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[perl #116366] [PATCH] better POD for unpackstring

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bulk88 via RT
January 18, 2013 17:53
[perl #116366] [PATCH] better POD for unpackstring
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On Fri Jan 18 03:46:24 2013, davem wrote:
> On Mon, Jan 14, 2013 at 11:22:45AM -0800, bulk88 via RT wrote:
> [ stuff ]
> Ok how about the following instead:
> /*
> =for apidoc unpackstring
> The engine implementing the unpack() Perl function.
> Using the template pat..patend, this function unpacks the string
> s..strend into a number of mortal SVs, which it pushes onto the perl
> argument (@_) stack (so you will need to issue a C<PUTBACK> before and
> C<SPAGAIN> after the call to this function). It returns the number of
> pushed elements.
> The strend and patend pointers should point to the byte following the last
> character of each string.
> Although this function returns its values on the perl argument stack, it
> doesn't take any parameters from that stack (and thus in particular
> there's no need to do a PUSHMARK before calling it, unlike L</call_pv> for
> example).
> =cut */
> (With the above, the flags arg is still undocumented)

Currently is 
=for apidoc unpackstring

The engine implementing unpack() Perl function. C<unpackstring> puts the
extracted list items on the @_ stack and returns the number of elements.
Issue C<PUTBACK> before and C<SPAGAIN> after the call to this function.
Unlike L</call_pv>, do not do a C<PUSHMARK>. This function takes no
on the @_ stack.

=cut */

davem version is better than my/current version. My nitpicking says
someone will think from reading unpackstring's docs that a call_pv
without args requires no PUSHMARK, but I think they are reading too
deeply if they think that since the first example in perlcall is a no
args call_pv that has a PUSHMARK. davem's version I think should be applied.

I asked about documenting unpackstring's flags param before but no
. This ticket is not about the flags param so let us leave that out of
this ticket.
bulk88 ~ bulk88 at

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