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Re: [perl #132800] lib/unicore/mktables takes too long

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Karl Williamson
February 2, 2018 05:37
Re: [perl #132800] lib/unicore/mktables takes too long
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On 02/01/2018 06:20 PM, James E Keenan via RT wrote:
> On Thu, 01 Feb 2018 21:21:59 GMT, randir wrote:
>> This is a bug report for perl from,
>> generated with the help of perlbug 1.41 running under perl 5.27.9.
>> -----------------------------------------------------------------
>> [Please describe your issue here]
>> High-parallel builds of perl are currently stranded by the
>> lib/unicore/mktables step. It takes ~60% of the total build time:
>> git clean -dfx && ./Configure -de -Dusedevel && time make -j20
>> test_prep
>> make -j20 test_prep  162.93s user 9.08s system 670% cpu 25.648 total
>> ./miniperl -Ilib lib/unicore/mktables -C lib/unicore -P pod -maketest
>> -p -w  15.82s user 0.23s system 99% cpu 16.057 total
>> If I include configure step in the total time measurement, it's still
>> ~27%
>> bash -c './Configure -de -Dusedevel && make -j20 test_prep'  185.76s
>> user 14.36s system 340% cpu 58.733 total
>> This happened only during this development cycle, this step has been
>> taking around 12-16 seconds on 5.20-5.26 with ~second growth each
>> release. Can this be addressed in some way? This makes bisecting
>> through 5.27.x and, later, all future perls, much slower.
> I don't find compelling evidence of this trend.  I built perl at v5.24.0, v5.26.0 and HEAD twice in each of three environments.  See the attachment for results.  I focus on 'real' time because with bisection the clock time measures the time a human is waiting for results.  The data is obviously not statistically significant, but my impressions are that:
> * there is more variation in timings between different 'make' runs for the same Perl version than there is between different Perl versions;
> * if one machine is inherently faster than another (typically, more cores), then the percentage of total clock time taken up by ./Configure is greater on that machine than the other; ('make' flies like a rocket on dromedary where 'nproc -all' returns 24);
> * if you're running Porting/ with the '--module' switch, the total time spent in building and testing prerequisites swamps that taken during 'make'.

I also haven't anecdotally noticed any marked decrease in speed.  I 
looked through the list of commits in 5.27 to see what might be causing 
it, and nothing stands out.  Each release of Unicode brings more data 
that has to be processed, including whole new files and properties. 
There was some of that in Unicode 10.

Note that my goal is to make mktables not run very frequently.  It 
really only needs to be run when a yearly new Unicode release comes 
along, or it itself changes.  Although, suppose there is an underlying 
bug in the core that causes it to generate defective tables, and that 
gets fixed.  Then we would need to run it, but we wouldn't know that we 
do.   So it does get complicated.  There in fact may still be a bug 
which affects the outputs, but it generally only causes comment lines to 
get garbaged, so there's no real harm.  I actually haven't noticed this 
bug in a long time, and I don't know if it still happens.  (Once Tux and 
I were trying to debug a mktables problem.  It was slow going, and then 
he rebased and the problem was suddenly gone.  Independently Dave 
Mitchell had fixed a problem in blead, and that was our underlying 
cause.  So this scenario has happened.)

And I have a question for you git people.  I was looking  at the blame 

It includes

in the list of recent changes.  But I don't see that that commit 
actually modified mktables.  What's going on?

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