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Re: Criteria for becoming/dropping a core module [was: Re: maintainerwanted: Time::Piece]

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July 30, 2014 15:28
Re: Criteria for becoming/dropping a core module [was: Re: maintainerwanted: Time::Piece]
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On 30 July 2014 16:50, Aristotle Pagaltzis <> wrote:

> * Neil Bowers <> [2014-07-30 11:30]:
> > Skimming perlmodlib here's a first attempt at a list, roughly ordered
> > by strength of claim:
> >
> > 1. Needed to install perl. Eg various Test::*
> > 2. Modules (especially pragmata) that are considered to be part of the
> language. strict/warnings/Carp
> > 3. Toolchain modules needed to bootstrap your environment. Eg CPAN
> > 4. Modules for talking to your environment / glue. Eg Cwd, Fcntl,
> File::Spec*
> > 5. Codifies best practice in a way that's seen as a good thing
> ("everyone will/should want to use it"). autodie?
> > 6. "Batteries included" - stuff that "everyone" does, so makes sense to
> come in the box. Eg Getopt::Std, HTTP::Tiny
> >
> > Some modules tick multiple boxes, which in some sense gives them
> > a stronger claim. Though if you're in the first group, it doesn't
> > matter whether you tick any other boxes.
> There is a movement to get away from #5 and #6, but especially #6 is now
> considered a bad idea.

I don't know if that is actually the case. I think there are people inside
the perl echo chamber who believe it to be true but I do not think there is
actually any hard evidence that this is a widely held position. Much of the
world that does Perl is not part of the Perl community. So these kind of
opinions remind me of self-selected surveys in magazines. Only the people
who read the magazine and who have an opinion fill them out.

It was notable that when I did a survey of what non-perl devs who work at would like to see changed a common response was that the
modules that do come with Perl are insufficient, and that more modules of
the right type would make life easier. (I plan to post a summary of the
responses I got at some point). So there are at least some people who hold
the other view.

I personally think that we include things we shouldn't and dont include
things we should, and that the discussion cannot be simplified to "minimal
core is better".


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