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Re: [perl #119191] "\c\" is a syntax error

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Karl Williamson
August 7, 2013 14:53
Re: [perl #119191] "\c\" is a syntax error
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On 08/07/2013 08:14 AM, (via RT) wrote:
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> This is a bug report for perl from,
> generated with the help of perlbug 1.39 running under perl 5.18.0.
> -----------------------------------------------------------------
> [Please describe your issue here]
> % perl -we 'printf "%vd\n", "\c\"'
> Can't find string terminator '"' anywhere before EOF at -e line 1.
>   % perl -we 'printf "%vd\n", "\c\\"'
> 28.92
> % perl -we 'printf "%vd\n", "\x1c\\"'
> 28.92
> There's no way to get a CTRL-\ (0x1C) with perl's \c notation.
> The obvious syntax "\c\" is a syntax error.
> The next try "\c\\" parses but ends up being a 2-character string consisting of
> CTRL-\ and \ (backslash).
> I think the latter case is definitely a bug because the middle backslash ends
> up doing double duty: it is used by \c to form \c\ (0x1C), but then also
> escapes the third backslash to form \\ (0x5C). This half-reparsing shouldn't
> happen.
> And for consistency with other control characters it would be nice if you could
> get a ^\ by writing "\c\".
> (This bug may be a duplicate but when I search RT for "\c\" I get 693 pages of
> no results.)

 From perlop:

"Also, "\c\X" yields " chr(28) . "X"" for any X, but cannot come at the 
end of a string, because the backslash would be parsed as escaping the 
end quote.


"Also no attention is paid to "\c\" (multichar control char syntax) 
during this search. Thus the second "\" in "qq/\c\/" is interpreted as a 
part of "\/", and the following "/" is not recognized as a delimiter. 
Instead, use "\034" or "\x1c" at the end of quoted constructs."

The latter quote from the section about the "Gory details of parsing"

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