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[perl #119635] deprecate and remove qsort?

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Nicholas Clark
September 6, 2013 12:42
[perl #119635] deprecate and remove qsort?
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tl;dr: Nothing current uses C<use sort 'quicksort';> - should we remove it?

The sort pragma was added by this commit in 5.7.x times:

commit 84d4ea48280f6b54fdc70fe4c8b9494e3331071e
Author: Jarkko Hietaniemi <>
Date:   Wed Nov 21 22:25:14 2001 +0000

    Implement the sort pragma.  Split sort code from pp_ctl.c
    to pp_sort.c.  Includes the quicksort stabilizing layer
    from John P. Linderman.  -Msort=qsort or -Msort=fast is
    faster than without (or with -Msort=mergesort or -Msort=safe)
    for short random inputs, but for some reason not quite as fast
    as 5.6.1 qsort.  More benchmarking, profiling, tuning, and
    optimizing definitely needed.

    p4raw-id: //depot/perl@13179

Part of the reason, I think, was that v5.6 and earlier's sort was a
quicksort, and hence not a stable sort.

By the time v5.8.0 shipped, the only options offered were 'stable',
'_mergesort', '_quicksort' and the alias '_qsort', with the default as
mergesort (which is stable).

qw(_qsort) gets you a quicksort, qw(_qsort stable) gets you a quicksort with
a fallback comparison to guarantee stability. (Slower, but stable)

Of the 28 distributions that mention C<use sort>, most are in documentation:*%28stable%7Cqsort%7Cquicksort%7Cmergesort%7Csafe%7Cfast%29

All the code is C<use sort 'stable'> with 3 exceptions.

1) This commented-out code in a regression test:

    # uncomment to enable compatibility with perl versions prior to 5.8
    #use sort '_quicksort';

2) 3 examples in Module-Pragma-0.02/example/sort.t
   (which is a copy of the core sort pragma from v5.10.0)

3) 2 uses in Class::Std::Containers, which fails tests with v5.10.0 and later
   (and hasn't been updated to fix this)


1) nothing will break if we removed _qsort.

2)'s documentation, from the start, has stated this:

    You can force the
    choice of algorithm with this pragma, but this feels heavy-handed,
    so the subpragmas beginning with a C<_> may not persist beyond Perl 5.8.

3) We shave off some source code:

 embed.fnc |    3 +-
 embed.h   |    3 +-
 pp_sort.c |  866 -------------------------------------------------------------
 proto.h   |    7 +-
 4 files changed, 6 insertions(+), 873 deletions(-)

   [plus a bit in lib/, which I didn't touch for this prototype]

4) We reduce the size of pp_sort.o by about 3K (or about 0.25% of perl)

but it's not exactly high maintenence code.

So, should we put _qsort through a deprecation cycle, and drop it in v5.23?

I'm not actually sure if it's worth it. Do the small gains outweigh the small

Nicholas Clark

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