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Re: [perl #117247] This is a bug report for perl,

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H.Merijn Brand
March 21, 2013 14:08
Re: [perl #117247] This is a bug report for perl,
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On Thu, 21 Mar 2013 01:32:21 -0700, Ramkumar Ramachandra (via RT)
<> wrote:

> I'm using the latest Perl from Git (git://
> When I run configure, this is what happens:
>     $ ./configure.gnu

Ah, you obviously did not read the INSTALL document.

The latest development version from git is a *development* version, not
a release, and Configure needs to be told

      $ ./Configure -Dusedevel -des

>     sh Configure -ds -e

Why use configure.gnu? Why?

>     First let's make sure your kit is complete.  Checking...
>     *** WHOA THERE!!! ***
>         This is an UNSTABLE DEVELOPMENT release.
>         The version of this perl5 distribution is 17, that is, odd,
>         (as opposed to even) and that signifies a development release.
>         If you want a maintenance release, you want an even-numbered version.
>         Do ***NOT*** install this into production use.
>         Data corruption and crashes are possible.
>         It is most seriously suggested that you do not continue any further
>         unless you want to help in developing and debugging Perl.
>         If you *still* want to build perl, you can answer 'y' now,
>         or pass -Dusedevel to Configure.
>     Do you really want to continue? [n]  
>     Okay, bye.
> Basically, it doesn't give me a chance to enter anything in the
> prompt.  I used -Dusedevel to sidestep this issue, but I don't get any

-Dusedevel is not to sidestep the issue. If you want to work with a
development version, which is by no means meant to be installed as
production code, we expect you to explicitly tell Configure to allow
building a development perl

Now, again, where does 

  $ ./Configure -Dusedevel -des


> further prompts.  I've determined that the UU/myread, which is
> generated by Configure, doesn't read a line.  Unfortunately, the
> script seems to be unnecessarily complex and messy; so much so that I
> didn't attempt to patch it, and decided to send this bug report
> instead.
> Please fix this issue.

perl - the development version - is build on many different
architectures (i596, x86_64, ia64, pa-risc, power4, …),
operating systems (OSX, Linux, AIX, HP-UX, OpenVMS, Windows, …),
C-compilers (GNU gcc, GNU g++, HP C-ANSI-C, xlc, clang, …) and in
various configuration combinations (-Duselongdouble, -Duse64bitall,
-Dusethreads, …) ON A DAILY BASIS, so I am pretty convinced that -
unless you are failing some build tools - your Linux system would
qualify to do a clean build out of the box (after you have read

> Bonus points for making UU/myread more readable.

Huh? That is unlikely to happen. The files in UU are temporary and only
used during Configure. They are generated by Configure to be used only
by Configure.

> Thanks!

H.Merijn Brand   Perl Monger
using perl5.00307 .. 5.17   porting perl5 on HP-UX, AIX, and openSUSE

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