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Re: What happened to the whole "small core" idea?

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Kent Fredric
October 27, 2012 12:56
Re: What happened to the whole "small core" idea?
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On 28 October 2012 08:29, Peter Rabbitson <> wrote:
> If you reread my email more carefully you will notice that I do
> recognize and commend these changes. Nor am I complaining that changes
> to the VM to facilitate a new dimension of experimentations are not
> there yet. My problem is that a small group of porters believes it is ok
> to experiment "in production", while these prerequisites are not
> available. And that a much larger group of porters sanctions this
> implicitly by simply being silent.

I see this as a sort of tradeoff. If you consider the idea of "minimum
core + stdlib seperation" being a "feature" and a feature that is
still in development, then you have to decide whether to block
development of other features until that feature is complete, or
wether to keep on with those other features in a way thats amenable to
co-operate with the stdlib feature when it arrives.

And I fear that if we were to block other features till stdlib
surfaces, then we might see a bit of development death occur.

And of course, its hard to get people to work on that feature, when
there are other features they'd rather work on, and because its all
voluntary, you sort of have to run around with carrots on the ends of
sticks hoping somebody is hungry.

> It didn't take me 10 minutes to write my original email. Nor am I
> expecting the average porter to set time aside to write their thoughts.
> Furthermore as you can see the "progress police" is already on my case,
> so I either drop it or I write another structured reply. What I was
> really complaining about is that *nobody* does this.

10 minutes may be too much for some people, hell, most days I think
people should count themselves lucky that I even bother to check my
email, email sucks.

> And sadly I do not have an answer. Doesn't mean I and others must stop
> highlighting the issue though... does it?

Definately not, keep on bringing it up, somebody is bound to pay
attention eventually ;)

With regard to "omg you're scaring away the noob contributors", Its
not so much /what/ you do there I think, but how you do it.

By all means guys, develop new features, maybe they'll prove useful
and get merged to master and eventually be part of the stdlib ( when
it eventuates ).


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