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Re: fixing smartmatch just hard enough (and when, too)

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Father Chrysostomos
August 26, 2012 12:52
Re: fixing smartmatch just hard enough (and when, too)
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Ricardo Signes wrote:
> This seems like complete madness.

(I know I am quoting your words out of context, but they sound funnier that way.)

Do we really need smart match at all?

The three advantages to smart match I’ve seen are:
• Junctive operations: ~~ @foo
• Accepting qr// or sub{} from the caller and using it on the rhs
• when(3) which is nice and short.

(I don’t consider ‘we need a generic way of asking whether two objects match’ to be valid, because ‘match’ on its own is meaningless.)

The first one we’ve solved with Perl6::Junction.

The second one I don’t feel comfortable with at all.  It is a very specific use case.  Wrapping qr//s in sub{} I would consider the correct approach.  The problem with any interface that accepts qr//-or-sub{} is that classes implementing one type of overloading can’t add the other without potentially breaking things.  So it makes module authors’ lives harder.  I’m simply not convinced that this feature is a pressing need.  We already have generic matchers.  They are called subs.

The third one actually has nothing to do with smart match at all.  It’s a ‘when’ problem.  If we really really don’t want to have to write when($_==3), then we could copy the precedent set by flipflop and split.

  if (1..2)           means  if ($.==1 .. $.==2)
  split ' '           is special
  $x = ' '; split $x  does something different

and implement two syntactic special cases:

  # literal numbers
  # literal strings
  when(q "foo")
  when(qq "foo")

and *nothing* else.  Everything else would be a boolean, including when($foo).  Anything else is madness; it really is.

Then we can just deprecate ~~.

Those who say they want


can write

  sub num { $_ == $_[0] }

instead of

  sub num { my $arg = shift; sub { $_[0] == $arg } }

which I think is an improvement.

But that doesn’t work with lexical $_, so let’s deprecate that, too.

(And make when do a simple next, and make given respond to next.)

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