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Re: [perl #58280] Speed lost on /^(foo|bar|baz)$/ match

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Dave Mitchell
April 1, 2014 15:54
Re: [perl #58280] Speed lost on /^(foo|bar|baz)$/ match
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On Sat, Mar 29, 2014 at 08:29:46PM -0700, Karl Williamson via RT wrote:
> Here are the 5.19.10+ blead numbers on a Linux box:
>                 Rate     regex regex_opt        eq
> regex      7650757/s        --       -1%      -84%
> regex_opt  7717895/s        1%        --      -84%
> eq        48383994/s      532%      527%        --
> And if we change $token to 'read', we get
>                 Rate     regex regex_opt        eq
> regex      7748530/s        --       -2%      -62%
> regex_opt  7899967/s        2%        --      -61%
> eq        20146179/s      160%      155%        --

I think the important thing is how much slower the trie optimisation is for
simple alternations that wouldn't benefit. Comparing a range of perl
versions on the same hardware, I get for the original bug report code
(where $token matches the first alternation):

    5.008009 regex 10526316/s
    5.010001 regex  3676471/s
    5.012005 regex  3367003/s
    5.014004 regex  5665722/s
    5.016003 regex  6756757/s
    5.018002 regex  5602241/s
    5.019010 regex  6211180/s

And here's the same with TRIEs disabled (${^RE_TRIE_MAXBUF} = -1):

    5.008009 regex 10309278/s
    5.010001 regex  7017544/s
    5.012005 regex  6993007/s
    5.014004 regex  6920415/s
    5.016003 regex  8130081/s
    5.018002 regex  6451613/s
    5.019010 regex  6644518/s

and with TRIEs enabled and $token as 'read', i.e. $token matches the third

    5.008009 regex  8438819/s
    5.010001 regex  3809524/s
    5.012005 regex  3344482/s
    5.014004 regex  5917160/s
    5.016003 regex  6711409/s
    5.018002 regex  5524862/s
    5.019010 regex  6097561/s

and with TRIEs enabled and with Yves modification, i.e. $token matches the
12th alternation:

    5.008009 regex  4807692/s
    5.010001 regex  3724395/s
    5.012005 regex  3367003/s
    5.014004 regex  5952381/s
    5.016003 regex  6688963/s
    5.018002 regex  5555556/s
    5.019010 regex  6042296/s

What I conclude from the above is that:

* as with all such micro benchmarks, a certain amount of the variation is
  just due to the luck of the compiler, e.g. instruction cache alignment;
* simple alternations slow down in proportion to the number of
  alternatives that are tried (as you would expect);
* TRIEs match in roughly constant time regardless of which alternation
* matches (as you would expect);
* even non-TRIE alternations are slower in later perls, most likely due to
  all the extra overhead we've accumulated, such as utf8 correctness,
  not blowing the stack on recursion etc.
* TRIEs have got faster in 5.14;
* But TRIEs still have a bigger overhead than plain alts, so it may be
  worth looking at
   * profiling to see if the overhead can be reduced;
   * seeing whether there's a cut-off point where it's not worth
     building a TRIE, e.g. if there are less than N alternatives; and
     there might be other factors such as lengths of the alt strings,
     whether its utf8 etc.

The warp engines start playing up a bit, but seem to sort themselves out
after a while without any intervention from boy genius Wesley Crusher.
    -- Things That Never Happen in "Star Trek" #17

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