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Configure on non-cygwin Win32, just an experiment

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May 28, 2015 16:09
Configure on non-cygwin Win32, just an experiment
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msys bash+Visual C on win32, this setup I use works fine for autoconf 
building, but not perl apparently
Owner@OWNER-5D26B85EE /c/perl521/srcnewb4opt (oldblead)
$ ./Configure

Beginning of configuration questions for perl5.

Checking echo to see how to suppress newlines...
...using -n.
The star should be here-->*

First let's make sure your kit is complete.  Checking...
Looks good...

This installation shell script will examine your system and ask you 
to determine how the perl5 package should be installed. If you get
stuck on a question, you may use a ! shell escape to start a subshell or
execute a command.  Many of the questions will have default answers in 
brackets; typing carriage return will give you the default.

On some of the questions which ask for file or directory names you are 
to use the ~name construct to specify the login directory belonging to 
even if you don't have a shell which knows about that.  Questions where 
this is
allowed will be marked "(~name ok)".

[Type carriage return to continue]

The prompter used in this script allows you to use shell variables and
backticks in your answers.  You may use $1, $2, etc...  to refer to the 
in the default answer, as if the default line was a set of arguments 
given to a
script shell.  This means you may also use $* to repeat the whole 
default line,
so you do not have to re-type everything to add something to the default.

Every time there is a substitution, you will have to confirm.  If there 
is an
error (e.g. an unmatched backtick), the default answer will remain unchanged
and you will be prompted again.

If you are in a hurry, you may run 'Configure -d'.  This will bypass 
nearly all
the questions and use the computed defaults (or the previous answers if 
was already a file). Type 'Configure -h' for a list of options.
You may also start interactively and then answer '& -d' at any prompt to 
on the non-interactive behaviour for the remainder of the execution.

[Type carriage return to continue]

Much effort has been expended to ensure that this shell script will run 
on any
Unix system.  If despite that it blows up on yours, your best bet is to edit
Configure and run it again.  If you can't run Configure for some reason,
you'll have to generate a file by hand.  Whatever problems you
have, let me ( know how I blew it.

This installation script affects things in two ways:

1) it may do direct variable substitutions on some of the files included
    in this kit.
2) it builds a config.h file for inclusion in C programs.  You may edit
    any of these files as the need arises after running this script.

If you make a mistake on a question, there is no easy way to back up to it
currently.  The easiest thing to do is to edit and rerun all 
the SH
files.  Configure will offer to let you do this before it runs the SH files.

[Type carriage return to continue]

Locating common programs...
awk is in /bin/awk.
cat is in /bin/cat.
chmod is in /bin/chmod.
I don't know where 'comm' is, and my life depends on it.
Go find a public domain implementation or fix your PATH setting!

Owner@OWNER-5D26B85EE /c/perl521/srcnewb4opt (oldblead)

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