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НА: Year-end EBCDIC porting status report

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Yaroslav Kuzmin
December 31, 2014 09:01
НА: Year-end EBCDIC porting status report
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> 1) t/run/locale.t:  This appears to be some weird interaction with the
> shell.  The data indicates that PerlEnv_getenv("LC_ALL") is getting
> "perlio" when the test environment is testing with perlio, and "stdio"
> when the test environment is stdio.  This is instead of what these
> environment variables are actually getting set to (the string 'invalid')
>   and Perl code inside the run that does
>    print STDERR "ENV{LC_ALL}=", $ENV{LC_ALL}
> prints
>    ENV{LC_ALL}=invalid
> So it appears that retrieving the environment is corrupted.  That's why
> I would like this run manually from a terminal.  My guess is that it
> will work.

RS12 : PDKUZM | ~/ussport/perl/perl-build/t :> ../perl -I../lib run/locale.t &>log/locale.t.log
RS12 : PDKUZM | ~/ussport/perl/perl-build/t :> cat
print STDERR "ENV{LC_ALL}=", $ENV{LC_ALL},"\n";
RS12 : PDKUZM | ~/ussport/perl/perl-build/t :> ../perl -I../lib
RS12 : PDKUZM | ~/ussport/perl/perl-build/t :>

I have a variable LC_ALL is not set, Who sets this variable LC_ALL ?

RS12 : PDKUZM | ~/ussport/perl/perl-build/t :> locale

> 2) t/re/pat_advanced.t  This is now failing one test.  I've broken it
> recently with a "fix" to an unrelated bug.  And I just haven't had a
> chance to look at it, but it should be easy to fix.

RS12 : PDKUZM | ~/ussport/perl/perl-build/t :> ../perl -I../lib re/pat_advanced.t &>log/pat_advanced.t.log

> 3) t/op/pack.t.  This should again be easy to fix when I get a chance to
> look in real depth.

RS12 : PDKUZM | ~/ussport/perl/perl-build/t :> ../perl -I../lib op/pack.t &>log/pack.t.log

> 4) t/op/stat.t I've discussed this in other emails.  The OS is returning
> EBADF for a file descriptor that looks right.  I'm hoping that after the
> holidays someone can look at it who has expertise.

RS12 : PDKUZM | ~/ussport/perl/perl-build/t :> ../perl -I../lib op/stat.t &>log/stat.t.log

> 5) t/porting/readme.t  This is waiting for me to get around to looking
> at fixing a cpan module it depends on.

RS12 : PDKUZM | ~/ussport/perl/perl-build/t :> ../perl -I../lib porting/readme.t &>log/readme.t.log

> 6) dist/Data-Dumper/t/dumper.t This is a parse bug.  I now have narrowed
> it down to a single line change in the .t that causes the problem, and
> now have to pore over the debug log.

RS12 : PDKUZM | ~/ussport/perl/perl-build/t :> ../perl -I../lib ../dist/Data-Dumper/t/dumper.t &>log/dumper.t.log

> 7) dist/ExtUtils-CBuilder/t/04-base.t  This looks like an lstat()
> problem.  lstat is frequently failing with errno=146=EDC5146I Too many
> levels of symbolic links.  This happens frequently though this is the
> only time it is accompanied by a test failure.  I'm waiting for an
> expert on os390 to look at this.

RS12 : PDKUZM | ~/ussport/perl/perl-build/t :> ../perl -I../lib ../dist/ExtUtils-CBuilder/t/04-base.t &>log/04-base.t.log

> 8) dist/Net-Ping/t/450_service.t  This again looks like an OS
> interaction.  Nothing on this has changed from an earlier status report

RS12 : PDKUZM | ~/ussport/perl/perl-build/t :> ../perl -I../lib ../dist/Net-Ping/t/450_service.t &>log/450_service.t.log

> 9) ext/POSIX/t/sigaction.t  We have a suggestion to use a different
> library to see what happens.  Yaroslav Have you tried that?

RS12 : PDKUZM | ~/ussport/perl/perl-build/t :> ../perl -I../lib ../ext/POSIX/t/sigaction.t &>log/sigaction_xplink.t.log
Segmentation fault
make -qnoxplink
RS12 : PDKUZM | ~/ussport/perl/perl-build/t :> ../perl -I../lib ../ext/POSIX/t/sigaction.t &>log/sigaction_noxplink.t.log
Illegal instruction

> 10) lib/open.t  I think this will be fixed after a cpan module it uses
> gets fixed.

RS12 : PDKUZM | ~/ussport/perl/perl-build/t :> ../perl -I../lib ../lib/open.t &>log/open.t.log

> On 12/30/2014 12:10 AM, Yaroslav Kuzmin wrote:
>> P.S. I am on vacation from 01.01.2015 to 12.01.2015
> Have a good vacation

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