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Re: SV_CHECK_THINKFIRST() needs to be rethought and further COWwoes....

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Tony Cook
May 10, 2013 07:56
Re: SV_CHECK_THINKFIRST() needs to be rethought and further COWwoes....
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On Thu, May 09, 2013 at 06:18:19PM +0100, Nicholas Clark wrote:
> XS code that uses C API calls such as sv_setpv(), set_pvn() and similar
> will always work. The problem is that there's this massive grey area about
> how much of the internal representation XS code is permitted to rely on,
> which makes it really difficult to do any sort of significant rearranging
> of the internals, because a lot of code on CPAN makes a lot of assumptions
> about what it's legal to do, and those assumptions have remained unchanged/
> unchallenged in over a decade.
> In turn this comes back to the basic problem that there never was an "API"
> designed. XS has "happened" as a side effect of authors looking at the
> internals and copying bits that worked. And those internals make a lot of
> direct data structure accesses, rather than vectoring through function calls,
> which means that
> 1) the internal data structures are exposed
> 2) it's hard to impossible to intercept accesses and create compatibility
>    veneers
> I'm not anything is wrong or right here. I'm saying that anything is going
> to have to be a compromise, based on guesswork, judgement calls and possibly
> even luck.

So should we provide an API that abstracts access to the buffer so
that modules that want direct access for performance can safely access


/* before I touch the buffer */
char *sv_buffer_lock(sv, size, flags);

SBLf_UTF8 - make the existing buffer UTF-8 (ignored for SBLf_UNINIT)

SBLf_BYTES - make existing buffer bytes (ignored for SBLf_UNINIT)

SBLf_UNINIT - just give me a buffer, I'll only write to it (a debug
perl might fill it with trash)

SBLf_CROAK - croak if SBLf_BYTES can't be honoured.


/* I need more space */
char *sv_buffer_grow(sv, size, flags);

valid flags:
SBLf_UNINIT - ignore the existing data

/* I've finished, offset would commonly be 0 */
void sv_buffer_unlock(sv, offset, size, flags);

SBLf_UTF8 - the new data is UTF-8 (ignore the previous flag set)

SBLf_BYTES - the new data is bytes/latin1 (ignore the previous flag set)

SBLf_DISCARD - just make it undef (offset, size ignored)


A debugging perl could panic() if SvPVfoo() was called on a buffer
locked SV.

For older perls, ppport.h could provide an implementation.

We might provide variants to avoid complex macros in ppport.h:



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