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Perl 5.20.0 Blockers, 2014-03-24

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Ricardo Signes
March 24, 2014 15:08
Perl 5.20.0 Blockers, 2014-03-24
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Today is March 24, 2014. There are approximately 57 days until the expected
release of Perl 5.20.0.  A summary of blockers follows.

## Critical Behavior Changes or Bugs

1.  $!, UTF8, and locales

    I hope to make a post about this soon.

2.  /m causing false negative

    This is a big deal and needs fixing.

3.  "Make perlbug Unicode-aware" broke perlbug on Win32

    I'd rather not revert the change, but we need this to work on Win32.

## Other Bugs

4.  IO::Socket getsockopt subroutine on AIX

    We have a patch.  It needs review, application, and testing.

5.  p /x in debugger yields memory fault

    "Yup.  That's a real bug."  I think it's really a blocker, too.

6.  Gconvert() obeys LC_NUMERIC without "use locale"

    Karl asserts that the change is correct, although a new macro may be
    warranted.  I think I agree.  Dissenters should dissent soon.  It would
    probably be nice to have that wrapper available soon, too.

## BBC Reports

7.  PERLER/JavaScript-Dumper-0.011.tar.gz

    This is part of locale fixes for stringifying numbers.  My gut instinct is
    to think that this is bound to be something for PERLER to fix downstream.

8.  YVES/Data-Dump-Streamer-2.37.tar.gz

    YVES said he'd follow up.  Hey, Yves, what's the word? :)

9.  RYBSKEJ/forks-0.34.tar.gz

    I have no idea what's up here.  Broken by "Make set-magic handle vstrings

## Minor Issues

10. speed up miniperl @INC, buildsitecustomize

    I think we can surely live without this, but it looks like something we can
    *probably* apply safely now.  I'd like to get a few ±1's from committers.

11. core tests fail when built on FAT drive with Win32 OS on NTFS

    This has been a problem forever, but the provided patch looks okay.  That
    said, the patch also says it doesn't really fix the whole problem.  I think
    the actual course of action for 5.20.0 is to add a Known Problems entry.

## To Observe Only

These don't block 5.20.0, but are collected as things to keep an eye on.

12. New copy-on-write breaks CPAN

    I think that this has become an informational ticket.  There are still some
    things broken, but "that's their problem."  We would like to see them
    fixed, and will help if we can, but this isn't really *blocking* the next

13. document/publicize THINKFIRST

    Documentation has been added.  Tony has some further suggestions.  This
    looks like is a meta-question to be answered: how much of what Tony
    suggests had best be done before 5.20?

14. Our Asian documentation should be updated

    This is informational for me.  I am going to make a renewed call for the
    un-updated documentation *today*.  No matter what, I will close this ticket
    (possibly replacing it with more specific tickets) at or around 5.20.0.


Finallly, some valgrind errors:


We should try to get these cleared up ASAP, because (a) some are sure to take
longer than we think and (b) probably we'll find a few more on the way there!


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