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Build failed in Jenkins: perl5-win32 #2841

September 7, 2016 13:13
Build failed in Jenkins: perl5-win32 #2841
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[davem] fix errror handling for ':attr(foo' with no ')'

[...truncated 1363 lines...]
Removing lib/Scalar/
Removing lib/Search/
Removing lib/
Removing lib/
Removing lib/
Removing lib/Sub/
Removing lib/Sys/
Removing lib/TAP/
Removing lib/Term/
Removing lib/
Removing lib/Test/
Removing lib/
Removing lib/Test2/
Removing lib/Text/
Removing lib/Thread/
Removing lib/Tie/
Removing lib/Tie/Hash/
Removing lib/Tie/
Removing lib/Tie/
Removing lib/Time/.exists
Removing lib/Time/
Removing lib/Time/
Removing lib/Time/
Removing lib/Time/
Removing lib/Unicode/.exists
Removing lib/Unicode/
Removing lib/Unicode/Collate/
Removing lib/Unicode/
Removing lib/
Removing lib/Win32API/
Removing lib/
Removing lib/XS/
Removing lib/
Removing lib/
Removing lib/
Removing lib/auto/
Removing lib/
Removing lib/autodie/
Removing lib/
Removing lib/
Removing lib/
Removing lib/
Removing lib/
Removing lib/
Removing lib/
Removing lib/
Removing lib/encoding/
Removing lib/
Removing lib/
Removing lib/
Removing lib/
Removing lib/
Removing lib/
Removing lib/
Removing lib/
Removing lib/perldoc.pod
Removing lib/
Removing lib/perlfaq.pod
Removing lib/perlfaq1.pod
Removing lib/perlfaq2.pod
Removing lib/perlfaq3.pod
Removing lib/perlfaq4.pod
Removing lib/perlfaq5.pod
Removing lib/perlfaq6.pod
Removing lib/perlfaq7.pod
Removing lib/perlfaq8.pod
Removing lib/perlfaq9.pod
Removing lib/perlglossary.pod
Removing lib/perlxs.pod
Removing lib/perlxstut.pod
Removing lib/perlxstypemap.pod
Removing lib/
Removing lib/
Removing lib/threads/
Removing lib/unicore/
Removing lib/unicore/
Removing lib/unicore/
Removing lib/unicore/
Removing lib/unicore/
Removing lib/unicore/
Removing lib/unicore/To/
Removing lib/unicore/
Removing lib/unicore/lib/
Removing lib/unicore/mktables.lst
Removing lib/
Removing lib/version.pod
Removing lib/version/
Removing locale.obj
Removing mathoms.obj
Removing mg.obj
Removing mg_data.h
Removing miniperl.exe
Removing miniperl.pdb
Removing mro_core.obj
Removing numeric.obj
Removing op.obj
Removing pad.obj
Removing perl.exe
Removing perl.obj
Removing perl.pdb
Removing perl525.dll
Removing perl525.exp
Removing perl525.lib
Removing perl525.pdb
Removing perlapi.obj
Removing perlglob.exe
Removing perlglob.pdb
Removing perlio.obj
Removing perly.obj
Removing pod/perl5255delta.pod
Removing pod/perlaix.pod
Removing pod/perlamiga.pod
Removing pod/perlandroid.pod
Removing pod/perlapi.pod
Removing pod/perlbs2000.pod
Removing pod/perlce.pod
Removing pod/perlcn.pod
Removing pod/perlcygwin.pod
Removing pod/perldos.pod
Removing pod/perlfreebsd.pod
Removing pod/perlhaiku.pod
Removing pod/perlhpux.pod
Removing pod/perlhurd.pod
Removing pod/perlintern.pod
Removing pod/perlirix.pod
Removing pod/perljp.pod
Removing pod/perlko.pod
Removing pod/perllinux.pod
Removing pod/perlmacos.pod
Removing pod/perlmacosx.pod
Removing pod/perlmodlib.pod
Removing pod/perlnetware.pod
Removing pod/perlopenbsd.pod
Removing pod/perlos2.pod
Removing pod/perlos390.pod
Removing pod/perlos400.pod
Removing pod/perlplan9.pod
Removing pod/perlqnx.pod
Removing pod/perlriscos.pod
Removing pod/perlsolaris.pod
Removing pod/perlsymbian.pod
Removing pod/perlsynology.pod
Removing pod/perltoc.pod
Removing pod/perltru64.pod
Removing pod/perltw.pod
Removing pod/perluniprops.pod
Removing pod/perlvos.pod
Removing pod/perlwin32.pod
Removing pod/roffitall
Removing pp.obj
Removing pp_ctl.obj
Removing pp_hot.obj
Removing pp_pack.obj
Removing pp_sort.obj
Removing pp_sys.obj
Removing reentr.obj
Removing regcomp.obj
Removing regexec.obj
Removing run.obj
Removing scope.obj
Removing sv.obj
Removing t/embed_test.pdb
Removing t/perl.exe
Removing t/perl525.dll
Removing t/perlglob.exe
Removing t/vc100.pdb
Removing taint.obj
Removing time64.obj
Removing toke.obj
Removing universal.obj
Removing utf8.obj
Removing util.obj
Removing utils/Makefile
Removing utils/c2ph
Removing utils/c2ph.bat
Removing utils/corelist
Removing utils/corelist.bat
Removing utils/cpan
Removing utils/cpan.bat
Removing utils/enc2xs
Removing utils/enc2xs.bat
Removing utils/encguess
Removing utils/encguess.bat
Removing utils/h2ph
Removing utils/h2ph.bat
Removing utils/h2xs
Removing utils/h2xs.bat
Removing utils/instmodsh
Removing utils/instmodsh.bat
Removing utils/json_pp
Removing utils/json_pp.bat
Removing utils/libnetcfg
Removing utils/libnetcfg.bat
Removing utils/perlbug
Removing utils/perlbug.bat
Removing utils/perldoc
Removing utils/perldoc.bat
Removing utils/perlivp
Removing utils/perlivp.bat
Removing utils/piconv
Removing utils/piconv.bat
Removing utils/pl2pm
Removing utils/pl2pm.bat
Removing utils/pod2html
Removing utils/pod2html.bat
Removing utils/prove
Removing utils/prove.bat
Removing utils/pstruct
Removing utils/pstruct.bat
Removing utils/ptar
Removing utils/ptar.bat
Removing utils/ptardiff
Removing utils/ptardiff.bat
Removing utils/ptargrep
Removing utils/ptargrep.bat
Removing utils/shasum
Removing utils/shasum.bat
Removing utils/splain
Removing utils/splain.bat
Removing utils/xsubpp
Removing utils/xsubpp.bat
Removing utils/zipdetails
Removing utils/zipdetails.bat
Removing uudmap.h
Removing win32/Extensions_static
Removing win32/bin/exetype.bat
Removing win32/bin/perlglob.bat
Removing win32/bin/pl2bat.bat
Removing win32/bin/runperl.bat
Removing win32/bin/search.bat
Removing win32/config.h
Removing win32/fcrypt.obj
Removing win32/mini/
Removing win32/perldll.def
Removing win32/perlexe.res
Removing win32/perlglob.obj
Removing win32/perllib.obj
Removing win32/perllibst.h
Removing win32/perlmain.c
Removing win32/perlmain.obj
Removing win32/vc100.pdb
Removing win32/win32.obj
Removing win32/win32io.obj
Removing win32/win32sck.obj
Removing win32/win32thread.obj
Removing wperl.exe

<>git> remote prune origin 
Build timed out (after 60 minutes). Marking the build as failed. Perl Programming lists via nntp and http.
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