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Smoke [blead] v5.21.1-19-g6ab56f1 FAIL(m) linux 3.11.0-18-generic [debian] (x86_64/8 cpu) {blead_g++}

George Greer
June 22, 2014 23:05
Smoke [blead] v5.21.1-19-g6ab56f1 FAIL(m) linux 3.11.0-18-generic [debian] (x86_64/8 cpu) {blead_g++}
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Smoke logs available at

Automated smoke report for 5.21.2 patch 6ab56f1e9333e6777f0fd1d37c91574aa3a5af02 v5.21.1-19-g6ab56f1
zwei: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7 CPU 920 @ 2.67GHz (GenuineIntel 2668MHz) (x86_64/8 cpu)
    on        linux - 3.11.0-18-generic [debian]
    using     g++ version 4.8.2
    smoketime 20 hours 28 minutes (average 1 hour 1 minute)

Summary: FAIL(m)

O = OK  F = Failure(s), extended report at the bottom
X = Failure(s) under TEST but not under harness
? = still running or test results not (yet) available
Build failures during:       - = unknown or N/A
c = Configure, m = make, M = make (after miniperl), t = make test-prep

v5.21.1-19-g6ab56f1  Configuration (common) -Dcc=g++ -O
----------- ---------------------------------------------------------
O O O O O O 
m - - m - - -Duse64bitall -Accflags=-DPERL_GLOBAL_STRUCT_PRIVATE
O O O O O O -Dusemorebits -Accflags=-DPERL_GLOBAL_STRUCT
O O O O O O -Accflags=-DPERL_NO_COW
O O O O O O -Duseithreads
O O O O O O -Duseithreads -Accflags=-DPERL_POISON
m - - m - - -Duseithreads -Duse64bitall -Accflags=-DPERL_GLOBAL_STRUCT_PRIVATE
O O O O O O -Duseithreads -Dusemorebits -Accflags=-DPERL_GLOBAL_STRUCT
O O O O O O -Duseithreads -Accflags=-DPERL_NO_COW
| | | | | +- LC_ALL = en_US.utf8 -DDEBUGGING
| | | | +--- PERLIO = perlio -DDEBUGGING
| | | +----- PERLIO = stdio  -DDEBUGGING
| | +------- LC_ALL = en_US.utf8
| +--------- PERLIO = perlio
+----------- PERLIO = stdio 

Locally applied patches:

Compiler messages(gcc):
try.c: In function ‘int main()’:
MD5.xs: In function ‘void XS_Digest__MD5_md5(CV*)’:
../../handy.h:455:36: warning: null argument where non-null required (argument 1) [-Wnonnull]
POSIX.o: In function `XS_POSIX_tmpnam(cv*)':
POSIX.o: In function `XS_POSIX_tmpnam':
/home/perl/smoke/perl/blead_g++/build/ext/POSIX/POSIX.xs:1486: warning: the use of `tmpnam' is dangerous, better use `mkstemp'
dquote_static.c:18:1: warning: unused parameter ‘my_perl’ [-Wunused-parameter]
regcomp.c: In function ‘I32 S_make_trie(PerlInterpreter*, RExC_state_t*, regnode*, regnode*, regnode*, regnode*, U32, U32, U32)’:
perl.h:141:35: warning: unused variable ‘my_vars’ [-Wunused-variable]
regcomp.c:2987:1: warning: unused parameter ‘my_perl’ [-Wunused-parameter]
regcomp.c: In function ‘ssize_t S_study_chunk(PerlInterpreter*, RExC_state_t*, regnode**, ssize_t*, ssize_t*, regnode*, scan_data_t*, I32, U32, regnode_ssc*, U32, U32)’:
regcomp.c: In function ‘void Perl_reginitcolors(PerlInterpreter*)’:
regcomp.c: In function ‘const regexp_engine* Perl_current_re_engine(PerlInterpreter*)’:
regcomp.c: In function ‘REGEXP* Perl_pregcomp(PerlInterpreter*, SV*, U32)’:
mg.c: In function ‘void S_save_magic_flags(PerlInterpreter*, I32, SV*, U32)’:
mg.c:139:1: warning: unused parameter ‘my_perl’ [-Wunused-parameter]
regcomp.c:5924:1: warning: unused parameter ‘my_perl’ [-Wunused-parameter]
mg.c: In function ‘int Perl_mg_get(PerlInterpreter*, SV*)’:
mg.c: In function ‘int Perl_mg_set(PerlInterpreter*, SV*)’:
mg.c: In function ‘U32 Perl_mg_length(PerlInterpreter*, SV*)’:
mg.c:390:1: warning: unused parameter ‘my_perl’ [-Wunused-parameter]
regcomp.c: In function ‘REGEXP* Perl_re_op_compile(PerlInterpreter*, SV**, int, OP*, const regexp_engine*, REGEXP*, bool*, U32, U32)’:
mg.c: In function ‘void Perl_mg_localize(PerlInterpreter*, SV*, SV*, bool)’:
regcomp.c:7884:1: warning: unused parameter ‘my_perl’ [-Wunused-parameter]
mg.c: In function ‘U32 Perl_magic_regdata_cnt(PerlInterpreter*, SV*, MAGIC*)’:
mg.c: In function ‘int Perl_magic_regdatum_get(PerlInterpreter*, SV*, MAGIC*)’:
mg.c:700:1: warning: unused parameter ‘my_perl’ [-Wunused-parameter]
regcomp.c: In function ‘regnode* S_reg(PerlInterpreter*, RExC_state_t*, I32, I32*, U32)’:
keywords.c: In function ‘I32 Perl_keyword(PerlInterpreter*, const char*, I32, bool)’:
mg.c: In function ‘int Perl_magic_get(PerlInterpreter*, SV*, MAGIC*)’:
regcomp.c: In function ‘regnode* S_regbranch(PerlInterpreter*, RExC_state_t*, I32*, I32, U32)’:
mg.c: In function ‘int Perl_magic_setenv(PerlInterpreter*, SV*, MAGIC*)’:
mg.c: In function ‘int Perl_magic_set_all_env(PerlInterpreter*, SV*, MAGIC*)’:
mg.c: In function ‘int Perl_magic_clear_all_env(PerlInterpreter*, SV*, MAGIC*)’:
mg.c: In function ‘int Perl_magic_getsig(PerlInterpreter*, SV*, MAGIC*)’:
mg.c:1441:1: warning: unused parameter ‘my_perl’ [-Wunused-parameter]
regcomp.c: In function ‘regnode* S_regpiece(PerlInterpreter*, RExC_state_t*, I32*, U32)’:
pad.c: In function ‘PADLIST* Perl_pad_new(PerlInterpreter*, int)’:
mg.c: In function ‘void Perl_despatch_signals(PerlInterpreter*)’:
pad.c: In function ‘void Perl_cv_undef(PerlInterpreter*, CV*)’:
pad.c: In function ‘PADOFFSET S_pad_alloc_name(PerlInterpreter*, SV*, U32, HV*, HV*)’:
mg.c: In function ‘int Perl_magic_setisa(PerlInterpreter*, SV*, MAGIC*)’:
mg.c: In function ‘int Perl_magic_clearisa(PerlInterpreter*, SV*, MAGIC*)’:
mg.c: In function ‘SV* Perl_magic_methcall(PerlInterpreter*, SV*, const MAGIC*, SV*, U32, U32, ...)’:
mg.c: In function ‘SV* S_magic_methcall1(PerlInterpreter*, SV*, const MAGIC*, SV*, U32, int, SV*)’:
pad.c: In function ‘PADOFFSET Perl_pad_add_name_pvn(PerlInterpreter*, const char*, STRLEN, U32, HV*, HV*)’:
pad.c: In function ‘PADOFFSET Perl_pad_alloc(PerlInterpreter*, I32, U32)’:
mg.c: In function ‘int S_magic_methpack(PerlInterpreter*, SV*, const MAGIC*, SV*)’:
mg.c: In function ‘int Perl_magic_setpack(PerlInterpreter*, SV*, MAGIC*)’:
mg.c: In function ‘U32 Perl_magic_sizepack(PerlInterpreter*, SV*, MAGIC*)’:
mg.c: In function ‘int Perl_magic_wipepack(PerlInterpreter*, SV*, MAGIC*)’:
mg.c: In function ‘int Perl_magic_nextpack(PerlInterpreter*, SV*, MAGIC*, SV*)’:
regcomp.c: In function ‘regnode* S_regatom(PerlInterpreter*, RExC_state_t*, I32*, U32)’:
pad.c: In function ‘PADOFFSET Perl_pad_add_anon(PerlInterpreter*, CV*, I32)’:
pad.c: In function ‘void S_pad_check_dup(PerlInterpreter*, SV*, U32, const HV*)’:
pad.c: In function ‘PADOFFSET Perl_pad_findmy_pvn(PerlInterpreter*, const char*, STRLEN, U32)’:
mg.c: In function ‘SV* Perl_magic_scalarpack(PerlInterpreter*, HV*, MAGIC*)’:
mg.c: In function ‘int Perl_magic_setdbline(PerlInterpreter*, SV*, MAGIC*)’:
mg.c: In function ‘int Perl_magic_getarylen(PerlInterpreter*, SV*, const MAGIC*)’:
mg.c: In function ‘int Perl_magic_setarylen(PerlInterpreter*, SV*, MAGIC*)’:
regcomp.c: In function ‘I32 S_regpposixcc(PerlInterpreter*, RExC_state_t*, I32, bool)’:
mg.c: In function ‘int Perl_magic_cleararylen_p(PerlInterpreter*, SV*, MAGIC*)’:
mg.c:2071:1: warning: unused parameter ‘my_perl’ [-Wunused-parameter]
mg.c: In function ‘int Perl_magic_freearylen_p(PerlInterpreter*, SV*, MAGIC*)’:
mg.c: In function ‘int Perl_magic_getpos(PerlInterpreter*, SV*, MAGIC*)’:
pad.c: In function ‘PADOFFSET Perl_find_rundefsvoffset(PerlInterpreter*)’:
mg.c: In function ‘int Perl_magic_setpos(PerlInterpreter*, SV*, MAGIC*)’:
mg.c: In function ‘int Perl_magic_setsubstr(PerlInterpreter*, SV*, MAGIC*)’:
mg.c: In function ‘int Perl_magic_gettaint(PerlInterpreter*, SV*, MAGIC*)’:
mg.c: In function ‘int Perl_magic_settaint(PerlInterpreter*, SV*, MAGIC*)’:
mg.c: In function ‘SV* Perl_defelem_target(PerlInterpreter*, SV*, MAGIC*)’:
mg.c: In function ‘void Perl_vivify_defelem(PerlInterpreter*, SV*)’:
mg.c:2437:1: warning: unused parameter ‘my_perl’ [-Wunused-parameter]
mg.c:2477:1: warning: unused parameter ‘my_perl’ [-Wunused-parameter]
pad.c: In function ‘PADOFFSET S_pad_findlex(PerlInterpreter*, const char*, STRLEN, U32, const CV*, U32, int, SV**, SV**, int*)’:
pad.c: In function ‘void Perl_pad_block_start(PerlInterpreter*, int)’:
pad.c: In function ‘U32 Perl_intro_my(PerlInterpreter*)’:
mg.c:2498:1: warning: unused parameter ‘my_perl’ [-Wunused-parameter]
pad.c: In function ‘OP* Perl_pad_leavemy(PerlInterpreter*)’:
regcomp.c: In function ‘regnode* S_regclass(PerlInterpreter*, RExC_state_t*, I32*, U32, bool, bool, bool, SV**)’:
pad.c: In function ‘void Perl_pad_swipe(PerlInterpreter*, PADOFFSET, bool)’:
pad.c: In function ‘void S_pad_reset(PerlInterpreter*)’:
regcomp.c: In function ‘regnode* S_reg_node(PerlInterpreter*, RExC_state_t*, U8)’:
regcomp.c: In function ‘regnode* S_reganode(PerlInterpreter*, RExC_state_t*, U8, U32)’:
pad.c: In function ‘void Perl_pad_free(PerlInterpreter*, PADOFFSET)’:
pad.c: In function ‘void Perl_do_dump_pad(PerlInterpreter*, I32, PerlIOl**, PADLIST*, int)’:
regcomp.c: In function ‘STRLEN S_reguni(PerlInterpreter*, const RExC_state_t*, UV, char*)’:
regcomp.c: In function ‘void S_reginsert(PerlInterpreter*, RExC_state_t*, U8, regnode*, U32)’:
regcomp.c:15224:1: warning: unused parameter ‘my_perl’ [-Wunused-parameter]
regcomp.c: In function ‘void S_regtail(PerlInterpreter*, RExC_state_t*, regnode*, const regnode*, U32)’:
regcomp.c:15538:1: warning: unused parameter ‘my_perl’ [-Wunused-parameter]
mg.c: In function ‘int Perl_magic_set(PerlInterpreter*, SV*, MAGIC*)’:
regcomp.c:15637:1: warning: unused parameter ‘my_perl’ [-Wunused-parameter]
regcomp.c: In function ‘SV* Perl_re_intuit_string(PerlInterpreter*, REGEXP*)’:
regcomp.c:15967:1: warning: unused parameter ‘my_perl’ [-Wunused-parameter]
regcomp.c: In function ‘void Perl_pregfree2(PerlInterpreter*, REGEXP*)’:
pad.c: In function ‘void S_cv_clone_pad(PerlInterpreter*, CV*, CV*, CV*, bool)’:
regcomp.c: In function ‘void Perl_regfree_internal(PerlInterpreter*, REGEXP*)’:
mg.c:3103:1: warning: unused parameter ‘my_perl’ [-Wunused-parameter]
regcomp.c: In function ‘regnode* Perl_regnext(PerlInterpreter*, regnode*)’:
pad.c: In function ‘CV* S_cv_clone(PerlInterpreter*, CV*, CV*, CV*)’:
pad.c: In function ‘void Perl_pad_fixup_inner_anons(PerlInterpreter*, PADLIST*, CV*, CV*)’:
mg.c: In function ‘void S_restore_magic(PerlInterpreter*, const void*)’:
regcomp.c: In function ‘void Perl_save_re_context(PerlInterpreter*)’:
pad.c: In function ‘void Perl_pad_push(PerlInterpreter*, PADLIST*, int)’:
pad.c: In function ‘HV* Perl_pad_compname_type(PerlInterpreter*, PADOFFSET)’:
pad.c: In function ‘PAD** Perl_padlist_store(PerlInterpreter*, PADLIST*, I32, PAD*)’:
hv.c: In function ‘HE* S_new_he(PerlInterpreter*)’:
mg.c: In function ‘void S_unwind_handler_stack(PerlInterpreter*, const void*)’:
mg.c: In function ‘int Perl_magic_sethint(PerlInterpreter*, SV*, MAGIC*)’:
mg.c: In function ‘int Perl_magic_clearhint(PerlInterpreter*, SV*, MAGIC*)’:
hv.c: In function ‘void Perl_free_tied_hv_pool(PerlInterpreter*)’:
mro.c:140:1: warning: unused parameter ‘my_perl’ [-Wunused-parameter]
util.c: In function ‘void Perl_safesysfree(void*)’:
util.c: In function ‘void* Perl_malloc(size_t)’:
util.c: In function ‘void* Perl_calloc(size_t, size_t)’:
util.c: In function ‘void* Perl_realloc(void*, size_t)’:
util.c: In function ‘void Perl_mfree(void*)’:
mro.c: In function ‘void Perl_mro_isa_changed_in(PerlInterpreter*, HV*)’:
util.c: In function ‘void Perl_fbm_compile(PerlInterpreter*, SV*, U32)’:
util.c: In function ‘char* Perl_screaminstr(PerlInterpreter*, SV*, SV*, I32, I32, I32*, I32)’:
util.c:1033:1: warning: unused parameter ‘my_perl’ [-Wunused-parameter]
hv.c: In function ‘void S_hsplit(PerlInterpreter*, HV*, STRLEN, STRLEN)’:
hv.c: In function ‘void Perl_hv_ksplit(PerlInterpreter*, HV*, IV)’:
util.c:1065:1: warning: unused parameter ‘my_perl’ [-Wunused-parameter]
util.c:1093:1: warning: unused parameter ‘my_perl’ [-Wunused-parameter]
util.c:1121:1: warning: unused parameter ‘my_perl’ [-Wunused-parameter]
mro.c: In function ‘void Perl_boot_core_mro(PerlInterpreter*)’:
mro.c: In function ‘void XS_mro_method_changed_in(PerlInterpreter*, CV*)’:
util.c: In function ‘SV* S_mess_alloc(PerlInterpreter*)’:
util.c: In function ‘const COP* Perl_closest_cop(PerlInterpreter*, const COP*, const OP*, const OP*, bool)’:
util.c: In function ‘SV* Perl_mess_sv(PerlInterpreter*, SV*, bool)’:
util.c: In function ‘SV* Perl_vmess(PerlInterpreter*, const char*, __va_list_tag (*)[1])’:
hv.c: In function ‘SV* S_hv_free_ent_ret(PerlInterpreter*, HV*, HE*)’:
hv.c: In function ‘void Perl_hv_free_ent(PerlInterpreter*, HV*, HE*)’:
hv.c: In function ‘void Perl_hv_delayfree_ent(PerlInterpreter*, HV*, HE*)’:
util.c: In function ‘void Perl_write_to_stderr(PerlInterpreter*, SV*)’:
hv.c: In function ‘void Perl_hv_clear_placeholders(PerlInterpreter*, HV*)’:
util.c: In function ‘bool S_invoke_exception_hook(PerlInterpreter*, SV*, bool)’:
dump.c: In function ‘void Perl_dump_vindent(PerlInterpreter*, I32, PerlIOl**, const char*, __va_list_tag (*)[1])’:
dump.c: In function ‘void Perl_dump_all_perl(PerlInterpreter*, bool)’:
dump.c: In function ‘void Perl_dump_packsubs_perl(PerlInterpreter*, const HV*, bool)’:
dump.c: In function ‘void Perl_dump_eval(PerlInterpreter*)’:
util.c: In function ‘bool Perl_ckwarn(PerlInterpreter*, U32)’:
util.c: In function ‘bool Perl_ckwarn_d(PerlInterpreter*, U32)’:
util.c:1987:1: warning: unused parameter ‘my_perl’ [-Wunused-parameter]
reentr.c:31:1: warning: unused parameter ‘my_perl’ [-Wunused-parameter]
reentr.c:141:1: warning: unused parameter ‘my_perl’ [-Wunused-parameter]
reentr.c:217:1: warning: unused parameter ‘my_perl’ [-Wunused-parameter]
hv.c: In function ‘void Perl_hv_undef_flags(PerlInterpreter*, HV*, U32)’:
dump.c: In function ‘void Perl_do_op_dump(PerlInterpreter*, I32, PerlIOl**, const OP*)’:
run.c: In function ‘int Perl_runops_standard(PerlInterpreter*)’:
util.c: In function ‘PerlIOl** Perl_my_popen_list(PerlInterpreter*, const char*, int, SV**)’:
hv.c: In function ‘void Perl_hv_ename_delete(PerlInterpreter*, HV*, const char*, U32, U32)’:
util.c: In function ‘PerlIOl** Perl_my_popen(PerlInterpreter*, const char*, const char*)’:
util.c: In function ‘void Perl_atfork_lock()’:
util.c: In function ‘void Perl_atfork_unlock()’:
util.c: In function ‘void (* Perl_rsignal(PerlInterpreter*, int, Sighandler_t))(int, siginfo_t*, void*)’:
util.c:2731:1: warning: unused parameter ‘my_perl’ [-Wunused-parameter]
util.c: In function ‘int Perl_rsignal_save(PerlInterpreter*, int, Sighandler_t, Sigsave_t*)’:
util.c: In function ‘int Perl_rsignal_restore(PerlInterpreter*, int, Sigsave_t*)’:
util.c:2771:1: warning: unused parameter ‘my_perl’ [-Wunused-parameter]
util.c: In function ‘I32 Perl_my_pclose(PerlInterpreter*, PerlIOl**)’:
util.c: In function ‘I32 Perl_wait4pid(PerlInterpreter*, pid_t, int*, int)’:
hv.c: In function ‘void S_unshare_hek_or_pvn(PerlInterpreter*, const HEK*, const char*, I32, U32)’:
util.c: In function ‘char* Perl_find_script(PerlInterpreter*, const char*, bool, const char* const*, I32)’:
util.c: In function ‘void* Perl_get_context()’:
util.c: In function ‘void Perl_set_context(void*)’:
hv.c: In function ‘HEK* S_share_hek_flags(PerlInterpreter*, const char*, I32, U32, int)’:
util.c:3398:1: warning: unused parameter ‘my_perl’ [-Wunused-parameter]
hv.c: In function ‘ssize_t* Perl_hv_placeholders_p(PerlInterpreter*, HV*)’:
util.c:3405:1: warning: unused parameter ‘my_perl’ [-Wunused-parameter]
util.c:3412:1: warning: unused parameter ‘my_perl’ [-Wunused-parameter]
hv.c: In function ‘I32 Perl_hv_placeholders_get(PerlInterpreter*, const HV*)’:
util.c:3419:1: warning: unused parameter ‘my_perl’ [-Wunused-parameter]
hv.c: In function ‘void Perl_hv_placeholders_set(PerlInterpreter*, HV*, I32)’:
util.c:3426:1: warning: unused parameter ‘my_perl’ [-Wunused-parameter]
util.c:3435:1: warning: unused parameter ‘my_perl’ [-Wunused-parameter]
util.c: In function ‘MGVTBL* Perl_get_vtbl(PerlInterpreter*, int)’:
util.c:3453:30: error: invalid conversion from ‘const MGVTBL* {aka const mgvtbl*}’ to ‘MGVTBL* {aka mgvtbl*}’ [-fpermissive]
util.c:3448:1: warning: unused parameter ‘my_perl’ [-Wunused-parameter]
util.c:3597:1: warning: unused parameter ‘my_perl’ [-Wunused-parameter]
hv.c: In function ‘void Perl_refcounted_he_free(PerlInterpreter*, refcounted_he*)’:
hv.c: In function ‘refcounted_he* Perl_refcounted_he_inc(PerlInterpreter*, refcounted_he*)’:
util.c:3620:1: warning: unused parameter ‘my_perl’ [-Wunused-parameter]
dump.c: In function ‘void Perl_do_sv_dump(PerlInterpreter*, I32, PerlIOl**, SV*, I32, I32, bool, STRLEN)’:
hv.c:3500:1: warning: unused parameter ‘my_perl’ [-Wunused-parameter]
hv.c:3524:1: warning: unused parameter ‘my_perl’ [-Wunused-parameter]
dump.c: In function ‘void Perl_sv_dump(PerlInterpreter*, SV*)’:
dump.c: In function ‘int Perl_runops_debug(PerlInterpreter*)’:
util.c: In function ‘int Perl_getcwd_sv(PerlInterpreter*, SV*)’:
dump.c: In function ‘I32 Perl_debop(PerlInterpreter*, const OP*)’:
dump.c: In function ‘CV* S_deb_curcv(PerlInterpreter*, I32)’:
dump.c: In function ‘void Perl_watch(PerlInterpreter*, char**)’:
dump.c: In function ‘void S_debprof(PerlInterpreter*, const OP*)’:
dump.c: In function ‘void Perl_debprofdump(PerlInterpreter*)’:
vutil.c:36:1: warning: unused parameter ‘my_perl’ [-Wunused-parameter]
pp_hot.c: In function ‘OP* Perl_pp_const(PerlInterpreter*)’:
vutil.c: In function ‘SV* Perl_new_version(PerlInterpreter*, SV*)’:
pp_hot.c: In function ‘OP* Perl_pp_nextstate(PerlInterpreter*)’:
pp_hot.c: In function ‘OP* Perl_pp_gvsv(PerlInterpreter*)’:
pp_hot.c: In function ‘OP* Perl_pp_null(PerlInterpreter*)’:
pp_hot.c: In function ‘OP* Perl_pp_pushmark(PerlInterpreter*)’:
pp_hot.c: In function ‘OP* Perl_pp_stringify(PerlInterpreter*)’:
pp_hot.c: In function ‘OP* Perl_pp_gv(PerlInterpreter*)’:
pp_hot.c: In function ‘OP* Perl_pp_and(PerlInterpreter*)’:
pp_hot.c: In function ‘OP* Perl_pp_sassign(PerlInterpreter*)’:
pp_hot.c: In function ‘OP* Perl_pp_cond_expr(PerlInterpreter*)’:
pp_hot.c: In function ‘OP* Perl_pp_unstack(PerlInterpreter*)’:
util.c:4348:1: warning: unused parameter ‘my_perl’ [-Wunused-parameter]
pp_hot.c: In function ‘OP* Perl_pp_concat(PerlInterpreter*)’:
util.c:4367:1: warning: unused parameter ‘my_perl’ [-Wunused-parameter]
pp_hot.c: In function ‘OP* Perl_pp_padrange(PerlInterpreter*)’:
pp_hot.c: In function ‘OP* Perl_pp_padsv(PerlInterpreter*)’:
util.c: In function ‘U32 Perl_seed(PerlInterpreter*)’:
pp_hot.c: In function ‘OP* Perl_pp_readline(PerlInterpreter*)’:
pp_hot.c: In function ‘OP* Perl_pp_eq(PerlInterpreter*)’:
util.c: In function ‘void Perl_get_hash_seed(PerlInterpreter*, unsigned char*)’:
av.c: In function ‘void Perl_av_reify(PerlInterpreter*, AV*)’:
av.c: In function ‘void Perl_av_extend(PerlInterpreter*, AV*, ssize_t)’:
pp_hot.c: In function ‘OP* Perl_pp_preinc(PerlInterpreter*)’:
pp_hot.c: In function ‘OP* Perl_pp_or(PerlInterpreter*)’:
pp_hot.c: In function ‘OP* Perl_pp_defined(PerlInterpreter*)’:
av.c: In function ‘void Perl_av_extend_guts(PerlInterpreter*, AV*, ssize_t, ssize_t*, SV***, SV***)’:
util.c:4613:1: warning: unused parameter ‘my_perl’ [-Wunused-parameter]
pp_hot.c: In function ‘OP* Perl_pp_add(PerlInterpreter*)’:
util.c:4671:1: warning: unused parameter ‘my_perl’ [-Wunused-parameter]
av.c: In function ‘SV** Perl_av_fetch(PerlInterpreter*, AV*, ssize_t, I32)’:
pp_hot.c: In function ‘OP* Perl_pp_aelemfast(PerlInterpreter*)’:
pp_hot.c: In function ‘OP* Perl_pp_join(PerlInterpreter*)’:
pp_hot.c: In function ‘OP* Perl_pp_pushre(PerlInterpreter*)’:
pp.c: In function ‘OP* Perl_pp_stub(PerlInterpreter*)’:
av.c: In function ‘SV** Perl_av_store(PerlInterpreter*, AV*, ssize_t, SV*)’:
av.c: In function ‘void Perl_av_clear(PerlInterpreter*, AV*)’:
pp.c: In function ‘OP* Perl_pp_padav(PerlInterpreter*)’:
pp_hot.c: In function ‘OP* Perl_pp_print(PerlInterpreter*)’:
pp.c: In function ‘OP* Perl_pp_padhv(PerlInterpreter*)’:
pp.c: In function ‘OP* Perl_pp_padcv(PerlInterpreter*)’:
pp.c: In function ‘OP* Perl_pp_introcv(PerlInterpreter*)’:
av.c: In function ‘void Perl_av_push(PerlInterpreter*, AV*, SV*)’:
av.c: In function ‘SV* Perl_av_pop(PerlInterpreter*, AV*)’:
av.c: In function ‘void Perl_av_unshift(PerlInterpreter*, AV*, ssize_t)’:
pp_hot.c: In function ‘OP* Perl_pp_rv2av(PerlInterpreter*)’:
pp_hot.c: In function ‘void S_do_oddball(PerlInterpreter*, SV**, SV**)’:
pp.c: In function ‘OP* Perl_pp_clonecv(PerlInterpreter*)’:
av.c: In function ‘SV* Perl_av_shift(PerlInterpreter*, AV*)’:
av.c: In function ‘void Perl_av_fill(PerlInterpreter*, AV*, ssize_t)’:
util.c: In function ‘void Perl_get_db_sub(PerlInterpreter*, SV**, CV*)’:
util.c:5388:1: warning: unused parameter ‘my_perl’ [-Wunused-parameter]
pp_hot.c: In function ‘OP* Perl_pp_qr(PerlInterpreter*)’:
pp.c: In function ‘GV* Perl_softref2xv(PerlInterpreter*, SV*, const char*, svtype, SV***)’:
pp.c: In function ‘OP* Perl_pp_rv2sv(PerlInterpreter*)’:
pp.c: In function ‘OP* Perl_pp_av2arylen(PerlInterpreter*)’:
pp_hot.c: In function ‘OP* Perl_pp_match(PerlInterpreter*)’:
pp.c: In function ‘OP* Perl_pp_pos(PerlInterpreter*)’:
pp.c: In function ‘OP* Perl_pp_rv2cv(PerlInterpreter*)’:
pp.c: In function ‘OP* Perl_pp_prototype(PerlInterpreter*)’:
sv.c: In function ‘SV* S_more_sv(PerlInterpreter*)’:
sv.c: In function ‘void S_sv_add_arena(PerlInterpreter*, char*, U32, U32)’:
sv.c: In function ‘I32 S_visit(PerlInterpreter*, SVFUNC_t, U32, U32)’:
sv.c:520:1: warning: unused parameter ‘my_perl’ [-Wunused-parameter]
sv.c: In function ‘void do_clean_objs(PerlInterpreter*, SV*)’:
pp_hot.c: In function ‘OP* Perl_do_readline(PerlInterpreter*)’:
pp.c: In function ‘OP* Perl_pp_anoncode(PerlInterpreter*)’:
pp.c: In function ‘OP* Perl_pp_srefgen(PerlInterpreter*)’:
pp.c: In function ‘OP* Perl_pp_refgen(PerlInterpreter*)’:
pp.c: In function ‘SV* S_refto(PerlInterpreter*, SV*)’:
pp_hot.c: In function ‘OP* Perl_pp_helem(PerlInterpreter*)’:
pp_hot.c: In function ‘OP* Perl_pp_iter(PerlInterpreter*)’:
sv.c: In function ‘void do_clean_named_objs(PerlInterpreter*, SV*)’:
sv.c: In function ‘void do_clean_named_io_objs(PerlInterpreter*, SV*)’:
sv.c: In function ‘void Perl_sv_clean_objs(PerlInterpreter*)’:
sv.c: In function ‘void do_clean_all(PerlInterpreter*, SV*)’:
pp.c: In function ‘OP* Perl_pp_ref(PerlInterpreter*)’:
pp.c: In function ‘OP* Perl_pp_bless(PerlInterpreter*)’:
scope.c: In function ‘SV** Perl_stack_grow(PerlInterpreter*, SV**, SV**, ssize_t)’:
scope.c: In function ‘PERL_SI* Perl_new_stackinfo(PerlInterpreter*, I32, I32)’:
sv.c: In function ‘I32 Perl_sv_clean_all(PerlInterpreter*)’:
sv.c: In function ‘void Perl_sv_free_arenas(PerlInterpreter*)’:
scope.c: In function ‘I32 Perl_cxinc(PerlInterpreter*)’:
scope.c: In function ‘void Perl_push_scope(PerlInterpreter*)’:
pp_hot.c: In function ‘OP* Perl_pp_subst(PerlInterpreter*)’:
scope.c: In function ‘void Perl_pop_scope(PerlInterpreter*)’:
scope.c: In function ‘I32* Perl_markstack_grow(PerlInterpreter*)’:
scope.c: In function ‘void Perl_savestack_grow(PerlInterpreter*)’:
scope.c: In function ‘void Perl_savestack_grow_cnt(PerlInterpreter*, I32)’:
scope.c: In function ‘void Perl_tmps_grow(PerlInterpreter*, ssize_t)’:
scope.c: In function ‘void Perl_free_tmps(PerlInterpreter*)’:
scope.c: In function ‘SV* S_save_scalar_at(PerlInterpreter*, SV**, U32)’:
scope.c: In function ‘void Perl_save_pushptrptr(PerlInterpreter*, void*, void*, int)’:
scope.c: In function ‘SV* Perl_save_scalar(PerlInterpreter*, GV*)’:
scope.c: In function ‘void Perl_save_generic_svref(PerlInterpreter*, SV**)’:
scope.c: In function ‘void Perl_save_generic_pvref(PerlInterpreter*, char**)’:
scope.c: In function ‘void Perl_save_shared_pvref(PerlInterpreter*, char**)’:
scope.c: In function ‘void Perl_save_set_svflags(PerlInterpreter*, SV*, U32, U32)’:
scope.c: In function ‘void Perl_save_gp(PerlInterpreter*, GV*, I32)’:
scope.c: In function ‘AV* Perl_save_ary(PerlInterpreter*, GV*)’:
pp.c: In function ‘OP* Perl_pp_gelem(PerlInterpreter*)’:
pp.c: In function ‘OP* Perl_pp_study(PerlInterpreter*)’:
pp_hot.c: In function ‘OP* Perl_pp_grepwhile(PerlInterpreter*)’:
pp.c: In function ‘OP* Perl_pp_trans(PerlInterpreter*)’:
scope.c: In function ‘HV* Perl_save_hash(PerlInterpreter*, GV*)’:
scope.c: In function ‘void Perl_save_item(PerlInterpreter*, SV*)’:
scope.c: In function ‘void Perl_save_bool(PerlInterpreter*, bool*)’:
scope.c: In function ‘void Perl_save_pushi32ptr(PerlInterpreter*, I32, void*, int)’:
scope.c: In function ‘void Perl_save_int(PerlInterpreter*, int*)’:
scope.c: In function ‘void Perl_save_I8(PerlInterpreter*, I8*)’:
scope.c: In function ‘void Perl_save_I32(PerlInterpreter*, I32*)’:
scope.c: In function ‘void Perl_save_strlen(PerlInterpreter*, STRLEN*)’:
scope.c: In function ‘void Perl_save_pptr(PerlInterpreter*, char**)’:
scope.c: In function ‘void Perl_save_vptr(PerlInterpreter*, void*)’:
scope.c: In function ‘void Perl_save_sptr(PerlInterpreter*, SV**)’:
scope.c: In function ‘void Perl_save_padsv_and_mortalize(PerlInterpreter*, PADOFFSET)’:
scope.c: In function ‘void Perl_save_hptr(PerlInterpreter*, HV**)’:
scope.c: In function ‘void Perl_save_aptr(PerlInterpreter*, AV**)’:
scope.c: In function ‘void Perl_save_pushptr(PerlInterpreter*, void*, int)’:
scope.c: In function ‘void Perl_save_clearsv(PerlInterpreter*, SV**)’:
pp_hot.c: In function ‘OP* Perl_pp_leavesub(PerlInterpreter*)’:
scope.c: In function ‘void Perl_save_delete(PerlInterpreter*, HV*, char*, I32)’:
scope.c: In function ‘void Perl_save_adelete(PerlInterpreter*, AV*, ssize_t)’:
scope.c: In function ‘void Perl_save_destructor(PerlInterpreter*, DESTRUCTORFUNC_NOCONTEXT_t, void*)’:
scope.c: In function ‘void Perl_save_destructor_x(PerlInterpreter*, DESTRUCTORFUNC_t, void*)’:
scope.c: In function ‘void Perl_save_hints(PerlInterpreter*)’:
scope.c: In function ‘void Perl_save_aelem_flags(PerlInterpreter*, AV*, ssize_t, SV**, U32)’:
scope.c: In function ‘void Perl_save_helem_flags(PerlInterpreter*, HV*, SV*, SV**, U32)’:
sv.c: In function ‘void* Perl_more_bodies(PerlInterpreter*, svtype, size_t, size_t)’:
sv.c: In function ‘void* S_new_body(PerlInterpreter*, svtype)’:
scope.c: In function ‘SV* Perl_save_svref(PerlInterpreter*, SV**)’:
scope.c: In function ‘I32 Perl_save_alloc(PerlInterpreter*, I32, I32)’:
pp.c: In function ‘void S_do_chomp(PerlInterpreter*, SV*, SV*, bool)’:
sv.c: In function ‘void Perl_sv_upgrade(PerlInterpreter*, SV*, svtype)’:
pp.c: In function ‘OP* Perl_pp_schop(PerlInterpreter*)’:
pp.c: In function ‘OP* Perl_pp_chop(PerlInterpreter*)’:
pp_hot.c: In function ‘OP* Perl_pp_entersub(PerlInterpreter*)’:
scope.c: In function ‘void Perl_leave_scope(PerlInterpreter*, I32)’:
scope.c: In function ‘void Perl_cx_dump(PerlInterpreter*, PERL_CONTEXT*)’:
scope.c:1289:1: warning: unused parameter ‘my_perl’ [-Wunused-parameter]
sv.c:1510:1: warning: unused parameter ‘my_perl’ [-Wunused-parameter]
pp_hot.c: In function ‘OP* Perl_pp_aelem(PerlInterpreter*)’:
sv.c: In function ‘void Perl_sv_setiv(PerlInterpreter*, SV*, IV)’:
sv.c: In function ‘void Perl_sv_setnv(PerlInterpreter*, SV*, NV)’:
pp.c: In function ‘OP* Perl_pp_undef(PerlInterpreter*)’:
pp.c: In function ‘OP* Perl_pp_postinc(PerlInterpreter*)’:
pp_hot.c: In function ‘OP* Perl_pp_method(PerlInterpreter*)’:
pp_hot.c: In function ‘OP* Perl_pp_method_named(PerlInterpreter*)’:
pp.c: In function ‘OP* Perl_pp_pow(PerlInterpreter*)’:
sv.c: In function ‘void S_not_a_number(PerlInterpreter*, SV*)’:
pp.c: In function ‘OP* Perl_pp_multiply(PerlInterpreter*)’:
sv.c: In function ‘int S_sv_2iuv_non_preserve(PerlInterpreter*, SV*)’:
pp.c: In function ‘OP* Perl_pp_divide(PerlInterpreter*)’:
pp_hot.c: In function ‘SV* S_method_common(PerlInterpreter*, SV*, U32*)’:
pp.c: In function ‘OP* Perl_pp_modulo(PerlInterpreter*)’:
pp.c: In function ‘OP* Perl_pp_repeat(PerlInterpreter*)’:
sv.c: In function ‘bool S_sv_2iuv_common(PerlInterpreter*, SV*)’:
pp.c: In function ‘OP* Perl_pp_subtract(PerlInterpreter*)’:
pp.c: In function ‘OP* Perl_pp_left_shift(PerlInterpreter*)’:
pp.c: In function ‘OP* Perl_pp_right_shift(PerlInterpreter*)’:
pp.c: In function ‘OP* Perl_pp_lt(PerlInterpreter*)’:
pp.c: In function ‘OP* Perl_pp_gt(PerlInterpreter*)’:
pp.c: In function ‘OP* Perl_pp_le(PerlInterpreter*)’:
pp.c: In function ‘OP* Perl_pp_ge(PerlInterpreter*)’:
pp.c: In function ‘OP* Perl_pp_ne(PerlInterpreter*)’:
pp.c: In function ‘I32 Perl_do_ncmp(PerlInterpreter*, SV*, SV*)’:
pp.c: In function ‘OP* Perl_pp_ncmp(PerlInterpreter*)’:
pp.c: In function ‘OP* Perl_pp_sle(PerlInterpreter*)’:
pp.c: In function ‘OP* Perl_pp_seq(PerlInterpreter*)’:
pp.c: In function ‘OP* Perl_pp_sne(PerlInterpreter*)’:
pp.c: In function ‘OP* Perl_pp_scmp(PerlInterpreter*)’:
pp.c: In function ‘OP* Perl_pp_bit_and(PerlInterpreter*)’:
sv.c: In function ‘IV Perl_sv_2iv_flags(PerlInterpreter*, SV*, I32)’:
pp.c: In function ‘OP* Perl_pp_bit_or(PerlInterpreter*)’:
sv.c: In function ‘UV Perl_sv_2uv_flags(PerlInterpreter*, SV*, I32)’:
sv.c: In function ‘NV Perl_sv_2nv_flags(PerlInterpreter*, SV*, I32)’:
pp.c: In function ‘OP* Perl_pp_negate(PerlInterpreter*)’:
pp.c: In function ‘OP* Perl_pp_not(PerlInterpreter*)’:
pp.c: In function ‘OP* Perl_pp_complement(PerlInterpreter*)’:
sv.c: In function ‘char* Perl_sv_2pv_flags(PerlInterpreter*, SV*, STRLEN*, I32)’:
sv.c: In function ‘bool Perl_sv_2bool_flags(PerlInterpreter*, SV*, I32)’:
pp.c: In function ‘OP* Perl_pp_i_multiply(PerlInterpreter*)’:
sv.c: In function ‘STRLEN Perl_sv_utf8_upgrade_flags_grow(PerlInterpreter*, SV*, I32, STRLEN)’:
pp.c: In function ‘OP* Perl_pp_i_divide(PerlInterpreter*)’:
pp.c: In function ‘OP* Perl_pp_i_modulo_0(PerlInterpreter*)’:
sv.c: In function ‘bool Perl_sv_utf8_downgrade(PerlInterpreter*, SV*, bool)’:
pp.c: In function ‘OP* Perl_pp_i_modulo_1(PerlInterpreter*)’:
pp.c: In function ‘OP* Perl_pp_i_add(PerlInterpreter*)’:
pp.c: In function ‘OP* Perl_pp_i_subtract(PerlInterpreter*)’:
pp.c: In function ‘OP* Perl_pp_i_lt(PerlInterpreter*)’:
pp.c: In function ‘OP* Perl_pp_i_gt(PerlInterpreter*)’:
pp.c: In function ‘OP* Perl_pp_i_le(PerlInterpreter*)’:
pp.c: In function ‘OP* Perl_pp_i_ge(PerlInterpreter*)’:
pp.c: In function ‘OP* Perl_pp_i_eq(PerlInterpreter*)’:
pp.c: In function ‘OP* Perl_pp_i_ne(PerlInterpreter*)’:
pp.c: In function ‘OP* Perl_pp_i_ncmp(PerlInterpreter*)’:
pp.c: In function ‘OP* Perl_pp_i_negate(PerlInterpreter*)’:
pp.c: In function ‘OP* Perl_pp_atan2(PerlInterpreter*)’:
pp.c: In function ‘OP* Perl_pp_sin(PerlInterpreter*)’:
pp.c: In function ‘OP* Perl_pp_rand(PerlInterpreter*)’:
sv.c: In function ‘void Perl_sv_setsv_flags(PerlInterpreter*, SV*, SV*, I32)’:
sv.c: In function ‘void Perl_sv_setpvn(PerlInterpreter*, SV*, const char*, STRLEN)’:
sv.c: In function ‘void Perl_sv_setpv(PerlInterpreter*, SV*, const char*)’:
pp.c: In function ‘OP* Perl_pp_srand(PerlInterpreter*)’:
sv.c: In function ‘void Perl_sv_sethek(PerlInterpreter*, SV*, const HEK*)’:
pp.c: In function ‘OP* Perl_pp_int(PerlInterpreter*)’:
sv.c: In function ‘void Perl_sv_usepvn_flags(PerlInterpreter*, SV*, char*, STRLEN, U32)’:
pp_ctl.c: In function ‘OP* Perl_pp_wantarray(PerlInterpreter*)’:
pp_ctl.c: In function ‘OP* Perl_pp_regcreset(PerlInterpreter*)’:
sv.c: In function ‘void S_sv_uncow(PerlInterpreter*, SV*, U32)’:
pp_ctl.c: In function ‘OP* Perl_pp_regcomp(PerlInterpreter*)’:
pp.c: In function ‘OP* Perl_pp_abs(PerlInterpreter*)’:
sv.c: In function ‘void Perl_sv_catpvn_flags(PerlInterpreter*, SV*, const char*, STRLEN, I32)’:
pp.c: In function ‘OP* Perl_pp_oct(PerlInterpreter*)’:
sv.c: In function ‘void Perl_sv_catsv_flags(PerlInterpreter*, SV*, SV*, I32)’:
pp.c: In function ‘OP* Perl_pp_length(PerlInterpreter*)’:
pp.c:2975:1: warning: unused parameter ‘my_perl’ [-Wunused-parameter]
sv.c: In function ‘SV* Perl_newSV(PerlInterpreter*, STRLEN)’:
sv.c: In function ‘MAGIC* Perl_sv_magicext(PerlInterpreter*, SV*, SV*, int, const MGVTBL*, const char*, I32)’:
sv.c: In function ‘void Perl_sv_magic(PerlInterpreter*, SV*, SV*, int, const char*, I32)’:
pp_ctl.c: In function ‘OP* Perl_pp_substcont(PerlInterpreter*)’:
sv.c: In function ‘void Perl_sv_add_backref(PerlInterpreter*, SV*, SV*)’:
sv.c: In function ‘void Perl_sv_del_backref(PerlInterpreter*, SV*, SV*)’:
pp_ctl.c:352:1: warning: unused parameter ‘my_perl’ [-Wunused-parameter]
sv.c: In function ‘void Perl_sv_insert_flags(PerlInterpreter*, SV*, STRLEN, STRLEN, const char*, STRLEN, U32)’:
sv.c: In function ‘void Perl_sv_replace(PerlInterpreter*, SV*, SV*)’:
pp.c: In function ‘OP* Perl_pp_substr(PerlInterpreter*)’:
pp.c: In function ‘OP* Perl_pp_vec(PerlInterpreter*)’:
pp.c: In function ‘OP* Perl_pp_index(PerlInterpreter*)’:
pp_ctl.c: In function ‘OP* Perl_pp_formline(PerlInterpreter*)’:
pp.c: In function ‘OP* Perl_pp_sprintf(PerlInterpreter*)’:
pp.c: In function ‘OP* Perl_pp_ord(PerlInterpreter*)’:
pp_ctl.c: In function ‘OP* Perl_pp_grepstart(PerlInterpreter*)’:
sv.c: In function ‘bool S_curse(PerlInterpreter*, SV*, bool)’:
sv.c:6760:1: warning: unused parameter ‘my_perl’ [-Wunused-parameter]
pp.c: In function ‘OP* Perl_pp_chr(PerlInterpreter*)’:
pp.c: In function ‘OP* Perl_pp_crypt(PerlInterpreter*)’:
sv.c: In function ‘STRLEN Perl_sv_len_utf8_nomg(PerlInterpreter*, SV*)’:
pp_ctl.c: In function ‘OP* Perl_pp_mapwhile(PerlInterpreter*)’:
pp_ctl.c: In function ‘OP* Perl_pp_range(PerlInterpreter*)’:
sv.c: In function ‘I32 Perl_sv_eq_flags(PerlInterpreter*, SV*, SV*, U32)’:
sv.c: In function ‘I32 Perl_sv_cmp_flags(PerlInterpreter*, SV*, SV*, U32)’:
sv.c: In function ‘I32 Perl_sv_cmp_locale_flags(PerlInterpreter*, SV*, SV*, U32)’:
pp.c: In function ‘OP* Perl_pp_ucfirst(PerlInterpreter*)’:
pp_ctl.c: In function ‘OP* Perl_pp_flip(PerlInterpreter*)’:
sv.c: In function ‘char* Perl_sv_collxfrm_flags(PerlInterpreter*, SV*, STRLEN*, I32)’:
pp.c: In function ‘OP* Perl_pp_uc(PerlInterpreter*)’:
sv.c: In function ‘char* Perl_sv_gets(PerlInterpreter*, SV*, PerlIOl**, I32)’:
sv.c: In function ‘void Perl_sv_inc_nomg(PerlInterpreter*, SV*)’:
pp_ctl.c: In function ‘OP* Perl_pp_flop(PerlInterpreter*)’:
sv.c: In function ‘void Perl_sv_dec(PerlInterpreter*, SV*)’:
pp_ctl.c: In function ‘I32 S_dopoptolabel(PerlInterpreter*, const char*, STRLEN, U32)’:
pp_ctl.c: In function ‘I32 Perl_dowantarray(PerlInterpreter*)’:
pp_ctl.c: In function ‘I32 Perl_block_gimme(PerlInterpreter*)’:
sv.c: In function ‘void Perl_sv_dec_nomg(PerlInterpreter*, SV*)’:
sv.c: In function ‘SV* Perl_sv_mortalcopy_flags(PerlInterpreter*, SV*, U32)’:
sv.c: In function ‘SV* Perl_sv_newmortal(PerlInterpreter*)’:
sv.c: In function ‘SV* Perl_newSVpvn_flags(PerlInterpreter*, const char*, STRLEN, U32)’:
pp.c: In function ‘OP* Perl_pp_lc(PerlInterpreter*)’:
sv.c: In function ‘SV* Perl_newSVpv(PerlInterpreter*, const char*, STRLEN)’:
pp.c: In function ‘OP* Perl_pp_quotemeta(PerlInterpreter*)’:
sv.c: In function ‘SV* Perl_newSVpvn(PerlInterpreter*, const char*, STRLEN)’:
pp_ctl.c: In function ‘I32 Perl_is_lvalue_sub(PerlInterpreter*)’:
pp.c: In function ‘OP* Perl_pp_fc(PerlInterpreter*)’:
pp_ctl.c: In function ‘I32 Perl_was_lvalue_sub(PerlInterpreter*)’:
pp_ctl.c: In function ‘I32 S_dopoptosub_at(PerlInterpreter*, const PERL_CONTEXT*, I32)’:
pp_ctl.c:1392:1: warning: unused parameter ‘my_perl’ [-Wunused-parameter]
pp_ctl.c: In function ‘I32 S_dopoptoeval(PerlInterpreter*, I32)’:
pp_ctl.c: In function ‘I32 S_dopoptoloop(PerlInterpreter*, I32)’:
pp.c: In function ‘OP* Perl_pp_aslice(PerlInterpreter*)’:
pp.c: In function ‘OP* Perl_pp_kvaslice(PerlInterpreter*)’:
pp.c: In function ‘OP* Perl_pp_rkeys(PerlInterpreter*)’:
pp_ctl.c: In function ‘I32 S_dopoptogiven(PerlInterpreter*, I32)’:
pp_ctl.c: In function ‘I32 S_dopoptowhen(PerlInterpreter*, I32)’:
pp.c: In function ‘OP* Perl_pp_aeach(PerlInterpreter*)’:
pp.c: In function ‘OP* Perl_pp_akeys(PerlInterpreter*)’:
pp_ctl.c: In function ‘void Perl_dounwind(PerlInterpreter*, I32)’:
pp.c: In function ‘OP* Perl_pp_each(PerlInterpreter*)’:
pp_ctl.c: In function ‘void Perl_qerror(PerlInterpreter*, SV*)’:
pp.c: In function ‘OP* S_do_delete_local(PerlInterpreter*)’:
pp.c: In function ‘OP* Perl_pp_delete(PerlInterpreter*)’:
pp.c: In function ‘OP* Perl_pp_exists(PerlInterpreter*)’:
pp.c: In function ‘OP* Perl_pp_hslice(PerlInterpreter*)’:
pp_ctl.c: In function ‘void Perl_die_unwind(PerlInterpreter*, SV*)’:
pp.c: In function ‘OP* Perl_pp_kvhslice(PerlInterpreter*)’:
pp_ctl.c: In function ‘OP* Perl_pp_xor(PerlInterpreter*)’:
pp.c: In function ‘OP* Perl_pp_lslice(PerlInterpreter*)’:
sv.c: In function ‘SV* Perl_newSVhek(PerlInterpreter*, const HEK*)’:
pp.c: In function ‘OP* Perl_pp_anonlist(PerlInterpreter*)’:
pp.c: In function ‘OP* Perl_pp_anonhash(PerlInterpreter*)’:
pp_ctl.c: In function ‘OP* Perl_pp_caller(PerlInterpreter*)’:
pp_ctl.c: In function ‘OP* Perl_pp_reset(PerlInterpreter*)’:
pp.c: In function ‘OP* Perl_pp_splice(PerlInterpreter*)’:
pp.c: In function ‘OP* Perl_pp_push(PerlInterpreter*)’:
pp_ctl.c: In function ‘OP* Perl_pp_dbstate(PerlInterpreter*)’:
sv.c: In function ‘SV* Perl_vnewSVpvf(PerlInterpreter*, const char*, __va_list_tag (*)[1])’:
pp_ctl.c: In function ‘OP* Perl_pp_enter(PerlInterpreter*)’:
pp_ctl.c: In function ‘OP* Perl_pp_leave(PerlInterpreter*)’:
sv.c: In function ‘SV* Perl_newSVnv(PerlInterpreter*, NV)’:
pp.c: In function ‘OP* Perl_pp_shift(PerlInterpreter*)’:
sv.c: In function ‘SV* Perl_newSViv(PerlInterpreter*, IV)’:
pp.c: In function ‘OP* Perl_pp_unshift(PerlInterpreter*)’:
sv.c: In function ‘SV* Perl_newSVuv(PerlInterpreter*, UV)’:
pp.c: In function ‘OP* Perl_pp_reverse(PerlInterpreter*)’:
pp_ctl.c: In function ‘OP* Perl_pp_enteriter(PerlInterpreter*)’:
sv.c: In function ‘SV* Perl_newRV_noinc(PerlInterpreter*, SV*)’:
sv.c: In function ‘SV* Perl_newRV(PerlInterpreter*, SV*)’:
pp_ctl.c: In function ‘OP* Perl_pp_enterloop(PerlInterpreter*)’:
pp_ctl.c: In function ‘OP* Perl_pp_leaveloop(PerlInterpreter*)’:
pp.c: In function ‘OP* Perl_pp_split(PerlInterpreter*)’:
sv.c: In function ‘SV* Perl_newSVsv(PerlInterpreter*, SV*)’:
pp_ctl.c: In function ‘OP* Perl_pp_return(PerlInterpreter*)’:
sv.c: In function ‘void Perl_sv_resetpvn(PerlInterpreter*, const char*, STRLEN, HV*)’:
pp_ctl.c: In function ‘OP* Perl_pp_leavesublv(PerlInterpreter*)’:
pp_ctl.c: In function ‘I32 S_unwind_loop(PerlInterpreter*, const char*)’:
pp.c: In function ‘OP* Perl_pp_lock(PerlInterpreter*)’:
pp.c: In function ‘OP* Perl_unimplemented_op(PerlInterpreter*)’:
pp_ctl.c: In function ‘OP* Perl_pp_last(PerlInterpreter*)’:
pp_ctl.c: In function ‘OP* Perl_pp_next(PerlInterpreter*)’:
pp_ctl.c: In function ‘OP* Perl_pp_redo(PerlInterpreter*)’:
sv.c: In function ‘CV* Perl_sv_2cv(PerlInterpreter*, SV*, HV**, GV**, I32)’:
pp_ctl.c: In function ‘OP* S_dofindlabel(PerlInterpreter*, OP*, const char*, STRLEN, U32, OP**, OP**)’:
sv.c: In function ‘char* Perl_sv_pvn_force_flags(PerlInterpreter*, SV*, STRLEN*, I32)’:
pp_ctl.c: In function ‘OP* Perl_pp_exit(PerlInterpreter*)’:
pp_ctl.c: In function ‘OP* S_docatch(PerlInterpreter*, OP*)’:
sv.c: In function ‘SV* Perl_newSVrv(PerlInterpreter*, SV*, const char*)’:
pp_ctl.c: In function ‘CV* Perl_find_runcv_where(PerlInterpreter*, U8, IV, U32*)’:
sv.c: In function ‘SV* Perl_sv_setref_pv(PerlInterpreter*, SV*, const char*, void*)’:
sv.c: In function ‘SV* Perl_sv_bless(PerlInterpreter*, SV*, HV*)’:
pp_ctl.c: In function ‘bool S_doeval(PerlInterpreter*, int, CV*, U32, HV*)’:
sv.c: In function ‘void S_sv_unglob(PerlInterpreter*, SV*, U32)’:
sv.c: In function ‘I32 S_expect_number(PerlInterpreter*, char**)’:
pp_ctl.c: In function ‘OP* Perl_pp_require(PerlInterpreter*)’:
pp_ctl.c: In function ‘OP* Perl_pp_hintseval(PerlInterpreter*)’:
pp_ctl.c: In function ‘OP* Perl_pp_entereval(PerlInterpreter*)’:
pp_ctl.c: In function ‘OP* Perl_pp_leaveeval(PerlInterpreter*)’:
sv.c: In function ‘void Perl_sv_vcatpvfn_flags(PerlInterpreter*, SV*, const char*, STRLEN, __va_list_tag (*)[1], SV**, I32, bool*, U32)’:
pp_ctl.c: In function ‘OP* Perl_pp_entertry(PerlInterpreter*)’:
sv.c:12220:1: warning: unused parameter ‘my_perl’ [-Wunused-parameter]
pp_ctl.c: In function ‘OP* Perl_pp_leavetry(PerlInterpreter*)’:
pp_ctl.c: In function ‘OP* Perl_pp_entergiven(PerlInterpreter*)’:
pp_ctl.c: In function ‘OP* Perl_pp_leavegiven(PerlInterpreter*)’:
pp_ctl.c: In function ‘PMOP* S_make_matcher(PerlInterpreter*, REGEXP*)’:
pp_ctl.c: In function ‘bool S_matcher_matches_sv(PerlInterpreter*, PMOP*, SV*)’:
pp_ctl.c: In function ‘void S_destroy_matcher(PerlInterpreter*, PMOP*)’:
sv.c:12257:1: warning: unused parameter ‘my_perl’ [-Wunused-parameter]
sv.c:12309:1: warning: unused parameter ‘my_perl’ [-Wunused-parameter]
sv.c:12347:1: warning: unused parameter ‘my_perl’ [-Wunused-parameter]
doop.c: In function ‘I32 S_do_trans_simple(PerlInterpreter*, SV*)’:
doop.c: In function ‘I32 S_do_trans_count(PerlInterpreter*, SV*)’:
doop.c: In function ‘I32 S_do_trans_complex(PerlInterpreter*, SV*)’:
doop.c: In function ‘I32 S_do_trans_simple_utf8(PerlInterpreter*, SV*)’:
doop.c: In function ‘I32 S_do_trans_count_utf8(PerlInterpreter*, SV*)’:
doop.c: In function ‘I32 S_do_trans_complex_utf8(PerlInterpreter*, SV*)’:
doop.c: In function ‘I32 Perl_do_trans(PerlInterpreter*, SV*)’:
sv.c:12372:1: warning: unused parameter ‘my_perl’ [-Wunused-parameter]
doop.c: In function ‘void Perl_do_join(PerlInterpreter*, SV*, SV*, SV**, SV**)’:
doop.c: In function ‘void Perl_do_sprintf(PerlInterpreter*, SV*, I32, SV**)’:
doop.c: In function ‘UV Perl_do_vecget(PerlInterpreter*, SV*, ssize_t, int)’:
doop.c: In function ‘void Perl_do_vecset(PerlInterpreter*, SV*)’:
doop.c: In function ‘void Perl_do_vop(PerlInterpreter*, I32, SV*, SV*, SV*)’:
pp_ctl.c: In function ‘OP* S_do_smartmatch(PerlInterpreter*, HV*, HV*, bool)’:
doop.c: In function ‘OP* Perl_do_kv(PerlInterpreter*)’:
sv.c: In function ‘char* Perl_sv_recode_to_utf8(PerlInterpreter*, SV*, SV*)’:
time64.c: In function ‘tm* S_gmtime_r(const time_t*, tm*)’:
perl.h:154:22: warning: unused variable ‘my_perl’ [-Wunused-variable]
sv.c: In function ‘bool Perl_sv_cat_decode(PerlInterpreter*, SV*, SV*, SV*, int*, char*, int)’:
pp_ctl.c: In function ‘OP* Perl_pp_enterwhen(PerlInterpreter*)’:
pp_sys.c: In function ‘OP* Perl_pp_backtick(PerlInterpreter*)’:
pp_ctl.c: In function ‘OP* Perl_pp_leavewhen(PerlInterpreter*)’:
pp_ctl.c: In function ‘OP* Perl_pp_continue(PerlInterpreter*)’:
sv.c: In function ‘I32 S_find_array_subscript(PerlInterpreter*, const AV*, const SV*)’:
pp_sys.c: In function ‘OP* Perl_pp_glob(PerlInterpreter*)’:
pp_sys.c: In function ‘OP* Perl_pp_rcatline(PerlInterpreter*)’:
pp_ctl.c: In function ‘OP* Perl_pp_break(PerlInterpreter*)’:
pp_sys.c: In function ‘OP* Perl_pp_warn(PerlInterpreter*)’:
pp_sys.c: In function ‘OP* Perl_pp_die(PerlInterpreter*)’:
pp_sys.c: In function ‘OP* Perl_pp_open(PerlInterpreter*)’:
pp_sys.c: In function ‘OP* Perl_pp_close(PerlInterpreter*)’:
pp_ctl.c: In function ‘I32 S_run_user_filter(PerlInterpreter*, int, SV*, int)’:
pp_sys.c: In function ‘OP* Perl_pp_pipe_op(PerlInterpreter*)’:
pp_sys.c: In function ‘OP* Perl_pp_fileno(PerlInterpreter*)’:
pp_sys.c: In function ‘OP* Perl_pp_umask(PerlInterpreter*)’:
pp_sys.c: In function ‘OP* Perl_pp_binmode(PerlInterpreter*)’:
pp_sys.c: In function ‘OP* Perl_pp_tie(PerlInterpreter*)’:
pp_sys.c: In function ‘OP* Perl_pp_untie(PerlInterpreter*)’:
pp_sys.c: In function ‘OP* Perl_pp_tied(PerlInterpreter*)’:
pp_sys.c: In function ‘OP* Perl_pp_dbmopen(PerlInterpreter*)’:
pp_sys.c: In function ‘OP* Perl_pp_sselect(PerlInterpreter*)’:
pp_sys.c: In function ‘void Perl_setdefout(PerlInterpreter*, GV*)’:
pp_sys.c: In function ‘OP* Perl_pp_select(PerlInterpreter*)’:
pp_sys.c: In function ‘OP* Perl_pp_getc(PerlInterpreter*)’:
pp_sys.c: In function ‘OP* S_doform(PerlInterpreter*, CV*, GV*, OP*)’:
pp_sys.c: In function ‘OP* Perl_pp_enterwrite(PerlInterpreter*)’:
pp_sys.c: In function ‘OP* Perl_pp_leavewrite(PerlInterpreter*)’:
pp_sys.c: In function ‘OP* Perl_pp_prtf(PerlInterpreter*)’:
pp_sys.c: In function ‘OP* Perl_pp_sysopen(PerlInterpreter*)’:
pp_sys.c: In function ‘OP* Perl_pp_sysread(PerlInterpreter*)’:
pp_sys.c: In function ‘OP* Perl_pp_syswrite(PerlInterpreter*)’:
pp_sys.c: In function ‘OP* Perl_pp_eof(PerlInterpreter*)’:
pp_sys.c: In function ‘OP* Perl_pp_tell(PerlInterpreter*)’:
sv.c: In function ‘void Perl_report_uninit(PerlInterpreter*, const SV*)’:
pp_sys.c: In function ‘OP* Perl_pp_sysseek(PerlInterpreter*)’:
pp_sys.c: In function ‘OP* Perl_pp_truncate(PerlInterpreter*)’:
pp_sys.c: In function ‘OP* Perl_pp_ioctl(PerlInterpreter*)’:
pp_sys.c: In function ‘OP* Perl_pp_flock(PerlInterpreter*)’:
pp_sys.c: In function ‘OP* Perl_pp_socket(PerlInterpreter*)’:
pp_sys.c: In function ‘OP* Perl_pp_sockpair(PerlInterpreter*)’:
pp_sys.c: In function ‘OP* Perl_pp_bind(PerlInterpreter*)’:
pp_sys.c: In function ‘OP* Perl_pp_listen(PerlInterpreter*)’:
pp_sys.c: In function ‘OP* Perl_pp_accept(PerlInterpreter*)’:
pp_sys.c: In function ‘OP* Perl_pp_shutdown(PerlInterpreter*)’:
pp_sys.c: In function ‘OP* Perl_pp_ssockopt(PerlInterpreter*)’:
pp_sys.c: In function ‘OP* Perl_pp_getpeername(PerlInterpreter*)’:
pp_sys.c: In function ‘OP* Perl_pp_stat(PerlInterpreter*)’:
pp_sys.c: In function ‘OP* S_try_amagic_ftest(PerlInterpreter*, char)’:
pp_sys.c: In function ‘OP* Perl_pp_ftrread(PerlInterpreter*)’:
pp_sys.c: In function ‘OP* Perl_pp_ftis(PerlInterpreter*)’:
pp_sys.c: In function ‘OP* Perl_pp_ftrowned(PerlInterpreter*)’:
pp_sys.c: In function ‘OP* Perl_pp_ftlink(PerlInterpreter*)’:
pp_sys.c: In function ‘OP* Perl_pp_fttty(PerlInterpreter*)’:
pp_sys.c: In function ‘OP* Perl_pp_fttext(PerlInterpreter*)’:
pp_sys.c: In function ‘OP* Perl_pp_chdir(PerlInterpreter*)’:
pp_sys.c: In function ‘OP* Perl_pp_chown(PerlInterpreter*)’:
pp_sys.c: In function ‘OP* Perl_pp_chroot(PerlInterpreter*)’:
pp_sys.c: In function ‘OP* Perl_pp_rename(PerlInterpreter*)’:
pp_sys.c: In function ‘OP* Perl_pp_link(PerlInterpreter*)’:
pp_sys.c: In function ‘OP* Perl_pp_readlink(PerlInterpreter*)’:
pp_sys.c: In function ‘OP* Perl_pp_mkdir(PerlInterpreter*)’:
pp_sys.c: In function ‘OP* Perl_pp_rmdir(PerlInterpreter*)’:
pp_sys.c: In function ‘OP* Perl_pp_open_dir(PerlInterpreter*)’:
pp_sys.c: In function ‘OP* Perl_pp_readdir(PerlInterpreter*)’:
pp_sys.c: In function ‘OP* Perl_pp_telldir(PerlInterpreter*)’:
pp_sys.c: In function ‘OP* Perl_pp_seekdir(PerlInterpreter*)’:
pp_sys.c: In function ‘OP* Perl_pp_rewinddir(PerlInterpreter*)’:
pp_sys.c: In function ‘OP* Perl_pp_closedir(PerlInterpreter*)’:
pp_sys.c: In function ‘OP* Perl_pp_fork(PerlInterpreter*)’:
pp_sys.c: In function ‘OP* Perl_pp_wait(PerlInterpreter*)’:
pp_sys.c: In function ‘OP* Perl_pp_waitpid(PerlInterpreter*)’:
pp_sys.c: In function ‘OP* Perl_pp_system(PerlInterpreter*)’:
pp_sys.c: In function ‘OP* Perl_pp_exec(PerlInterpreter*)’:
pp_sys.c: In function ‘OP* Perl_pp_getppid(PerlInterpreter*)’:
pp_sys.c: In function ‘OP* Perl_pp_getpgrp(PerlInterpreter*)’:
pp_sys.c: In function ‘OP* Perl_pp_setpgrp(PerlInterpreter*)’:
pp_sys.c: In function ‘OP* Perl_pp_getpriority(PerlInterpreter*)’:
pp_sys.c: In function ‘OP* Perl_pp_setpriority(PerlInterpreter*)’:
pp_sys.c: In function ‘OP* Perl_pp_time(PerlInterpreter*)’:
pp_sys.c: In function ‘OP* Perl_pp_tms(PerlInterpreter*)’:
pp_sys.c: In function ‘OP* Perl_pp_gmtime(PerlInterpreter*)’:
pp_sys.c: In function ‘OP* Perl_pp_alarm(PerlInterpreter*)’:
pp_sys.c: In function ‘OP* Perl_pp_sleep(PerlInterpreter*)’:
pp_sys.c: In function ‘OP* Perl_pp_shmwrite(PerlInterpreter*)’:
pp_sys.c: In function ‘OP* Perl_pp_semget(PerlInterpreter*)’:
pp_sys.c: In function ‘OP* Perl_pp_semctl(PerlInterpreter*)’:
pp_sys.c: In function ‘OP* Perl_pp_ghostent(PerlInterpreter*)’:
pp_sys.c: In function ‘OP* Perl_pp_gnetent(PerlInterpreter*)’:
pp_sys.c: In function ‘OP* Perl_pp_gprotoent(PerlInterpreter*)’:
pp_sys.c: In function ‘OP* Perl_pp_gservent(PerlInterpreter*)’:
pp_sys.c: In function ‘OP* Perl_pp_shostent(PerlInterpreter*)’:
pp_sys.c: In function ‘OP* Perl_pp_ehostent(PerlInterpreter*)’:
pp_sys.c: In function ‘OP* Perl_pp_gpwent(PerlInterpreter*)’:
pp_sys.c: In function ‘OP* Perl_pp_ggrent(PerlInterpreter*)’:
pp_sys.c: In function ‘OP* Perl_pp_getlogin(PerlInterpreter*)’:
pp_sys.c: In function ‘OP* Perl_pp_syscall(PerlInterpreter*)’:
mathoms.c: In function ‘int Perl_fprintf_nocontext(PerlIOl**, const char*, ...)’:
mathoms.c:728:1: warning: unused parameter ‘my_perl’ [-Wunused-parameter]
mathoms.c:749:1: warning: unused parameter ‘my_perl’ [-Wunused-parameter]
mathoms.c:769:1: warning: unused parameter ‘my_perl’ [-Wunused-parameter]
mathoms.c: In function ‘void Perl_save_long(PerlInterpreter*, long int*)’:
mathoms.c: In function ‘void Perl_save_iv(PerlInterpreter*, IV*)’:
mathoms.c: In function ‘void Perl_save_nogv(PerlInterpreter*, GV*)’:
mathoms.c: In function ‘void Perl_save_list(PerlInterpreter*, SV**, I32)’:
mathoms.c: In function ‘void Perl_save_freesv(PerlInterpreter*, SV*)’:
mathoms.c: In function ‘void Perl_save_mortalizesv(PerlInterpreter*, SV*)’:
mathoms.c: In function ‘void Perl_save_freeop(PerlInterpreter*, OP*)’:
mathoms.c: In function ‘void Perl_save_freepv(PerlInterpreter*, char*)’:
mathoms.c: In function ‘void Perl_save_op(PerlInterpreter*)’:
mathoms.c:1280:1: warning: unused parameter ‘my_perl’ [-Wunused-parameter]
mathoms.c:1287:1: warning: unused parameter ‘my_perl’ [-Wunused-parameter]
mathoms.c:1294:1: warning: unused parameter ‘my_perl’ [-Wunused-parameter]
mathoms.c:1322:1: warning: unused parameter ‘my_perl’ [-Wunused-parameter]
mathoms.c:1350:1: warning: unused parameter ‘my_perl’ [-Wunused-parameter]
locale.c: In function ‘void Perl_set_numeric_radix(PerlInterpreter*)’:
locale.c: In function ‘void Perl_new_numeric(PerlInterpreter*, const char*)’:
locale.c: In function ‘void Perl_set_numeric_standard(PerlInterpreter*)’:
locale.c: In function ‘void Perl_set_numeric_local(PerlInterpreter*)’:
mathoms.c:1387:1: warning: unused parameter ‘my_perl’ [-Wunused-parameter]
mathoms.c: In function ‘bool Perl_is_utf8_idfirst(PerlInterpreter*, const U8*)’:
mathoms.c: In function ‘bool Perl_is_utf8_xidfirst(PerlInterpreter*, const U8*)’:
mathoms.c: In function ‘bool Perl_is_utf8_idcont(PerlInterpreter*, const U8*)’:
mathoms.c: In function ‘bool Perl_is_utf8_xidcont(PerlInterpreter*, const U8*)’:
locale.c: In function ‘void Perl_new_collate(PerlInterpreter*, const char*)’:
mathoms.c: In function ‘bool Perl_is_utf8_alnum(PerlInterpreter*, const U8*)’:
mathoms.c: In function ‘bool Perl_is_utf8_alnumc(PerlInterpreter*, const U8*)’:
mathoms.c: In function ‘bool Perl_is_utf8_alpha(PerlInterpreter*, const U8*)’:
mathoms.c: In function ‘bool Perl_is_utf8_ascii(PerlInterpreter*, const U8*)’:
mathoms.c:1567:1: warning: unused parameter ‘my_perl’ [-Wunused-parameter]
mathoms.c: In function ‘bool Perl_is_utf8_blank(PerlInterpreter*, const U8*)’:
mathoms.c:1578:1: warning: unused parameter ‘my_perl’ [-Wunused-parameter]
mathoms.c: In function ‘bool Perl_is_utf8_space(PerlInterpreter*, const U8*)’:
mathoms.c:1589:1: warning: unused parameter ‘my_perl’ [-Wunused-parameter]
mathoms.c: In function ‘bool Perl_is_utf8_perl_space(PerlInterpreter*, const U8*)’:
mathoms.c:1600:1: warning: unused parameter ‘my_perl’ [-Wunused-parameter]
mathoms.c: In function ‘bool Perl_is_utf8_perl_word(PerlInterpreter*, const U8*)’:
mathoms.c:1613:1: warning: unused parameter ‘my_perl’ [-Wunused-parameter]
mathoms.c: In function ‘bool Perl_is_utf8_digit(PerlInterpreter*, const U8*)’:
mathoms.c: In function ‘bool Perl_is_utf8_posix_digit(PerlInterpreter*, const U8*)’:
mathoms.c:1636:1: warning: unused parameter ‘my_perl’ [-Wunused-parameter]
mathoms.c: In function ‘bool Perl_is_utf8_upper(PerlInterpreter*, const U8*)’:
locale.c: In function ‘int Perl_init_i18nl10n(PerlInterpreter*, int)’:
locale.c: In function ‘char* Perl_mem_collxfrm(PerlInterpreter*, const char*, STRLEN, STRLEN*)’:
mathoms.c: In function ‘bool Perl_is_utf8_lower(PerlInterpreter*, const U8*)’:
mathoms.c: In function ‘bool Perl_is_utf8_cntrl(PerlInterpreter*, const U8*)’:
mathoms.c:1669:1: warning: unused parameter ‘my_perl’ [-Wunused-parameter]
mathoms.c: In function ‘bool Perl_is_utf8_graph(PerlInterpreter*, const U8*)’:
mathoms.c: In function ‘bool Perl_is_utf8_print(PerlInterpreter*, const U8*)’:
mathoms.c: In function ‘bool Perl_is_utf8_punct(PerlInterpreter*, const U8*)’:
mathoms.c: In function ‘bool Perl_is_utf8_xdigit(PerlInterpreter*, const U8*)’:
mathoms.c:1710:1: warning: unused parameter ‘my_perl’ [-Wunused-parameter]
mathoms.c: In function ‘bool Perl_is_utf8_mark(PerlInterpreter*, const U8*)’:
pp_sort.c: In function ‘I32 cmp_desc(PerlInterpreter*, gptr, gptr)’:
pp_sort.c: In function ‘void S_mergesortsv(PerlInterpreter*, SV**, size_t, SVCOMPARE_t, U32)’:
pp_sort.c: In function ‘I32 cmpindir(PerlInterpreter*, gptr, gptr)’:
pp_sort.c: In function ‘I32 cmpindir_desc(PerlInterpreter*, gptr, gptr)’:
pp_sort.c: In function ‘void S_qsortsv(PerlInterpreter*, SV**, size_t, SVCOMPARE_t, U32)’:
perl.c:409:1: warning: unused parameter ‘my_perl’ [-Wunused-parameter]
perlapi.c:41:28: warning: unused parameter ‘my_perl’ [-Wunused-parameter]
perl.c: In function ‘void Perl_call_atexit(PerlInterpreter*, ATEXIT_t, void*)’:
perlapi.c:43:39: warning: unused parameter ‘my_perl’ [-Wunused-parameter]
perl.c: In function ‘int perl_run(PerlInterpreter*)’:
perl.c: In function ‘void S_run_body(PerlInterpreter*, I32)’:
perl.c: In function ‘I32 Perl_call_argv(PerlInterpreter*, const char*, I32, char**)’:
perl.c: In function ‘SV* Perl_eval_pv(PerlInterpreter*, const char*, I32)’:
perl.c: In function ‘void Perl_require_pv(PerlInterpreter*, const char*)’:
perl.c:3532:1: warning: unused parameter ‘my_perl’ [-Wunused-parameter]
perl.c: In function ‘void S_init_interp(PerlInterpreter*)’:
perl.c: In function ‘void S_init_main_stash(PerlInterpreter*)’:
pp_sort.c: In function ‘OP* Perl_pp_sort(PerlInterpreter*)’:
perl.c: In function ‘PerlIOl** S_open_script(PerlInterpreter*, const char*, bool, bool*)’:
perl.c: In function ‘void S_find_beginning(PerlInterpreter*, SV*, PerlIOl**)’:
perl.c: In function ‘void S_init_ids(PerlInterpreter*)’:
perl.c: In function ‘void S_forbid_setid(PerlInterpreter*, char, bool)’:
perl.c: In function ‘void Perl_init_debugger(PerlInterpreter*)’:
numeric.c:33:1: warning: unused parameter ‘my_perl’ [-Wunused-parameter]
perl.c: In function ‘void Perl_init_stacks(PerlInterpreter*)’:
pp_sort.c: In function ‘I32 S_sortcv(PerlInterpreter*, SV*, SV*)’:
numeric.c:52:1: warning: unused parameter ‘my_perl’ [-Wunused-parameter]
numeric.c:71:1: warning: unused parameter ‘my_perl’ [-Wunused-parameter]
numeric.c:91:1: warning: unused parameter ‘my_perl’ [-Wunused-parameter]
perl.c: In function ‘void S_nuke_stacks(PerlInterpreter*)’:
pp_sort.c: In function ‘I32 S_sortcv_stacked(PerlInterpreter*, SV*, SV*)’:
pp_pack.c: In function ‘bool next_uni_uu(PerlInterpreter*, const char**, const char*, I32*)’:
numeric.c: In function ‘UV Perl_grok_hex(PerlInterpreter*, const char*, STRLEN*, I32*, NV*)’:
pp_sort.c: In function ‘I32 S_sortcv_xsub(PerlInterpreter*, SV*, SV*)’:
perl.c: In function ‘void S_init_predump_symbols(PerlInterpreter*)’:
numeric.c: In function ‘bool Perl_grok_numeric_radix(PerlInterpreter*, const char**, const char*)’:
perl.c: In function ‘void Perl_init_argv_symbols(PerlInterpreter*, int, char**)’:
perl.c: In function ‘void S_init_postdump_symbols(PerlInterpreter*, int, char**, char**)’:
perl.c: In function ‘void S_init_perllib(PerlInterpreter*)’:
numeric.c: In function ‘NV Perl_my_atof(PerlInterpreter*, const char*)’:
perl.c: In function ‘void S_incpush(PerlInterpreter*, const char*, STRLEN, U32)’:
pp_sort.c: In function ‘I32 S_amagic_ncmp(PerlInterpreter*, SV*, SV*)’:
perl.c: In function ‘void Perl_call_list(PerlInterpreter*, I32, AV*)’:
perl.c: In function ‘void Perl_my_exit(PerlInterpreter*, U32)’:
perl.c: In function ‘void Perl_my_failure_exit(PerlInterpreter*)’:
pp_sort.c: In function ‘I32 S_amagic_i_ncmp(PerlInterpreter*, SV*, SV*)’:
perl.c: In function ‘void S_my_exit_jump(PerlInterpreter*)’:
perl.c: In function ‘I32 read_e_script(PerlInterpreter*, int, SV*, int)’:
pp_sort.c: In function ‘I32 S_amagic_cmp(PerlInterpreter*, SV*, SV*)’:
pp_sort.c: In function ‘I32 S_amagic_cmp_locale(PerlInterpreter*, SV*, SV*)’:
pp_pack.c: In function ‘I32 S_unpack_rec(PerlInterpreter*, tempsym*, const char*, const char*, const char*, const char**)’:
pp_pack.c: In function ‘OP* Perl_pp_unpack(PerlInterpreter*)’:
pp_pack.c: In function ‘void Perl_packlist(PerlInterpreter*, SV*, const char*, const char*, SV**, SV**)’:
perlio.c:427:1: warning: unused parameter ‘my_perl’ [-Wunused-parameter]
perlio.c: In function ‘PerlIOl** PerlIO_allocate(PerlInterpreter*)’:
perlio.c:538:1: warning: unused parameter ‘my_perl’ [-Wunused-parameter]
perlio.c: In function ‘void PerlIO_list_push(PerlInterpreter*, PerlIO_list_t*, PerlIO_funcs*, SV*)’:
perlio.c:564:1: warning: unused parameter ‘my_perl’ [-Wunused-parameter]
perlio.c:606:1: warning: unused parameter ‘my_perl’ [-Wunused-parameter]
perlio.c: In function ‘void PerlIO_destruct(PerlInterpreter*)’:
perlio.c: In function ‘AV* PerlIO_get_layers(PerlInterpreter*, PerlIOl**)’:
perlio.c: In function ‘PerlIO_funcs* PerlIO_find_layer(PerlInterpreter*, const char*, STRLEN, int)’:
perlio.c: In function ‘void XS_PerlIO__Layer__NoWarnings(PerlInterpreter*, CV*)’:
perlio.c: In function ‘void XS_PerlIO__Layer__find(PerlInterpreter*, CV*)’:
perlio.c: In function ‘void PerlIO_define_layer(PerlInterpreter*, PerlIO_funcs*)’:
perlio.c: In function ‘int PerlIO_parse_layers(PerlInterpreter*, PerlIO_list_t*, const char*)’:
perlio.c: In function ‘void PerlIO_default_buffer(PerlInterpreter*, PerlIO_list_t*)’:
perlio.c: In function ‘PerlIO_list_t* PerlIO_default_layers(PerlInterpreter*)’:
perlio.c: In function ‘PerlIO_funcs* PerlIO_default_layer(PerlInterpreter*, I32)’:
perlio.c: In function ‘void PerlIO_stdstreams(PerlInterpreter*)’:
perlio.c: In function ‘int Perl_PerlIO_fileno(PerlInterpreter*, PerlIOl**)’:
perlio.c: In function ‘PerlIO_funcs* PerlIO_layer_from_ref(PerlInterpreter*, SV*)’:
perlio.c: In function ‘PerlIO_list_t* PerlIO_resolve_layers(PerlInterpreter*, const char*, const char*, int, SV**)’:
perlio.c: In function ‘PerlIOl** PerlIO_openn(PerlInterpreter*, const char*, const char*, int, int, int, PerlIOl**, int, SV**)’:
perlio.c: In function ‘int Perl_PerlIO_flush(PerlInterpreter*, PerlIOl**)’:
perlio.c: In function ‘void PerlIOBase_flush_linebuf(PerlInterpreter*)’:
perlio.c:1843:1: warning: unused parameter ‘my_perl’ [-Wunused-parameter]
perlio.c:1996:1: warning: unused parameter ‘my_perl’ [-Wunused-parameter]
perlio.c:2056:1: warning: unused parameter ‘my_perl’ [-Wunused-parameter]
perlio.c:2113:1: warning: unused parameter ‘my_perl’ [-Wunused-parameter]
perlio.c:2121:1: warning: unused parameter ‘my_perl’ [-Wunused-parameter]
perlio.c:2158:1: warning: unused parameter ‘my_perl’ [-Wunused-parameter]
perlio.c:2168:1: warning: unused parameter ‘my_perl’ [-Wunused-parameter]
perlio.c:2189:1: warning: unused parameter ‘my_perl’ [-Wunused-parameter]
perlio.c:2250:1: warning: unused parameter ‘my_perl’ [-Wunused-parameter]
perlio.c:2292:1: warning: unused parameter ‘my_perl’ [-Wunused-parameter]
perlio.c: In function ‘void PerlIO_cleanup(PerlInterpreter*)’:
perlio.c:2472:1: warning: unused parameter ‘my_perl’ [-Wunused-parameter]
perlio.c:2588:1: warning: unused parameter ‘my_perl’ [-Wunused-parameter]
perlio.c:2595:1: warning: unused parameter ‘my_perl’ [-Wunused-parameter]
perlio.c:2637:1: warning: unused parameter ‘my_perl’ [-Wunused-parameter]
perly.c:90:1: warning: unused parameter ‘my_perl’ [-Wunused-parameter]
perlio.c: In function ‘ssize_t PerlIOUnix_read(PerlInterpreter*, PerlIOl**, void*, size_t)’:
perlio.c: In function ‘ssize_t PerlIOUnix_write(PerlInterpreter*, PerlIOl**, const void*, size_t)’:
perlio.c:2802:1: warning: unused parameter ‘my_perl’ [-Wunused-parameter]
perlio.c: In function ‘IV PerlIOUnix_close(PerlInterpreter*, PerlIOl**)’:
perlio.c:2891:1: warning: unused parameter ‘my_perl’ [-Wunused-parameter]
perlio.c:3132:1: warning: unused parameter ‘my_perl’ [-Wunused-parameter]
perlio.c: In function ‘ssize_t PerlIOStdio_read(PerlInterpreter*, PerlIOl**, void*, size_t)’:
perlio.c: In function ‘ssize_t PerlIOStdio_write(PerlInterpreter*, PerlIOl**, const void*, size_t)’:
perlio.c:3429:1: warning: unused parameter ‘my_perl’ [-Wunused-parameter]
perlio.c:3438:1: warning: unused parameter ‘my_perl’ [-Wunused-parameter]
perlio.c:3447:1: warning: unused parameter ‘my_perl’ [-Wunused-parameter]
perlio.c:3476:1: warning: unused parameter ‘my_perl’ [-Wunused-parameter]
perlio.c:3484:1: warning: unused parameter ‘my_perl’ [-Wunused-parameter]
perlio.c:3492:1: warning: unused parameter ‘my_perl’ [-Wunused-parameter]
perlio.c:3500:1: warning: unused parameter ‘my_perl’ [-Wunused-parameter]
perlio.c: In function ‘void PerlIO_releaseFILE(PerlIOl**, FILE*)’:
caretx.c: In function ‘void Perl_set_caret_X(PerlInterpreter*)’:
perlio.c:4247:1: warning: unused parameter ‘my_perl’ [-Wunused-parameter]
pp_pack.c: In function ‘SV** S_pack_rec(PerlInterpreter*, SV*, tempsym*, SV**, SV**)’:
perlio.c: In function ‘PerlIOl** Perl_PerlIO_stdin(PerlInterpreter*)’:
perlio.c: In function ‘PerlIOl** Perl_PerlIO_stdout(PerlInterpreter*)’:
perlio.c: In function ‘PerlIOl** Perl_PerlIO_stderr(PerlInterpreter*)’:
pp_pack.c: In function ‘OP* Perl_pp_pack(PerlInterpreter*)’:
gv.c: In function ‘GV* Perl_gv_fetchfile_flags(PerlInterpreter*, const char*, STRLEN, U32)’:
perlio.c: In function ‘const char* Perl_PerlIO_context_layers(PerlInterpreter*, const char*)’:
perly.c: In function ‘int Perl_yyparse(PerlInterpreter*, int)’:
gv.c: In function ‘void Perl_gv_init_pvn(PerlInterpreter*, GV*, HV*, const char*, STRLEN, U32)’:
gv.c: In function ‘GV* Perl_gv_fetchmeth_pvn(PerlInterpreter*, HV*, const char*, STRLEN, I32, U32)’:
gv.c: In function ‘GV* Perl_gv_fetchmethod_pvn_flags(PerlInterpreter*, HV*, const char*, STRLEN, U32)’:
miniperlmain.c:171:1: warning: unused parameter ‘my_perl’ [-Wunused-parameter]
gv.c: In function ‘GV* Perl_gv_autoload_pvn(PerlInterpreter*, HV*, const char*, STRLEN, U32)’:
gv.c: In function ‘HV* S_require_tie_mod(PerlInterpreter*, GV*, const char*, SV*, const char*, U32)’:
op.c:150:1: warning: unused parameter ‘my_perl’ [-Wunused-parameter]
op.c: In function ‘void* Perl_Slab_Alloc(PerlInterpreter*, size_t)’:
op.c: In function ‘void Perl_Slab_Free(PerlInterpreter*, void*)’:
op.c: In function ‘void Perl_opslab_free_nopad(PerlInterpreter*, OPSLAB*)’:
op.c: In function ‘void Perl_opslab_free(PerlInterpreter*, OPSLAB*)’:
op.c: In function ‘PADOFFSET Perl_allocmy(PerlInterpreter*, const char*, STRLEN, U32)’:
op.c: In function ‘void Perl_op_free(PerlInterpreter*, OP*)’:
op.c: In function ‘void Perl_op_refcnt_lock(PerlInterpreter*)’:
op.c:1036:1: warning: unused parameter ‘my_perl’ [-Wunused-parameter]
op.c: In function ‘void Perl_op_refcnt_unlock(PerlInterpreter*)’:
op.c:1044:1: warning: unused parameter ‘my_perl’ [-Wunused-parameter]
op.c: In function ‘OP* S_scalarboolean(PerlInterpreter*, OP*)’:
gv.c: In function ‘GV* Perl_gv_fetchpvn_flags(PerlInterpreter*, const char*, STRLEN, I32, svtype)’:
gv.c: In function ‘void Perl_gv_check(PerlInterpreter*, HV*)’:
gv.c: In function ‘GV* Perl_newGVgen_flags(PerlInterpreter*, const char*, U32)’:
gv.c: In function ‘GP* Perl_gp_ref(PerlInterpreter*, GP*)’:
op.c: In function ‘OP* Perl_scalar(PerlInterpreter*, OP*)’:
gv.c: In function ‘void Perl_gp_free(PerlInterpreter*, GV*)’:
toke.c: In function ‘int S_tokereport(PerlInterpreter*, I32, const YYSTYPE*)’:
toke.c: In function ‘int S_ao(PerlInterpreter*, int)’:
toke.c: In function ‘void S_no_op(PerlInterpreter*, const char*, char*)’:
toke.c: In function ‘void S_missingterm(PerlInterpreter*, char*)’:
toke.c: In function ‘bool Perl_feature_is_enabled(PerlInterpreter*, const char*, STRLEN)’:
op.c: In function ‘OP* Perl_list(PerlInterpreter*, OP*)’:
toke.c: In function ‘void Perl_lex_start(PerlInterpreter*, SV*, PerlIOl**, U32)’:
pad.c: In function ‘SV* Perl_pad_sv(PerlInterpreter*, PADOFFSET)’:
pad.c: In function ‘void Perl_pad_setsv(PerlInterpreter*, PADOFFSET, SV*)’:
op.c: In function ‘OP* S_scalarseq(PerlInterpreter*, OP*)’:
toke.c: In function ‘void S_incline(PerlInterpreter*, const char*)’:
gv.c: In function ‘int Perl_Gv_AMupdate(PerlInterpreter*, HV*, bool)’:
op.c: In function ‘OP* S_dup_attrlist(PerlInterpreter*, OP*)’:
op.c: In function ‘void S_apply_attrs(PerlInterpreter*, HV*, SV*, OP*)’:
gv.c: In function ‘CV* Perl_gv_handler(PerlInterpreter*, HV*, I32)’:
gv.c: In function ‘bool Perl_try_amagic_un(PerlInterpreter*, int, int)’:
toke.c: In function ‘void S_check_uni(PerlInterpreter*)’:
op.c: In function ‘void S_apply_attrs_my(PerlInterpreter*, HV*, OP*, OP*, OP**)’:
gv.c: In function ‘bool Perl_try_amagic_bin(PerlInterpreter*, int, int)’:
pad.c: In function ‘void S_cv_dump(PerlInterpreter*, const CV*, const char*)’:
toke.c: In function ‘I32 S_lop(PerlInterpreter*, I32, int, char*)’:
toke.c: In function ‘void S_force_next(PerlInterpreter*, I32)’:
toke.c: In function ‘int S_postderef(PerlInterpreter*, int, char)’:
op.c: In function ‘OP* S_my_kid(PerlInterpreter*, OP*, OP*, OP**)’:
op.c: In function ‘OP* Perl_my_attrs(PerlInterpreter*, OP*, OP*)’:
op.c:2953:1: warning: unused parameter ‘my_perl’ [-Wunused-parameter]
toke.c: In function ‘SV* S_newSV_maybe_utf8(PerlInterpreter*, const char*, STRLEN)’:
toke.c: In function ‘char* S_force_word(PerlInterpreter*, char*, int, int, int)’:
op.c: In function ‘int Perl_block_start(PerlInterpreter*, int)’:
toke.c: In function ‘void S_force_ident(PerlInterpreter*, const char*, int)’:
op.c: In function ‘OP* Perl_block_end(PerlInterpreter*, I32, OP*)’:
op.c: In function ‘OP* S_newDEFSVOP(PerlInterpreter*)’:
op.c: In function ‘void Perl_newPROG(PerlInterpreter*, OP*)’:
op.c: In function ‘OP* Perl_localize(PerlInterpreter*, OP*, I32)’:
toke.c: In function ‘char* S_force_version(PerlInterpreter*, char*, int)’:
toke.c: In function ‘char* S_force_strict_version(PerlInterpreter*, char*)’:
toke.c: In function ‘SV* S_tokeq(PerlInterpreter*, SV*)’:
toke.c: In function ‘I32 S_sublex_start(PerlInterpreter*)’:
toke.c: In function ‘I32 S_sublex_push(PerlInterpreter*)’:
op.c: In function ‘OP* S_pmtrans(PerlInterpreter*, OP*, OP*, OP*)’:
toke.c: In function ‘I32 S_sublex_done(PerlInterpreter*)’:
op.c: In function ‘OP* Perl_newGVOP(PerlInterpreter*, I32, I32, GV*)’:
op.c: In function ‘void Perl_package(PerlInterpreter*, OP*)’:
op.c: In function ‘void Perl_package_version(PerlInterpreter*, OP*)’:
op.c: In function ‘void Perl_utilize(PerlInterpreter*, int, I32, OP*, OP*, OP*)’:
toke.c: In function ‘char* S_scan_const(PerlInterpreter*, char*)’:
op.c: In function ‘void Perl_vload_module(PerlInterpreter*, U32, SV*, SV*, __va_list_tag (*)[1])’:
op.c: In function ‘OP* Perl_dofile(PerlInterpreter*, OP*, I32)’:
toke.c: In function ‘int S_intuit_more(PerlInterpreter*, char*)’:
op.c: In function ‘OP* Perl_newASSIGNOP(PerlInterpreter*, I32, OP*, I32, OP*)’:
toke.c: In function ‘int S_intuit_method(PerlInterpreter*, char*, GV*, CV*)’:
op.c: In function ‘OP* Perl_newLOGOP(PerlInterpreter*, I32, I32, OP*, OP*)’:
toke.c: In function ‘SV* Perl_filter_add(PerlInterpreter*, filter_t, SV*)’:
toke.c: In function ‘void Perl_filter_del(PerlInterpreter*, filter_t)’:
op.c: In function ‘OP* Perl_newLOOPOP(PerlInterpreter*, I32, I32, OP*, OP*)’:
op.c: In function ‘OP* Perl_newLOOPEX(PerlInterpreter*, I32, OP*)’:
op.c: In function ‘bool S_looks_like_bool(PerlInterpreter*, const OP*)’:
op.c: In function ‘OP* Perl_newGIVENOP(PerlInterpreter*, OP*, OP*, PADOFFSET)’:
toke.c: In function ‘I32 Perl_filter_read(PerlInterpreter*, int, SV*, int)’:
op.c:6832:1: warning: unused parameter ‘my_perl’ [-Wunused-parameter]
op.c:6846:1: warning: unused parameter ‘my_perl’ [-Wunused-parameter]
op.c: In function ‘SV* Perl_op_const_sv(PerlInterpreter*, const OP*, CV*)’:
toke.c: In function ‘char* S_filter_gets(PerlInterpreter*, SV*, STRLEN)’:
toke.c: In function ‘HV* S_find_in_my_stash(PerlInterpreter*, const char*, STRLEN)’:
toke.c: In function ‘char* S_tokenize_use(PerlInterpreter*, int, char*)’:
op.c: In function ‘CV* Perl_newMYSUB(PerlInterpreter*, I32, OP*, OP*, OP*, OP*)’:
op.c: In function ‘CV* Perl_newATTRSUB_x(PerlInterpreter*, I32, OP*, OP*, OP*, OP*, bool)’:
op.c: In function ‘CV* Perl_newCONSTSUB_flags(PerlInterpreter*, HV*, const char*, STRLEN, U32, SV*)’:
op.c: In function ‘void Perl_newFORM(PerlInterpreter*, I32, OP*, OP*)’:
op.c:8161:1: warning: unused parameter ‘my_perl’ [-Wunused-parameter]
op.c: In function ‘OP* Perl_ck_bitop(PerlInterpreter*, OP*)’:
op.c:8256:1: warning: unused parameter ‘my_perl’ [-Wunused-parameter]
op.c:8286:1: warning: unused parameter ‘my_perl’ [-Wunused-parameter]
op.c: In function ‘OP* Perl_ck_eof(PerlInterpreter*, OP*)’:
op.c: In function ‘OP* Perl_ck_exists(PerlInterpreter*, OP*)’:
op.c: In function ‘OP* Perl_ck_fun(PerlInterpreter*, OP*)’:
op.c: In function ‘OP* Perl_ck_glob(PerlInterpreter*, OP*)’:
op.c: In function ‘OP* Perl_ck_match(PerlInterpreter*, OP*)’:
op.c:9288:1: warning: unused parameter ‘my_perl’ [-Wunused-parameter]
op.c: In function ‘OP* Perl_ck_open(PerlInterpreter*, OP*)’:
op.c: In function ‘OP* Perl_ck_require(PerlInterpreter*, OP*)’:
op.c: In function ‘OP* Perl_ck_return(PerlInterpreter*, OP*)’:
op.c: In function ‘OP* Perl_ck_shift(PerlInterpreter*, OP*)’:
op.c: In function ‘OP* Perl_ck_sort(PerlInterpreter*, OP*)’:
op.c: In function ‘void S_simplify_sort(PerlInterpreter*, OP*)’:
op.c:10397:1: warning: unused parameter ‘my_perl’ [-Wunused-parameter]
op.c:12060:1: warning: unused parameter ‘my_perl’ [-Wunused-parameter]
op.c: In function ‘void const_sv_xsub(PerlInterpreter*, CV*)’:
toke.c: In function ‘int S_pending_ident(PerlInterpreter*)’:
op.c: In function ‘void const_av_xsub(PerlInterpreter*, CV*)’:
toke.c: In function ‘void S_checkcomma(PerlInterpreter*, const char*, const char*, const char*)’:
toke.c: In function ‘SV* S_new_constant(PerlInterpreter*, const char*, STRLEN, const char*, STRLEN, SV*, SV*, const char*, STRLEN)’:
toke.c: In function ‘void S_parse_ident(PerlInterpreter*, char**, char**, char*, int, bool)’:
toke.c: In function ‘char* S_scan_word(PerlInterpreter*, char*, char*, STRLEN, int, STRLEN*)’:
toke.c: In function ‘char* S_scan_ident(PerlInterpreter*, char*, char*, STRLEN, I32)’:
toke.c: In function ‘char* S_scan_pat(PerlInterpreter*, char*, I32)’:
toke.c: In function ‘char* S_scan_subst(PerlInterpreter*, char*)’:
toke.c: In function ‘char* S_scan_trans(PerlInterpreter*, char*)’:
toke.c: In function ‘char* S_scan_heredoc(PerlInterpreter*, char*)’:
toke.c: In function ‘char* S_scan_inputsymbol(PerlInterpreter*, char*)’:
toke.c: In function ‘char* S_scan_str(PerlInterpreter*, char*, int, int, int, char**)’:
toke.c: In function ‘char* Perl_scan_num(PerlInterpreter*, const char*, YYSTYPE*)’:
toke.c: In function ‘char* S_scan_formline(PerlInterpreter*, char*)’:
toke.c: In function ‘I32 Perl_start_subparse(PerlInterpreter*, I32, U32)’:
toke.c: In function ‘int S_yywarn(PerlInterpreter*, const char*, U32)’:
toke.c: In function ‘int Perl_yyerror_pvn(PerlInterpreter*, const char*, STRLEN, U32)’:
toke.c: In function ‘char* S_swallow_bom(PerlInterpreter*, U8*)’:
toke.c: In function ‘I32 S_utf16_textfilter(PerlInterpreter*, int, SV*, int)’:
toke.c: In function ‘char* Perl_scan_vstring(PerlInterpreter*, const char*, const char*, SV*)’:
toke.c:10804:1: warning: unused parameter ‘my_perl’ [-Wunused-parameter]
regcomp.c: In function ‘U8 S_regtail_study(PerlInterpreter*, RExC_state_t*, regnode*, const regnode*, U32)’:
regcomp.c: In function ‘void Perl_regdump(PerlInterpreter*, const regexp*)’:
regcomp.c: In function ‘void Perl_regprop(PerlInterpreter*, const regexp*, SV*, const regnode*, const regmatch_info*)’:
regcomp.c: In function ‘const regnode* S_dumpuntil(PerlInterpreter*, const regexp*, const regnode*, const regnode*, const regnode*, const regnode*, SV*, I32, U32)’:
util.c:3391:1: warning: unused parameter ‘my_perl’ [-Wunused-parameter]
scope.c: In function ‘void Perl_save_I16(PerlInterpreter*, I16*)’:
av.c: In function ‘SV* Perl_av_delete(PerlInterpreter*, AV*, ssize_t, I32)’:
av.c: In function ‘bool Perl_av_exists(PerlInterpreter*, AV*, ssize_t)’:
av.c: In function ‘MAGIC* S_get_aux_mg(PerlInterpreter*, AV*)’:
sv.c: In function ‘void Perl_sv_catpv(PerlInterpreter*, SV*, const char*)’:
pp.c: In function ‘SV* S_rv2gv(PerlInterpreter*, SV*, bool, bool, bool)’:
pp.c: In function ‘OP* Perl_pp_rv2gv(PerlInterpreter*)’:
doio.c: In function ‘IO* S_openn_setup(PerlInterpreter*, GV*, char*, PerlIOl***, PerlIOl***, int*, char*)’:
doio.c: In function ‘bool Perl_do_open_raw(PerlInterpreter*, GV*, const char*, STRLEN, int, int)’:
doio.c: In function ‘bool Perl_do_open6(PerlInterpreter*, GV*, const char*, STRLEN, PerlIOl**, SV**, U32)’:
doio.c: In function ‘PerlIOl** Perl_nextargv(PerlInterpreter*, GV*)’:
doio.c: In function ‘bool Perl_do_close(PerlInterpreter*, GV*, bool)’:
doio.c: In function ‘bool Perl_io_close(PerlInterpreter*, IO*, bool)’:
doio.c: In function ‘bool Perl_do_eof(PerlInterpreter*, GV*)’:
doio.c: In function ‘off64_t Perl_do_tell(PerlInterpreter*, GV*)’:
doio.c: In function ‘bool Perl_do_seek(PerlInterpreter*, GV*, off64_t, int)’:
doio.c: In function ‘off64_t Perl_do_sysseek(PerlInterpreter*, GV*, off64_t, int)’:
doio.c:1198:1: warning: unused parameter ‘my_perl’ [-Wunused-parameter]
doio.c: In function ‘bool Perl_do_print(PerlInterpreter*, SV*, PerlIOl**)’:
doio.c: In function ‘I32 Perl_my_stat_flags(PerlInterpreter*, U32)’:
doio.c: In function ‘I32 Perl_my_lstat_flags(PerlInterpreter*, U32)’:
doio.c: In function ‘void Perl_do_execfree(PerlInterpreter*)’:
pp.c: In function ‘OP* Perl_pp_list(PerlInterpreter*)’:
doio.c: In function ‘I32 Perl_apply(PerlInterpreter*, I32, SV**, SV**)’:
doio.c: In function ‘bool Perl_cando(PerlInterpreter*, mode_t, bool, const stat*)’:
doio.c: In function ‘bool S_ingroup(PerlInterpreter*, gid_t, bool)’:
doio.c:2109:1: warning: unused parameter ‘my_perl’ [-Wunused-parameter]
doio.c: In function ‘I32 Perl_do_ipcget(PerlInterpreter*, I32, SV**, SV**)’:
doio.c: In function ‘I32 Perl_do_ipcctl(PerlInterpreter*, I32, SV**, SV**)’:
doio.c: In function ‘I32 Perl_do_msgsnd(PerlInterpreter*, SV**, SV**)’:
doio.c: In function ‘I32 Perl_do_msgrcv(PerlInterpreter*, SV**, SV**)’:
doio.c: In function ‘I32 Perl_do_semop(PerlInterpreter*, SV**, SV**)’:
doio.c: In function ‘I32 Perl_do_shmio(PerlInterpreter*, I32, SV**, SV**)’:
doio.c: In function ‘PerlIOl** Perl_start_glob(PerlInterpreter*, SV*, IO*)’:
regexec.c: In function ‘CHECKPOINT S_regcppush(PerlInterpreter*, const regexp*, I32, U32)’:
regexec.c: In function ‘void S_regcppop(PerlInterpreter*, regexp*, U32*)’:
regexec.c: In function ‘char* Perl_re_intuit_start(PerlInterpreter*, REGEXP*, SV*, const char*, char*, char*, U32, re_scream_pos_data*)’:
utf8.c: In function ‘UV Perl_utf8n_to_uvchr(PerlInterpreter*, const U8*, STRLEN, STRLEN*, U32)’:
utf8.c:865:1: warning: unused parameter ‘my_perl’ [-Wunused-parameter]
utf8.c: In function ‘STRLEN Perl_utf8_length(PerlInterpreter*, const U8*, const U8*)’:
utf8.c:1013:1: warning: unused parameter ‘my_perl’ [-Wunused-parameter]
utf8.c:1119:1: warning: unused parameter ‘my_perl’ [-Wunused-parameter]
utf8.c:1170:1: warning: unused parameter ‘my_perl’ [-Wunused-parameter]
utf8.c:1233:1: warning: unused parameter ‘my_perl’ [-Wunused-parameter]
utf8.c: In function ‘bool Perl__is_utf8_idstart(PerlInterpreter*, const U8*)’:
utf8.c: In function ‘UV Perl_to_uni_upper(PerlInterpreter*, UV, U8*, STRLEN*)’:
utf8.c: In function ‘UV Perl_to_uni_title(PerlInterpreter*, UV, U8*, STRLEN*)’:
utf8.c: In function ‘UV Perl_to_uni_lower(PerlInterpreter*, UV, U8*, STRLEN*)’:
utf8.c:1531:1: warning: unused parameter ‘my_perl’ [-Wunused-parameter]
utf8.c: In function ‘bool S_is_utf8_common(PerlInterpreter*, const U8*, SV**, const char*, SV*)’:
utf8.c: In function ‘bool Perl__is_utf8_FOO(PerlInterpreter*, U8, const U8*)’:
utf8.c: In function ‘bool Perl__is_utf8_perl_idstart(PerlInterpreter*, const U8*)’:
utf8.c: In function ‘bool Perl__is_utf8_xidstart(PerlInterpreter*, const U8*)’:
utf8.c: In function ‘bool Perl__is_utf8_perl_idcont(PerlInterpreter*, const U8*)’:
utf8.c: In function ‘bool Perl__is_utf8_idcont(PerlInterpreter*, const U8*)’:
utf8.c: In function ‘bool Perl__is_utf8_xidcont(PerlInterpreter*, const U8*)’:
utf8.c: In function ‘bool Perl__is_utf8_mark(PerlInterpreter*, const U8*)’:
utf8.c: In function ‘UV Perl_to_utf8_case(PerlInterpreter*, const U8*, U8*, STRLEN*, SV**, const char*, const char*)’:
utf8.c: In function ‘UV Perl__to_utf8_upper_flags(PerlInterpreter*, const U8*, U8*, STRLEN*, bool)’:
utf8.c: In function ‘UV Perl__to_utf8_title_flags(PerlInterpreter*, const U8*, U8*, STRLEN*, bool)’:
utf8.c: In function ‘UV Perl__to_utf8_lower_flags(PerlInterpreter*, const U8*, U8*, STRLEN*, bool)’:
utf8.c: In function ‘UV Perl__to_utf8_fold_flags(PerlInterpreter*, const U8*, U8*, STRLEN*, U8)’:
utf8.c: In function ‘SV* Perl__core_swash_init(PerlInterpreter*, const char*, const char*, SV*, I32, I32, SV*, U8*)’:
utf8.c: In function ‘UV Perl_swash_fetch(PerlInterpreter*, SV*, const U8*, bool)’:
utf8.c: In function ‘I32 Perl_foldEQ_utf8_flags(PerlInterpreter*, const char*, char**, UV, bool, const char*, char**, UV, bool, U32)’:
regexec.c: In function ‘I32 Perl_regexec_flags(PerlInterpreter*, REGEXP*, char*, char*, char*, ssize_t, SV*, void*, U32)’:
regexec.c: In function ‘I32 S_regtry(PerlInterpreter*, regmatch_info*, char**)’:
regexec.c: In function ‘I32 S_regrepeat(PerlInterpreter*, regexp*, char**, const regnode*, regmatch_info*, I32, int)’:
regexec.c: In function ‘SV* Perl__get_regclass_nonbitmap_data(PerlInterpreter*, const regexp*, const regnode*, bool, SV**, SV**)’:
regexec.c: In function ‘U8* S_reghop3(U8*, ssize_t, const U8*)’:
regexec.c: In function ‘U8* S_reghop4(U8*, ssize_t, const U8*, const U8*)’:
regexec.c: In function ‘U8* S_reghopmaybe3(U8*, ssize_t, const U8*)’:
regexec.c: In function ‘void S_cleanup_regmatch_info_aux(PerlInterpreter*, void*)’:
regexec.c: In function ‘bool S_to_byte_substr(PerlInterpreter*, regexp*)’:
taint.c: In function ‘void Perl_taint_env(PerlInterpreter*)’:
deb.c:45:1: warning: unused parameter ‘my_perl’ [-Wunused-parameter]
deb.c:59:1: warning: unused parameter ‘my_perl’ [-Wunused-parameter]
deb.c:83:1: warning: unused parameter ‘my_perl’ [-Wunused-parameter]
deb.c:114:1: warning: unused parameter ‘my_perl’ [-Wunused-parameter]
deb.c: In function ‘I32 Perl_debstack(PerlInterpreter*)’:
deb.c:206:1: warning: unused parameter ‘my_perl’ [-Wunused-parameter]
universal.c: In function ‘bool S_isa_lookup(PerlInterpreter*, HV*, const char*, STRLEN, U32)’:
universal.c: In function ‘bool Perl_sv_derived_from_pvn(PerlInterpreter*, SV*, const char*, STRLEN, U32)’:
universal.c: In function ‘void XS_UNIVERSAL_isa(PerlInterpreter*, CV*)’:
universal.c: In function ‘void XS_UNIVERSAL_can(PerlInterpreter*, CV*)’:
universal.c: In function ‘void XS_UNIVERSAL_DOES(PerlInterpreter*, CV*)’:
universal.c: In function ‘void XS_utf8_is_utf8(PerlInterpreter*, CV*)’:
universal.c: In function ‘void XS_utf8_valid(PerlInterpreter*, CV*)’:
universal.c: In function ‘void XS_utf8_encode(PerlInterpreter*, CV*)’:
universal.c: In function ‘void XS_utf8_decode(PerlInterpreter*, CV*)’:
universal.c: In function ‘void XS_utf8_upgrade(PerlInterpreter*, CV*)’:
universal.c: In function ‘void XS_utf8_downgrade(PerlInterpreter*, CV*)’:
universal.c: In function ‘void XS_utf8_native_to_unicode(PerlInterpreter*, CV*)’:
universal.c: In function ‘void XS_utf8_unicode_to_native(PerlInterpreter*, CV*)’:
universal.c: In function ‘void XS_Internals_SvREADONLY(PerlInterpreter*, CV*)’:
universal.c: In function ‘void XS_constant__make_const(PerlInterpreter*, CV*)’:
universal.c: In function ‘void XS_Internals_SvREFCNT(PerlInterpreter*, CV*)’:
universal.c: In function ‘void XS_Internals_hv_clear_placehold(PerlInterpreter*, CV*)’:
universal.c: In function ‘void XS_PerlIO_get_layers(PerlInterpreter*, CV*)’:
universal.c: In function ‘void XS_re_is_regexp(PerlInterpreter*, CV*)’:
universal.c: In function ‘void XS_re_regnames_count(PerlInterpreter*, CV*)’:
universal.c: In function ‘void XS_re_regname(PerlInterpreter*, CV*)’:
universal.c: In function ‘void XS_re_regnames(PerlInterpreter*, CV*)’:
universal.c: In function ‘void XS_re_regexp_pattern(PerlInterpreter*, CV*)’: In function ‘void XS_universal_version(PerlInterpreter*, CV*)’: In function ‘void XS_version_new(PerlInterpreter*, CV*)’: In function ‘void XS_version_stringify(PerlInterpreter*, CV*)’: In function ‘void XS_version_numify(PerlInterpreter*, CV*)’: In function ‘void XS_version_normal(PerlInterpreter*, CV*)’: In function ‘void XS_version_vcmp(PerlInterpreter*, CV*)’: In function ‘void XS_version_boolean(PerlInterpreter*, CV*)’: In function ‘void XS_version_noop(PerlInterpreter*, CV*)’: In function ‘void S_version_check_key(PerlInterpreter*, CV*, const char*, int)’: In function ‘void XS_version_qv(PerlInterpreter*, CV*)’:
universal.c: In function ‘void Perl_boot_core_UNIVERSAL(PerlInterpreter*)’:
op.c:373:1: warning: unused parameter ‘my_perl’ [-Wunused-parameter]
perl.c: In function ‘SV* S_incpush_if_exists(PerlInterpreter*, AV*, SV*, SV*)’:
MD5.xs: In function ‘void XS_Digest__MD5_md5(PerlInterpreter*, CV*)’:
POSIX.o: In function `XS_POSIX_tmpnam(interpreter*, cv*)':
sv.c: In function ‘void S_del_sv(PerlInterpreter*, SV*)’:
taint.c: In function ‘void Perl_taint_proper(PerlInterpreter*, const char*, const char*)’:
deb.c: In function ‘void Perl_vdeb(PerlInterpreter*, const char*, __va_list_tag (*)[1])’:
deb.c: In function ‘I32 Perl_debstackptrs(PerlInterpreter*)’:
deb.c: In function ‘void S_deb_stack_n(PerlInterpreter*, SV**, I32, I32, I32, I32)’:
deb.c: In function ‘void Perl_deb_stack_all(PerlInterpreter*)’:
regcomp.c: In function ‘void Perl_re_dup_guts(PerlInterpreter*, const REGEXP*, REGEXP*, CLONE_PARAMS*)’:
sv.c: In function ‘int S_sv_2iuv_non_preserve(PerlInterpreter*, SV*, I32)’:
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