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about FC commit "CV-based slab allocation for ops"

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October 28, 2014 10:33
about FC commit "CV-based slab allocation for ops"
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In commit "CV-based slab allocation for ops" 
  I see

diff --git a/pad.c b/pad.c

index 5473b64..9f6ccb8 100644 (file)

--- a/pad.c
+++ b/pad.c
@@ -333,6 +333,7 @@ Perl_cv_undef(pTHX_ CV *cv)
      const PADLIST *padlist = CvPADLIST(cv);
+    bool const slabbed = !!CvSLABBED(cv);


@@ -346,6 +347,7 @@ Perl_cv_undef(pTHX_ CV *cv)
      CvFILE(cv) = NULL;

+    CvSLABBED_off(cv);
      if (!CvISXSUB(cv) && CvROOT(cv)) {
         if (SvTYPE(cv) == SVt_PVCV && CvDEPTH(cv))
             Perl_croak(aTHX_ "Can't undef active subroutine");
@@ -353,11 +355,29 @@ Perl_cv_undef(pTHX_ CV *cv)


+       if (slabbed) OpslabREFCNT_dec_padok(OpSLAB(CvROOT(cv)));
         CvROOT(cv) = NULL;
         CvSTART(cv) = NULL;
+    else if (slabbed && CvSTART(cv)) {
+       ENTER;
+       /* discard any leaked ops */
+       opslab_force_free((OPSLAB *)CvSTART(cv));
+       CvSTART(cv) = NULL;
+       LEAVE;
+    }
+# ifdef DEBUGGING
+    else if (slabbed) Perl_warn(aTHX_ "Slab leaked from cv %p", cv);
+# endif
      SvPOK_off(MUTABLE_SV(cv));         /* forget prototype */
      CvGV_set(cv, NULL);

So why does CvSLABBED have to be turned off before "if (slabbed) 
OpslabREFCNT_dec_padok(OpSLAB(CvROOT(cv)));" and/or 
"PAD_SAVE_SETNULLPAD();" executes, or in the CvSTART branch, before 
"opslab_force_free((OPSLAB *)CvSTART(&cvbody));" executes?

Can we leave the turning off of CvSLABBED flag until the very end of 
Perl_cv_undef_flags to be done in the existing
     /* delete all flags except WEAKOUTSIDE and CVGV_RC, which indicate the
      * ref status of CvOUTSIDE and CvGV, and ANON, NAMED and
      * LEXICAL, which are used to determine the sub's name.  */
statement or there is a croak/exception risk before reaching that 
statement at the very end of Perl_cv_undef_flags which means CvSLABBED 
must be turned off earlier so if Perl_cv_undef_flags is recursed on the 
same CV* CvSLABBED is off and a double free doesn't occur on the PP op 
tree (or if OpslabREFCNT_dec_padok croaks, it needs to execute again on 
the 2nd try or something like that, which means turning off CvSLABBED 
early is a bug in and of itself?), or it is impossible for 
Perl_cv_undef_flags to croak in any normal usage?

Why this post? Working on a refactoring patch. See attached if anyone is 

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