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Zefram 2018-W01 TPF grant report 1 message Zefram 8 Jan
incorrect guesses in error messages 16 messages Konovalov, Vadim, demerphq, Karen Etheridge, Slaven Rezic 10 Jan
[perl #132690] PERL: Change proposal for win32/vmem.h 1 message Rainer Keuchel 8 Jan
[perl #33948] configure checking echo 1 message James E Keenan via RT 7 Jan
[perl #126025] Bug in Configure script on Linux 1 message James E Keenan via RT 7 Jan
Re: [perl #128627] Quadmath builds fail on Cygwin in ext/POSIX 4 messages Leon Timmermans, perlbug-followup 7 Jan
[perl #132684] perldoc -v doesn't support full-text search 1 message James E Keenan via RT 7 Jan
[perl #128627] Quadmath builds fail on Cygwin in ext/POSIX 2 messages perlbug-followup, James E Keenan via RT 7 Jan
[perl #132679] [PATCH] Sys::Syslog is not tread-safe (can segfault) 1 message Dominic Hargreaves via RT 5 Jan
Re: [perl #132594] BBC smartmatchda4e040f42421764ef069371d77c008e6b801f45 71 messages Andreas Koenig, Zefram, Leon Timmermans, Ricardo Signes 8 Jan
[perl #115742] $obj spontaneously becomes undef in the debugger 3 messages shlomif @ shlomifish . org, Father Chrysostomos via RT, KES via RT 5 Jan
[Marc Lehmann] Re: [perl #132594] BBC smartmatchda4e040f42421764ef069371d77c008e6b801f45 8 messages Andreas Koenig, lannings, Kent Fredric, Curtis Jewell 5 Jan
[perl #131672] perldebguts documentation should be fixed 2 messages Zefram, KES via RT 17 Jan
lib/warnings.t failing on Windows 18 messages Karl Williamson, Steve Hay via perl5-porters, Craig A. Berry, Tomasz Konojacki 10 Jan
Perl 5 Commit Summary 2 messages Perl 5 commit summary 6 Jan
[perl #132677] POSIX::read and POSIX::write return -1 on error 3 messages Jarkko Hietaniemi, James E Keenan via RT, Leon Timmermans 3 Jan
Re: [perl #132100] [PATCH] missing newline after "Unable to flushstdout: ..." 5 messages James E Keenan via RT, Father Chrysostomos via RT, Zefram, Niko Tyni 2 Jan
[perl #40286] Configure problem in a build directory with spaces inthe name 1 message Hugo van der Sanden via RT 2 Jan
DAVEM TPF Grant#2 December 2017 report 3 messages Marcus Holland-Moritz, Sawyer X, Dave Mitchell 10 Jan
DAVEM TPF grant#2 weekly report for weeks #189-#191 4 messages Dave Mitchell 24 Jan
Re: [perl #132533] [PATCH] Devel::PPPort: Implement croak_sv,die_sv, mess_sv, warn_sv and other mess function 1 message pali 2 Jan
Perl 5 Porters Mailing List Summary: December 11th - January 1st 1 message Sawyer X 2 Jan
Re: [perl #132653] Step-by-step debugging do not work for if elsifelsif 9 messages Sawyer X via RT, Dave Mitchell, Slaven Rezic, KES via RT 2 Jan
Re: [perl #132252] Blead Breaks CPAN: Role::Tiny, Variable::Magic,Moo 21 messages Father Chrysostomos via RT, Sawyer X, Andreas Koenig, James E Keenan via RT 2 Jan
Re: [perl #132385] BBC: Commit e839e6ed breaks Bit-Vector-7.4 24 messages Dave Mitchell, James E Keenan via RT, Andreas Koenig, Sawyer X 2 Jan
Re: [perl #132425] Suggested warning on attempt to 'use' witharguments when no import() subroutine exists 29 messages Zefram, Sawyer X, Ed Avis via RT, Hugo van der Sanden via RT 28 Jan
Re: Dromedary win32 emulation no longer builds blead 3 messages Karl Williamson, Steve Hay via perl5-porters 2 Jan
Re: Implementing script runs 25 messages Karl Williamson, demerphq, Zefram, Father Chrysostomos 19 Jan
[perl #132131] Missing feature flag -D_GNU_SOURCE on Linux/musl 1 message James E Keenan via RT 2 Jan
Cross-compilation and Devel::CheckLib 6 messages Philip Prindeville, sisyphus1, James E Keenan 2 Jan
Perl5 Bug Summary 1 message Perl5 Bug Summary 1 Jan
Re: smartmatch/switch deprecation for 5.28 12 messages Zefram, Leon Timmermans, Elizabeth Mattijsen, Eirik Berg Hanssen 30 Dec
Re: We need a language design process. 59 messages Father Chrysostomos, =?utf-8?B?w4Z2YXIgQXJuZmrDtnLDsA==?= Bjarmason, Leon Timmermans, David Golden 8 Jan
Re: Revisiting smart match 110 messages Zefram, Father Chrysostomos, Dan Book, Leon Timmermans 29 Dec
Re: Urgent subroutine signatures problems 28 messages Sawyer X, Zefram, Paul "LeoNerd" Evans, Father Chrysostomos 16 Jan
[perl #132671] Bleadperl v5.27.6-206-g16ada235c3 breaksJGAMBLE/Algorithm-QuineMcCluskey-0.16.tar.gz 3 messages perlbug-followup, Zefram, James E Keenan via RT 1 Jan
Zefram 2017-12 TPF grant report 2 messages Zefram, Sawyer X 1 Jan
Zefram 2017-W52 TPF grant report 1 message Zefram 1 Jan
Re: regrepeat() 12 messages Karl Williamson, demerphq, Father Chrysostomos, Dave Mitchell 2 Jan
Re: RFC: deprecate literal \v in patterns except under /x; /[#]/xx 9 messages Karl Williamson, demerphq, Tom Molesworth via perl5-porters, Father Chrysostomos 1 Jan
Re: Repository screwed? 6 messages Andreas Koenig, Father Chrysostomos, Karen Etheridge, Sawyer X 2 Jan
[perl #123707] [EXPERIMENT] String- and number-specific bitwise ops 1 message Father Chrysostomos via RT 1 Jan

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