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Re: [perl #117265] [PATCH] e213661 no warnings 'safesyscalls', fatalnul checks

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March 25, 2013 14:47
Re: [perl #117265] [PATCH] e213661 no warnings 'safesyscalls', fatalnul checks
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On 25 March 2013 15:41, Steve Hay <> wrote:
> Leon Timmermans wrote on 2013-03-25:
>> On Mon, Mar 25, 2013 at 3:14 PM, demerphq <> wrote:
>>> Reini, on Win32 filenames are stored internally as UTF-16. What affect
>>> does your patch proposal have on opening files with widecharacters in
>>> them? (Widecharacters as you know could easily contain nuls).
>> Perl uses legacy interfaces on Windows (that is, it accesses the
>> filesystem using 8-bit interfaces, the encoding is system-defined but
>> tends to be latin-1, which saves our ass most of the time).
>> I'd consider this our number one Windows bug (because it screws up
>> badly when trying to open files with Unicode in their names), but
>> fixing this will be non-trivial, and few people have the appropriate
>> Windows knowledge anyway.
> It is possible to open Unicode filenames on Windows using Win32API::File (see below). I assume this will at least still work?
> use Encode qw(encode);
> use Fcntl;
> use Win32API::File qw(CreateFileW OsFHandleOpenFd :Misc :GENERIC_);
> my $filename = "\x{65e5}.txt\0";
> my $utf16le_filename = encode('UTF-16LE', $filename, 1);
> my $h = CreateFileW($utf16le_filename, GENERIC_WRITE, 0, [], CREATE_NEW, 0, []);
>         die "[write] CreateFileW: $^E\n" unless $h > 0;
> my $fd = OsFHandleOpenFd($h, O_WRONLY);
>         die "[write] OsFHandleOpenFd: $^E\n" unless $fd > 0;
> open my $fh, ">&=$fd";
>         die "[write] open: $!\n" unless $fh;
> print $fh "Hello, world.\n";
> close $fh;

Is there an open ticket about this bug? (IOW, that Perl cant open
widechar filenames without jumping through the proverbial hoop?)

perl -Mre=debug -e "/just|another|perl|hacker/"

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