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podlators 2.5.2 released

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Russ Allbery
September 22, 2013 23:11
podlators 2.5.2 released
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This release incorporates performance work from Dagfinn Ilmari Mannsåker,
resynchronizes perlpodstyle with core, and fixes a few other bugs and


has entered CPAN as

  file: $CPAN/authors/id/R/RR/RRA/podlators-2.5.2.tar.gz
  size: 104911 bytes
   md5: debcce4412596dc1301c0df8c86415cf

Changes since previous release:

2013-09-22  Russ Allbery  <>

	* VERSION: podlators 2.5.2 released.

	* lib/Pod/ (_handle_element_start): Merge the two formatting
	hashes and move the data to the top of the module.
	(cmd_para): Separate reverse from the substitution.
	(cmd_verbatim): Likewise.

2013-09-22  Dagfinn Ilmari Mannsåker  <>

	* lib/Pod/ (cmd_para): Reverse the text before fixing
	trailing whitespace to avoid having to scan the entire paragraph.
	(cmd_verbatim): Likewise.

	* lib/Pod/ (method_for_element): Merge two tr expressions.

	* lib/Pod/ (formatting): Replaced with two hashes that store
	the default and override formatting options for different blocks.
	(_handle_element_start): Inline the formatting logic using those
	hashes and remove the call to formatting.  (#83253)

	* lib/Pod/ (new): Save the results of can and use it to make
	the method call to avoid redoing method lookup.
	(_handle_element_start): Likewise.
	(_handle_element_end): Likewise.

2013-09-21  Russ Allbery  <>

	* lib/Pod/ (parse_lines): Override the Pod::Simple method to
	set a default output file handle of STDOUT if none was set,
	matching the behavior of parse_file.
	(parse_string_document): Likewise.
	* lib/Pod/ (parse_lines): Likewise.
	(parse_string_document): Likewise.

	* lib/Pod/ (start_document): Perform document initialization
	even if the document is contentless.  Documents with only errors
	are shown as contentless but then have a POD ERRORS section, and
	previously this led to internal errors because state variables
	weren't properly initialized.  Thanks, Andreas Koenig.  (#88724)
	* lib/Pod/ (start_document): Likewise.
	* t/man-empty.t: New file.  Test error handling with contentless
	* t/text-empty.t: Likewise.

	* lib/Pod/ Fix an output_fh reference in the documentation.
	Thanks, Andreas Koenig.  (#88723)

	* lib/Pod/ (guesswork): Fix comment typos.  Thanks, David
	Steinbrunner.  (#85683)
	* lib/Pod/Text/ (strip_format): Likewise.
	(wrap): Likewise.

	* pod/perlpodstyle.pod: Wrap verbatim license line in POD that was
	over 79 characters after the man page indentation.  Thanks, Brian
	Gottreu and Steve Hay.  (#87440)

Russ Allbery (             <>

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