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Zefram 2017-12 TPF grant report

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January 1, 2018 06:53
Zefram 2017-12 TPF grant report
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The hours that I have worked in 2017-12 pursuant to my TPF core
maintenance grant are as follows.

 22h40m  [perl #130851] [PATCH] socket SOCK_CLOEXEC
 21h58m  review tickets
 16h19m  review mail
 12h47m  smartmatch
 11h19m  [perl #125806] Perl segfaults in BEGIN, write to null
         pointer, separate bug
 10h52m  [perl #132425] Suggested warning on attempt to 'use' with
         arguments when no import() subroutine exists
  4h13m  [perl #132577] BBC Module::Install broken by
  3h46m  [perl #2754] [BUG] can't exit 0 from CHECK{}
  2h24m  [perl #130076] readline argument list is messed up
  2h19m  [perl #105920] Perl parser sometimes tolerates stray nulls,
         sometimes not
  2h12m  [perl #129888] null ptr deref, segfault in Perl_do_aexec5
  2h12m  [perl #110056] installhtml uses absolute paths in links
  1h41m  [perl #115814] open ${\$x} leaks
  1h41m  [perl #110520] pod2html 1.12 & 1.13 broken
  1h39m  [perl #119831] Data::Dumper: Useqq should apply to glob
         names, too
  1h38m  [perl #92264] Freeing $a or $b during sort causes a double
  1h38m  grammar token typing
  1h32m  perldelta
  1h32m  [perl #132234] use-of-uninitialized-value in Perl_upg_version
  1h32m  [perl #132644] The 'each' function documentation is missing
         some information.
  1h25m  [perl #132142] Bleadperl v5.27.3-34-gf6107ca24b breaks
  1h25m  [perl #132540] uninitialized variable and integer overrun in
         pp.c and toke.c
  1h25m  [perl #132651] commit d2e38af7 exhausts swap space on FreeBSD
  1h11m  [perl #126042] Segmentation fault in Perl_pp_multiply (and
         other functions)
  1h09m  [perl #132578] BBC List::MoreUtils::XS broken by
  1h06m  [perl #119829] usemymalloc cannot handle long strings
  1h03m  [perl #132633] [Win32] 5.27.7 fails all tests.
  1h01m  [perl #119367] Another 32-bit residual in 64-bit perl 5.18
  1h00m  create tickets
  1h00m  [perl #74142] provide a better c wrapper example in perlsec
    59m  [perl #131894] runtime error: shift exponent -2 is negative
    55m  [perl #4574] readpipe() broken: 2 bugs
    54m  [perl #113406] perldoc in 5.16.0 required groff upgrade but
         now misdisplays asterisks
    52m  [perl #104060] Writing to $> and friends hide errors
    49m  [perl #132648] Cwd: different return values between pure perl
         and XS variants
    45m  C++ dNOOP
    45m  [perl #130726] semicolons on *_DIAG_{IGNORE,RESTORE}
    44m  [perl #126150] Regex missing from perlref
    41m  perl_run() on Windows
    40m  [perl #132634] Strange bug in the new given/whereis/whereso
         construct (perl-5.27.7)
    38m  [perl #119623] GDBM_FILE: gdbm_open requires a blocksize to
         be a power of two
    37m  [perl #130958] inconsistent block/hash detection (again)
    37m  [perl #121105] During a system(), unquoted Perl vars are
         evaluated _after_ the fork() call
    37m  [perl #121372] warn broken when operand is overloaded
    34m  [perl #128261] Assert fail in Perl_sv_2pv_flags: 'sub
    33m  Devel::NYTProf BBC from fake-import change
    32m  [perl #113090] Data::Dumper -- undef not recognized as
         "false" in config booleans
    31m  [perl #132544] heap-buffer-overflow (WRITE of size 8) in
    30m  [perl #130578] op.c:10706: OP *Perl_ck_refassign(OP *):
         Assertion `left->op_type == OP_SREFGEN' failed
    30m  PERL_EXIT_DESTRUCT_END on Windows
    28m  [perl #132527] Bleadperl v5.27.5-398-g19a8de4862 breaks
    27m  [perl #96538] Closures returned from threads don't wrap
         around the right lexicals
    26m  [perl #125330] 'Masks earlier declaration' warning move from
         misc to syntax
    26m  [perl #130818] [PATCH] Remove EPOC and MacOS Classic support
         from PathTools
    25m  [perl #114316] '--splithead' option to 'installhtml' fails to
         clean up after itself
    23m  [perl #131634] inline.h:147: I32 S_POPMARK(): Assertion
         `(PL_markstack_ptr > PL_markstack) || !"MARK underflow"'
    23m  [perl #132626] perl5 sprintf: wrong output on format %a
    23m  [perl #124428] bless $x, undef to unbless
    21m  DATA handle encoding
    21m  [perl #126414] perl rounds inode in PP stat
    20m  [perl #124349] Sys::Hostname::hostname warn on spurious
    19m  [perl #74864] test suite failure on powerpc with
    19m  [perl #122753] Docs on destructors are inaccurate
    19m  [perl #129347] null pointer deref S_ft_return_false
    18m  [perl #132247] XSLoader and DynaLoader documentation bugs
    17m  [perl #117449] GDBM tied hash weirdness; deletion ends 'each'
    17m  [perl #131762] perldoc output misbehaviour
    17m  [perl #132645] Array names starting with 'Inf' can be poorly
    16m  [perl #131061] Documentation of backslash operator inducing
         list context for its operand is missing
    15m  octal fp literals erroneously switching radix
    15m  [perl #6997] "Useless use of concatenation" warning not
         triggered by multiple concatenations.
    15m  [perl #115754] sub refs returned from @INC hooks receive
         wrong parameters
    14m  [perl #131893] runtime error: signed integer overflow: 1 +
         9223372036854775807 cannot be represented in type 'long'
    13m  [perl #115252] Inconsistent treatment of nulls and newlines
         in <...>
    12m  [perl #126085] Not expected arguments for $SIG{__WARN__}
    11m  [perl #132638] I've discovered a segfault
    11m  [perl #119635] deprecate and remove qsort?
    11m  [perl #131518] [PATCH] -mpragma (eg strict) fail silent
    10m  [perl #131631] Segfault in Perl_cv_undef_flags
    10m  [perl #116080] Doc issues for system, exec, qx
     8m  [perl #127391] possible inconsistency in "perlop"
         documentation on associativity of operators
     5m  [perl #131672] perldebguts documentation should be fixed
     5m  [perl #127712] defined on HashofHash defines an element in
         the hash
     4m  [perl #131987] Heap Use After Free (READ of size 1) in
         Perl_yylex (toke.c:5137)
160h46m  TOTAL

At the end of the month there was 104h12m of authorised working time
remaining in this grant.


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