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[perl #121743] [PATCH] Coverity: check for negative return values from/to library calls

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Tony Cook via RT
April 28, 2014 03:25
[perl #121743] [PATCH] Coverity: check for negative return values from/to library calls
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On Sat Apr 26 12:58:05 2014, jhi wrote:
> Dozens of too trusting fileno calls (and then using the returned fds for 
> fstat etc.), plus two similar cases for getgroups().
> Attached.

Fails to build with -Duseithreads due to missing aTHX_ in:

        if (fd < 0) {
            Perl_croak("Illegal suidscript");
        } else {
            if (PerlLIO_fstat(fd, &PL_statbuf) < 0) {	/* may be either wrapped or real suid */
                Perl_croak("Illegal suidscript");

Some other issues, the original code here for example (doio.c):

@@ -1775,8 +1797,9 @@ Perl_apply(pTHX_ I32 type, SV **mark, SV **sp)
                if ((gv = MAYBE_DEREF_GV(*mark))) {
                    if (GvIO(gv) && IoIFP(GvIOp(gv))) {
 #ifdef HAS_FCHOWN
+                        int fd = PerlIO_fileno(IoIFP(GvIOn(gv)));
-                       if (fchown(PerlIO_fileno(IoIFP(GvIOn(gv))), val, val2))
+                       if (fd >= 0 && fchown(fd, val, val2))
                        Perl_die(aTHX_ PL_no_func, "fchown");

will sensibly set errno to EBADF when fchown() fails, but the modified code doesn't.

Similarly for the others in Perl_apply(), pp_sysread(), pp_syswrite(), pp_truncate(), pp_getpeername(), pp_stat(), pp_fttty(), pp_fttext() and possibly for PerlIO::mmap.


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