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[perl #43207] lc() or uc() inside sort affect the return value. 2 messages Father Chrysostomos via RT 4 Jan 2014
[perl #120925] Visual C 32 bits USE_64_BIT_INT won't build 5.18, new hash randomization code, missing symbol 9 messages bulk88 via RT, Tony Cook via RT, Steve Hay, Steve Hay via RT 9 Jan 2014
[perl #9385] Pod::HTML problem: =begin html and =end html fail to respect empty lines 6 messages James E Keenan via RT, Matt Follett via RT, David E. Wheeler via RT, hughmyers 26 Mar 2012
Smoke [blead] v5.19.7-136-g3cd3edd FAIL(F) MSWin32 Win2000 SP4 (x86/1 cpu) {blead} 1 message George Greer 3 Jan 2014
Possible precedence issue with control flow operator 4 messages David E. Wheeler, Leon Timmermans, wolfsage 3 Jan 2014
perl v5.18.2 on Monday? 21 messages Ricardo Signes, Victor Efimov, Aristotle Pagaltzis, David Golden 10 Jan 2014
[perl #120657] Bleadperl v5.19.6-86-g9ffd39a breaks CORION/Test-Without-Module-0.17.tar.gz 2 messages Matthew Horsfall via RT, Father Chrysostomos via RT 4 Jan 2014
[Encode] 2.57 released! 119 messages Dan Kogai, Steve Hay via perl5-porters, Steve Hay, James E Keenan 11 Aug 2012
[perl #120920] Bleadperl v5.19.7-64-g749e076 breaks KEEDI/Markdown-Pod-0.005.tar.gz 1 message perlbug-followup 2 Jan 2014
[perl #120917] refcnt=0 in aassign relem with Test::Without::Module->unimport 6 messages wolfsage, Reini Urban via RT, Andreas Koenig, rurban @ cpanel . net 2 Jan 2014
Re: [perl #120912] Remove obsolete warning, fix deparsing of m?PATTERN? 1 message ilmari 2 Jan 2014
Concerning commit 54f4afefa (utf8.c: Fix warning category and subcategory conflicts) 4 messages Father Chrysostomos, Karl Williamson 3 Jan 2014
Re: [perl #120903] perlcall problems, bad examples everywhere 2 messages Leon Timmermans, bulk88 2 Jan 2014
[PATCH] Time::Piece EPIC FAIL on ANSI C89 3 messages Ricardo Signes, Chris 'BinGOs' Williams, H.Merijn Brand 4 Jan 2014
[perl #114126] Pod::Html: t/htmldir3.t test produces spurious pass 5 messages James E Keenan via RT, Nicholas Clark, Ricardo Signes, James E Keenan 1 Jan 2014
Re: RT and attachments (was Documentation Patches) 41 messages Craig A. Berry, Father Chrysostomos, Kent Fredric, Kevin Falcone 18 Jan 2014
5.6.2 uses IV only pp_i_subtract, constant folding produces differentnumber than runtime calculation 5 messages bulk88, Father Chrysostomos 2 Jan 2014
[perl #120912] [PATCH] Remove support for ?PATTERN? without explicit 'm' operator 3 messages Leon Timmermans, Father Chrysostomos via RT, Dagfinn Ilmari Mannsåker 2 Jan 2014
[perl #120911] DB::sub does not properly handle overloaded blessed anonymous subroutines 7 messages Father Chrysostomos via RT, Curtis Jewell, Mark Jason Dominus via RT, Mark Dominus 3 Jan 2014
Re: [perl #120901] [PATCH] 99f3666 patch perlbug.PL - Add to userfeedback/docs 10 messages Martin McGrath, Ricardo SIGNES via RT, Karl Williamson via RT, Robert Spier 2 Jan 2014
Perl 5 Commit Summary 2 messages Perl 5 commit summary 4 Jan 2014

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