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Re: [perl #132826] Report a Bug - Thanks For the Help

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Scott Fields via perl5-porters
February 11, 2018 23:13
Re: [perl #132826] Report a Bug - Thanks For the Help
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Gang - Thanks. Enjoy.

A sailor in search of the Perl
Once upon a time there was a young man from a faraway land . . .He was not smart or well educated  , but he gave it his all . . .He had to make a living , it drew he towards electronics and computers . . . .
He learned with a teletype , and paper punch tapes . . .There were switches and registers  . . . .And flashing lights . . . .There was the bootstrap , the program , and the data too . . .More switches and lights  , until the teletype sang it's 'siren song' . . . .
Then came bigger machines . . . .With IPL's and Exec's  . . .And screens and tables  , with jumpers and wires and cables . . .
Finally ,  it landed on his desk , a Personal ComputerWith DOS , and WINDOWS and all kinds of fun . . . .  . . .   .  . . . .
At first , there were small macros , to help with the heavy lifting  . . .Then the knolwedge of how electrons were turned into  --Bits and bytes and words and double-wordsDecmial and Binary and Hex and even Octal tooAnd , Alpha and Numeric and on and on and on. . . .
Then there was Terminal Emulation and MAINFRAME data . . .And CMS and TSO , and JCL and much more fun . . . .He knew how to manually edit and change  . . .And , maybe a macro or job to do the repetitive  . . .
Eventually , the young man grew oldHe was happy to be old . . . .Life was good !!!Life is good !!!!!!
But , ten years prior he read some booksHe was searching for Perl . . . .The elusive Perl !
He decided in his old age (62)To try again and become a new sage  . . .In search of Perl
His ship was adrift  , he was anchorless . . . .His eyes were wearyHis mind had grown feebleHis fingers would not tap and respond to his will . .   .
He called the crew , and asked for help . . .Keep a sharp look out for the anchor and chain . . .He sailed in circles , not lost , but not found . . .He toiled each day , long into the long nightReading and digging but finding no delightEach night his dreams were filled , that of CPAN , that far away land . . . . . . . .A distant place somewhere over the horizon . . .Full of hope and promise  . .
While visions of CPAN danced in his headHe could not again set sail without his anchor in hand  . . . - - - . . .
Then fresh eyes , and young hearts spied the anchor . . .A lifeline was thrown the anchor was foundIt was pulled aboard and placed in its proper place . .
Then the skipper set sail for that far away land  . .
He was looking for the land of "Have more fun . . ."
Along the way many a Perl would be found . . .

Tio Cash (circa 2018)


    On Thursday, February 8, 2018, 9:09:29 AM CST, James E Keenan via RT <> wrote:  
 On Thu, 08 Feb 2018 14:56:29 GMT, wrote:
> >I believe all the required data and difficulty are in these files.
> The output that you supply is patently not output from the program that
> you supply.  It's from some other version of that program.
> In any case, I can't see from the program or the output what you think
> is going wrong.  The program is doing much more than demonstrating the
> problem, and it would be a lot easier to understand what you're trying to
> draw attention to if you cut the program down, as James Keenan advised,
> to do nothing else than show the problem.  The preferred length for a
> program demonstrating a bug is one or two lines.
> In addition to a minimal program demonstrating the problem, we'd really
> like to have a plain English description of what problem you think
> you've found.  You should say exactly which operation on what input is
> producing the wrong result, and what result you expected.  Something along
> the lines of "the regexp /foo/ didn't match when applied to string 'bar',
> but I think it should match".
> You may have supplied some useful clue in that .docx file, but that's
> a proprietary file format that many of us can't read.  Please express
> your problem report in plain ASCII text.
> I have some suspicion that your problem is that your regexp matches
> two places in the string, and you wanted it to match the second place.
> The first match is always preferred, and it's not a bug that perl failed
> to read your mind.
> -zefram

Thanks for looking into this.  Yesterday I replied off list to the original poster guiding him to the section of 'perldoc perlbug' which describes our expectations for a bug report.  I also provided links to other Perl community resources for "Why is my program not giving me the results I expect?" questions.  (I also provided a solution to his regex question.)

So I think we can close this ticket not.

Thank you very much.
James E Keenan (
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