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Re: [perl #78288] ref and other ops are inefficient in booleancontext

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Dave Mitchell
June 5, 2017 15:28
Re: [perl #78288] ref and other ops are inefficient in booleancontext
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On Fri, Jan 06, 2017 at 04:44:27PM +0000, Dave Mitchell wrote:
> On Tue, Jan 03, 2017 at 01:22:08PM +0000, Dave Mitchell wrote:
> > I've just pushed the commit shown below as davem/boolref.
> > It shows that the concept is sound, but I suggest not merging into blead
> > until after 5.26.0 is released: even just setting an extra private flag on
> > an op may require various B-ish CPAN modules to be updated.
> > 
> > The repeep() code in my commit is separate from similar code that puts
> > rv2hv into boolean context in things like if (%h) {...}. I suspect they
> > want merging into a single function. I also noticed there's a bug in the
> > rv2hv stuff: if (!%h) {...} *doesn't* get optimised.
> > 
> > I'm open to suggestions for other ops which could benefit from being
> > special-cased in boolean context.
> I've since done this a different way. First I've pushed the following set
> of commits to blead:
>     commit bec5a1ba1ddeb36f189da30307757fead2933e93
>     Merge: 12e1fa6 b243b19
>     Author:     David Mitchell <>
>     AuthorDate: Fri Jan 6 16:28:50 2017 +0000
>     Commit:     David Mitchell <>
>     CommitDate: Fri Jan 6 16:28:50 2017 +0000
>     [MERGE] redo boolean context
>     Overhaul the stuff that flags an op as being in boolean context (currently
>     just padhv and rv2hv). Make the mechanism in rpeep() general, so that
>     other ops can be easily added in future, and add a generic testing
>     framework for such ops in t/perf/optree.t.
>     This alters the amount on situations recognised as being in boolean
>     context (mainly increasing them).
> which fixes some bugs and adds a general framework for supporting boolean-
> context ops.
> Then I've pushed the following branch as davem/boolref2 which I intend to
> merge sometime after 5.26:
>     commit a83d533d7b264b0df884decfc144af10b79c7f24
>     Author:     David Mitchell <>
>     AuthorDate: Fri Jan 6 14:59:54 2017 +0000
>     Commit:     David Mitchell <>
>     CommitDate: Fri Jan 6 16:32:21 2017 +0000
>     make OP_REF support boolean context
>     RT #78288
>     When ref() is used in a boolean context, it's not necessary to return
>     the name of the package which an object is blessed into; instead a simple
>     truth value can be returned, which is faster.
>     Note that it has to cope with the subtlety of an object blessed into the
>     class "0", which should return false.
>     Porting/ shows for the expression !ref($r), approximately:
>         unchanged         for a non-reference $r
>         doubling of speed for a reference $r
>         tripling of speed for a blessed reference $r
>     This commit builds on the mechanism already used to set the OPpTRUEBOOL
>     and OPpMAYBE_TRUEBOOL flags on padhv and rv2hv ops when used in boolean
>     context.

which I've now pushed as v5.27.0-127-gba75e9a

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