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[perl #120808] perlsource.pod: Misleading discussion of what should go into ext/

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bulk88 via RT
December 17, 2013 06:54
[perl #120808] perlsource.pod: Misleading discussion of what should go into ext/
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On Mon Dec 16 19:24:18 2013, wrote:
> I posed this question on perl.perl5porters earlier this year and got no 
> responses -- except one from rjbs asking me if I had received any 
> responses and suggesting an RT if I had not.  Hence, ...
> pod/perlsource.pod describes the 'ext/' directory in the Perl 5 
> distribution thus:
> #####
> =item * F<ext/>
> This directory contains XS-using modules which are only released as
> part of the core. These modules generally have their F<Makefile.PL> and
> are laid out more like a typical CPAN module.
> #####
> This is misleading because (as of my last count in May 2013), there are 
> 35 subdirectories underneath ext/ of which only 28 have XS.  The 7 
> subdirs which do *not* have XS are:
> Errno
> FileCache
> IPC-Open3
> Pod-Functions
> Pod-Html
> Tie-Memoize
> Win32CORE
> My sense is that, until relatively recent times, 'ext/' always held 
> modules with XS.  That's certainly the simplest interpretation of the 
> first sentence in the paragraph from perlsource.pod quoted above.
> Note that in the following paragraph in perlsource.pod, we have this:
> #####
> =item * F<dist/>
> This directory is for dual-life modules where the blead source is
> canonical. Note that some modules in this directory may not yet have
> been released separately on CPAN.
> #####
> It seems to me that the 7 non-XS using libraries under ext/ could just 
> as easily be described as "not yet [having] been released separately on 
> CPAN" -- which would mean that they would fit better under dist/ than ext/.
> If we can get a decision on what the layout should be, I will either: 
> (a) revise the description of 'ext/' to de-emphasize the XS-using part 
> of it; or (b) set about moving the 7 non-XS using modules to 'dist/'.
> Choose!
> Thank you very much.
> Jim Keenan
> Now, I could certainly live with a description of 'ext/' as holding 
> libraries with a CPAN-style directory and file layout not maintained or 
> distributed on CPAN.  That wouldn't be a very elegant description, and 
> it would sever the tie between 'ext' and 'eXternal Subroutine'.  But it 
> would be more accurate than what we have now.  And this wouldn't require 
> us to move any libraries from one of the subdirs to another.

Win32CORE has a .c files with xsubs. So it basically has XS.

Pod-Html should be on CPAN or dual lifed. Pod-Html, which is used by ActivePerl for their pretty (CSSed) HTML docs, suffered some bug fixes and some regressions between 5.14 and 5.16. I'm not sure where to even file a ticket, or if it can ever be fixed since Pod-Html is not distributed on CPAN and therefore isn't upgradable.
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