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[perl #119239] started out as doc clarification needed in 'eval...but...

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Linda Walsh via RT
August 16, 2013 01:38
[perl #119239] started out as doc clarification needed in 'eval...but...
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On Thu Aug 15 13:32:51 2013, wrote:
> On Thu, Aug 15, 2013 at 3:43 PM, Linda Walsh via RT <
>> wrote:
> > Points) A) - "(to myself as much as anyone)" - use utf8 only applies to
> > source code not content strings, so my wonderings why the Japanese
> > INU(dog) YA(night) SHA(dividing point) came out "ok"
> $ perl -Mutf8 -E'say "\x{72AC}\x{591C}\x{53C9}"'
> Wide character in say at -e line 1.
> 犬夜叉

---- so the original example that I had that 
printed "
didn't flag those as either wide characters nor it it flag it as an
error for not having "use utf-8;" in the sourced yet having utf-8
in the source, which was interpreted as a byte-string, and output
as a byte string, thus no warning from perl.

So if I used hex it would fail, but I don't need

   "use utf8;"

as Ricardo included which in this example is a red-herring?
(That a bit confusing)....

perl -e 'use P;

my $name= [qw (犬夜叉)];
my $band={band => "Queensrÿche"};

P "string=%s", $name;
P "band=%s", $band;

{ use feature "say";
  say "string=%s", $name;
  say "band=%s", $band;
Hmmm... no utf8 warnings on any of those.
But if perl had take it as a byte-string, the 

= e7 8a ac e5 a4 9c e5 8f 89 <<--- why wouldn't those
have been taken as latin1 (as the source wasn't listed
as utf8), and been "encoded, internally to 
their UTF-8 encodings?  
I.e. "E7" = 0xc3 0xa7, 8e = 0xc2 0x9a;
But if I try to use 'ÿ' in an identifier as in 
changing 'band' to bandÿ I get:

Unrecognized character \xC3; marked by <-- HERE after my $band<-- HERE
near column 9 at -e line 4.

Isn't that inconsistent?  The program source seems to be
taken as UTF8 encoded if it is in a string, but not ...

What do I get if I read from <package::DATA>?  Would the UTF8
encoded strings be read as UTF8 ... I'm guessing not?


Note -- original unclarity regarding scope of what is affected
by eval "stuff here" or 'stuff here', still exists...

Though the utf8 stuff doesn't seem entirely consistent now that you
mention it..

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