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versiononly commit

H.Merijn Brand
July 28, 2016 15:26
versiononly commit
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The commit mentioned below changes text in Configure, but "forgot" to
amend the explanation of the variable in Porting/Glossary, which now
seems to somewhat disagree.

Would you mind having a stab at that too?

	If set, this symbol indicates that only the version-specific
	components of a perl installation should be installed.
	This may be useful for making a test installation of a new
	version without disturbing the existing installation.
	Setting versiononly is equivalent to setting installperl's -v option.
	In particular, the non-versioned scripts and programs such as
	a2p, c2ph, h2xs, pod2*, and perldoc are not installed
	(see INSTALL for a more complete list).  Nor are the man
	pages installed.
	Usually, this is undef.

Please do not commit to that file directly, as it is generated.

Author: Dan Collins <>  2016-07-04 21:21:05
Committer: Father Chrysostomos <>  2016-07-15 03:13:21
Parent: e1c30f0c87de26774c1fbe11ab7536e439285070 (PATCH: [perl #128628] divide by 0 in locale.c)
Child:  6605cde46b63413ff147e00afeff1a4d66226243 (Chad will be taking October, Sawyer December)
Branches: blead, remotes/origin/avar/no-UNIVERSAL-import-routine-TODO, remotes/origin/blead, remotes/origin/leont/perl6-shebang-fix, remotes/origin/smoke-me/davem/sub_argsB3, remotes/origin/smoke-me/khw-locale, remotes/origin/sprout/rstack, remotes/origin/sprout/sigwack, remotes/origin/sprout/super-uni-delim
Follows: v5.25.2
Precedes: v5.25.3

    Configure: clarify "version-specific"
    This has long been a confusing configure question. It sounds like
    it saves time by installing /less/, but really it just installs
    binaries with a version number suffix.

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