

     BEFOREHAND: close door, each window & exit; wait until time.
        	open spellbook, study, read (scan, select, tell us);
     write it, print the hex while each watches,
 	reverse its length, write again;
 	kill spiders, pop them, chop, split, kill them.
 	    unlink arms, shift, wait & listen (listening, wait),
     sort the flock (then, warn the "goats" & kill the "sheep");
 	kill them, dump qualms, shift moralities,
 	values aside, each one;
 	    die sheep! die to reverse the system
 	    you accept (reject, respect);
     next step,
 	kill the next sacrifice, each sacrifice,
 	wait, redo ritual until "all the spirits are pleased";
 	do it ("as they say").
     do it(*everyone***must***participate***in***forbidden**s*e*x*).
     return last victim; package body;
 	exit crypt (time, times & "half a time") & close it,
 	select (quickly) & warn your next victim;
     AFTERWORDS: tell nobody.
 	wait, wait until time;
 	wait until next year, next decade;
 	    sleep, sleep, die yourself,
 	    die at last

Many of the words used here are keywords in perl. Can we conclude that
perl is an aggressive and abusive language?

Then,'s whois entry has the lines:
Registrar Abuse Contact Email:
Registrar Abuse Contact Phone: +1.6032961595

> Context: You assumed a highly visible public position from your predecessor. 
> You proceeded to make numerous, severe, userbase-affecting mistakes and 
> misstatements along the way, within an alarmingly short time span. There is 
> virtually no record of you taking a step back and saying "I and the people I 
> lead fucked up, we are going to remediate this ASAP". Let alone a record of 
> your doing so proactively, before others point out that yet again the 
> direction taken is very far from ideal. The *LEAST* people stuck with this 
> situation can ( and must ) do is complain. Incessantly. Loudly.

Nobody has complained about people stuck with this for their
complaining. What are the other numerous and severe mistakes besides the
handling of this ban? Besides, the referred post was about moderation
per se, and *not* about this specific mistake, which has already
publicly assumed.

> Yes, all people did is complain. Nobody stalked you while you walked home, 
> your phone did not run off the hook, you have not received unlabeled packages 
> in the mail, no one sent you threatening messages in the middle of the night. 
> I even doubt anyone ever got threateningly "in your face" in public spaces. 
> You equating the suffering of your ego with physical abuse, placing it 
> anywhere near the same level as the bodily-assault and stalking epidemic 
> gripping our industry and wider society... is sickening and demeaning to all 
> survivors of such. I implore you to drop this shameful line of argumentation 
> and never bring it up again.

Strawman arguments. In the incriminated post, there's no equating of 
"suffering ego" with physical abuse or "placement anywhere near bodily
assault". It is you who is making this up. Please stop harrassing people
with that sort of distortion.

> And before the obligatory "we are all volunteers/hobbyists/whathaveyou" line 
> of defense comes up again, let me remind all participants in this thread as a 
> dev in similar shoes: You being not paid for doing any of this does not 
> matter. Your intentions do not matter. Your convictions do not matter. The 
> only thing that matters is your performance in the eyes of users who were 
> there long before you came along, and who do not even know ( nor care about ) 
> your names.

If you are ok with a system which spits out people at the moment their
perfomance declines a bit, without being interested in the reasons and
without being interested in the persons involved, that may be fine for

It isn't for me.

> Beatings will continue until the service improves ( even if it means changing 
> who renders said service )

That's probably the best way to make services improve.


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