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Perl 5.21.2 has been released.

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July 20, 2014 14:09
Perl 5.21.2 has been released.
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    Armstrong: Okay. Here's a...Looks like a good area here.
    Aldrin:    I got the shadow out there. 
    Aldrin:    250, down at 2 1/2, 19 forward.
    Aldrin:    Altitude, velocity lights. 
    Aldrin:    3 1/2 down, 220 feet, 13 forward.
    Aldrin:    11 forward. Coming down nicely.
    Armstrong: Gonna be right over that crater. 
    Aldrin:    200 feet, 4 1/2 down.
    Aldrin:    5 1/2 down.
    Armstrong: I got a good spot [garbled].
    Aldrin:    160 feet, 6 1/2 down.
    Aldrin:    5 1/2 down, 9 forward. You're looking good.
    Aldrin:    120 feet.
    Aldrin:    100 feet, 3 1/2 down, 9 forward. Five percent. Quantity light. 
    Aldrin:    Okay. 75 feet. And it's looking good. Down a half, 6 forward.
    Duke:      60 seconds.
    Aldrin:    Light's on. 
    Aldrin:    60 feet, down 2 1/2. 2 forward. 2 forward. That's good. 
    Aldrin:    40 feet, down 2 1/2. Picking up some dust. 
    Aldrin:    30 feet, 2 1/2 down. [Garbled] shadow. 
    Aldrin:    4 forward. 4 forward. Drifting to the right a little. 20 feet,
               down a half.
    Duke:      30 seconds.
    Aldrin:    Drifting forward just a little bit; that's good.
    Aldrin:    Contact Light. 
    Armstrong: Shutdown.
    Aldrin:    Okay. Engine Stop. 
    Aldrin:    ACA out of Detent.
    Armstrong: Out of Detent. Auto.
    Aldrin:    Mode Control, both Auto. Descent Engine Command Override, Off.
               Engine Arm, Off. 413 is in. 
    Duke:      We copy you down, Eagle.
    Armstrong: Engine arm is off.
    Armstrong: Houston, Tranquility Base here. The Eagle has landed.
    Duke:      Roger, Twan...[correcting himself] Tranquility. We copy you on
               the ground. You got a bunch of guys about to turn blue.
               We're breathing again. Thanks a lot.
    Aldrin:    Thank you. 

        --  Communication between Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and
            Charlie Duke (CapCom) during the final minutes of the
            first manned moon landing. 20 July, 1969.


We are grateful to announce version 21.2, the third development release
of version 21 of Perl 5.

You will soon be able to download Perl 5.21.2 from your
favorite CPAN mirror or find it at:

SHA1 digests for this release are:

 c5a4392c541311b743d961bca07d073391cf3d48  perl-5.21.2.tar.gz
 00d5f77c3cfac148f4382f092d09251bb6fc5402  perl-5.21.2.tar.bz2

You can find a full list of changes in the file "perldelta.pod" located in
the "pod" directory inside the release and on the web.

Perl 5.21.2 represents approximately 4 weeks of development since Perl 5.21.1
and contains approximately 11,000 lines of changes across 220 files from 27

Excluding auto-generated files, documentation and release tools, there were
approximately 5,700 lines of changes to 140 .pm, .t, .c and .h files.

Perl continues to flourish into its third decade thanks to a vibrant community
of users and developers. The following people are known to have contributed the
improvements that became Perl 5.21.2:

Aaron Crane, Abhijit Menon-Sen, Abigail, Alexandr Ciornii, brian d foy, Brian
Fraser, Chris 'BinGOs' Williams, Craig A. Berry, Daniel Dragan, David Golden,
David Mitchell, Dmitri Tikhonov, George Greer, H.Merijn Brand, James E Keenan,
Jarkko Hietaniemi, Karen Etheridge, Karl Williamson, Matthew Horsfall, Peter
John Acklam, Peter Martini, Reini Urban, Ricardo Signes, Steve Hay, Tony Cook,
Yves Orton, Ævar Arnfjörð Bjarmason.

The list above is almost certainly incomplete as it is automatically generated
from version control history. In particular, it does not include the names of
the (very much appreciated) contributors who reported issues to the Perl bug

Many of the changes included in this version originated in the CPAN modules
included in Perl's core. We're grateful to the entire CPAN community for
helping Perl to flourish.

For a more complete list of all of Perl's historical contributors, please see
the F<AUTHORS> file in the Perl source distribution.

We expect to release version 21.3 on Aug 20, 2014.
The next major stable release of Perl 5, version 22.0, should
appear in May 2015.

Your Release Manager of the Month,


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