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Infix subroutines

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Brian Fraser
March 10, 2013 17:04
Infix subroutines
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Howdy all!

Let me start by saying that I am not proposing merging this into
blead. The implementation is awkward and broken and could use a
thousand improvements, and it's best to consider the end product more
as a reference for future attempts than anything else. My starting
goal here was to learn a bit how perly.y and toke.c worked with each
other, but ended up with this mistake.
Personally, I was surprised that the bulk of the commit was regenning
perly.y - the actual (broken, evil, etc) changes to the codebase were
around a hundred lines or so.

That branch introduces a new prototype, >, and a new feature,
'infix_subs'. Here's some examples, copypasted from the pod:

    sub myeq ($>$)           "string" myeq "string"
    sub dor  ($>$)           $maybe_undef dor 1
    sub zip  (@>@)           qw/a b c d/ zip (1, 2, 3, 4)
    sub in   (@>%)           @keys in %hash ? 'Yes' : 'No'
    sub to   (\[$@]>*)       @lines to $filehandle

Arguments on the lhs will be in $_[0], arguments on the rhs in $_[1].
The only differences with normal prototypes is that a sole @ wraps the
arguments in an arrayref, while a sole % wraps them in a hashref.
Also, the & prototype is unimplemented, except to check that the
arguments are coderefs, so don't expect { ... } doof { ... } to work;
additionally, the _ prototype is currently useless, because you must
always pass at least one argument, even if that's an empty list.

I originally picked the > prototype because someone jokingly mentioned
it on irc, then left it in case someone wants to add a
lower-precedence version using <, so you can have your sub myor work
slightly less wrong. I didn't do any of that, as it would've meant
implementing lazy arguments to get the short-circuiting right, and I
would've sodded that one up.

For the curious, you can see some examples in t/op/infix_subs.t.
Opinions welcome! ..and particularly, is there an actual need for
these? That is, should I actually try to polish/reimplement them with
the aim of eventually getting them merged?

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