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Re: FYI - PM posted about a horrible List::Util::first bug

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Dave Mitchell
March 20, 2016 17:40
Re: FYI - PM posted about a horrible List::Util::first bug
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On Thu, May 28, 2015 at 11:09:09AM +0100, Dave Mitchell wrote:
> On Wed, May 27, 2015 at 09:30:22PM +0100, Paul "LeoNerd" Evans wrote:
> > What's the conclusion here? Do I have to fix any code in ListUtils.xs
> > then?
> Well I think the provisional conclusion is that lc() et al are at fault.
> As to whether List::Util is doing anything wrong,  the two differences
> between the first() implementation and perl's grep() implementation are:
> 1) grep temporarily increases the ref count of each SV it aliases to $_,
> via:
>     # define DEFSV_set(sv) \
>         (SvREFCNT_dec(GvSV(PL_defgv)), GvSV(PL_defgv) = SvREFCNT_inc(sv))
> 2) grep makes a mortal copy of each PADTMP it encounters.
> Either of those would make List::Util work with the bad lc/uc/etc in 5.20.0
> and 5.22.0.
> The second of those was to fix
>     #78194: Referencing a PADTMP twice produces two copies
> (which I don't fully understand from a cursory read of the ticket).
> The first, if nothing else, avoids crashes if the thing being iterated
> is freed elsewhere, e.g.
>     use List::Util qw{ first };
>     use Devel::Peek;
>     my $a = "A";
>     @a = (1);
>     @b = first { shift @a; Dump $_ } @a;
> which outputs:
>     SV = UNKNOWN(0xff) (0x1b19038) at 0x1af8f88
>       REFCNT = 0
>       FLAGS = ()

I've just pushed a fix as smoke-me/davem/lc_fix. I propose that this
gets merged before 5.24.0 (despite the code freeze).

Here's the commit message:

commit 8603ce1e371b120cca063739d86827130f272354
Author:     David Mitchell <>
AuthorDate: Sun Mar 20 17:12:13 2016 +0000
Commit:     David Mitchell <>
CommitDate: Sun Mar 20 17:34:08 2016 +0000

    stop lc() etc accidentally modifying in-place.
    As an optimisation, [ul]c() and [ul]cfirst() sometimes modify their
    argument in-place rather than returning a modified copy.
    This should only be done when there is no possibility that the arg is
    going to be reused. However, this fails:
        use List::Util qw{ first };
        my %hash = ( ASD => 1, ZXC => 2, QWE => 3, TYU => 4);
        print first { lc $_ eq 'qwe' } keys %hash;
    which prints "qwe" rather than "QWE".
    Bascally everything in perl that sets $_ or $a/$b and calls a code block
    or function, such as map, grep, for and, sort, either copies any PADTMPs,
    turns off SvTEMP, and/or bumps the reference count.
    List::Util doesn't do this, and it is likely that other CPAN modules
    which do "set $_ and call a block" don't either.
    This has been failing since 5.20.0: perl has been in-placing if the arg is
    (SvTEMP && RC==1 && !mg) (due to v5.19.7-112-g5cd5e2d).
    Make the optimisation critera stricter by always copying SvTEMPs.
    It still allows the optimisation if the arg is a PADTMP - I don't know
    whether this is unsafe too.
    Perhaps we can think of something better after 5.24?

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capacitor by the highly-trained and competent engineering staff.
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