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Re: [perl #128213] No deprecation warning on literal left curlybracket in /.{/ etc

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May 23, 2016 02:36
Re: [perl #128213] No deprecation warning on literal left curlybracket in /.{/ etc
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This was a change made by Karl, but personally i consider this discrepancy
to be undesirable. Karl would have to confirm the intent here however.

On 22 May 2016 20:28, "James E Keenan via RT" <>

On Sun May 22 13:14:54 2016, wyant wrote:
> This is a bug report for perl from,
> generated with the help of perlbug 1.40 running under perl 5.24.0.
> -----------------------------------------------------------------
> [Please describe your issue here]
> As I understand it, literal left curly brackets in regular expressions
> were deprecated in Perl 5.22, and with Perl 5.25.1 they produced a
> compile error. However, it appears that there is no warning (under
> 5.24.0) or error (under 5.25.1) for the following:
> /.{/
> /[x]{/
> /[xy]{/
> /\p{Latin}{/
> Compilation of these under 'use re debug' appears to show that the
> curlys are compiled as literals. Examples of this are appended. I note
> that /x(?:{)/ also produces no warning/exception, but I understand
> this
> to be an instance of the exception for leading curlys.
> Is all this a misunderstanding of the deprecation on my part? Or an
> obscure code path missed in the deprecation? If the former, please
> accept my apologies for wasting your time. And in either case, thank
> you
> very much for making Perl what it is today.
> Appended example:
> $ perl -c -Mre=debug -e '/.{/'
> Compiling REx ".{"
> Final program:
>    1: REG_ANY (2)
>    2: EXACT <{> (4)
>    4: END (0)
>  anchored "{" at 1 (checking anchored) minlen 2
> -e syntax OK
> Freeing REx: ".{"
> $ # but
> $ perl -c -Mre=debug -e '/x{/'
> Compiling REx "x{"
> Unescaped left brace in regex is deprecated, passed through in regex;
> marked by <-- HERE in m/x{ <-- HERE / at -e line 1.
> Final program:
>    1: EXACT <x{> (3)
>    3: END (0)
>  anchored "x{" at 0 (checking anchored isall) minlen 2
> -e syntax OK
> Freeing REx: "x{"

I can confirm your observations that no exceptions are thrown in these
instances in perl 5.24.0.  I can also confirm your observations re "perl -c
-Mre=debug -e ...".

I am not a regex expert and didn't follow the discussion of this feature.
But I suspect this may be a case where the error message is not
sufficiently precise as to the error condition.

If we look at the source code we see this starting at line 13190 of

                case '{':
                    /* Currently we don't care if the lbrace is at the start
                     * of a construct.  This catches it in the middle of a
                     * literal string, or when it's the first thing after
                     * something like "\b" */
                    if (len || (p > RExC_start && isALPHA_A(*(p -1)))) {
                        RExC_parse = p + 1;
                        vFAIL("Unescaped left brace in regex is illegal");
                default:    /* A literal character */

The term 'construct' is used (as both noun and verb) throughout the inline
comments in this file but I didn't see a precise definition of its noun
version.  I'm also not entirely clear as to what 'literal string' and
'something like "\b"' mean.  But I would hazard a guess that in the
examples you cite, the characters preceding the unescaped left brace, i.e.,


... because they are all regex-y things, disqualify these from being
'literal strings' and thus do not qualify as an error conditions.

Pinging our regex experts!

Thank you very much.

James E Keenan (

via perlbug:  queue: perl5 status: new

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