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Invitation to the "Moving to Moose" hackathon 2012

Salve J Nilsen
May 31, 2012 14:50
Invitation to the "Moving to Moose" hackathon 2012
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Hei, #p5p! :)

Oslo Perl Mongers are organizing a hackathon we're calling "Moving to 
Moose" - We'd love to see you there! :)

Details about this hackathon, including dates, travel information, the 
venue, and registration/booking can be found here:

The hackathon will feature 4 full days of hacking, with food and 
lodging organized - and if the weather is nice, a hike to the 
"Preikestolen" viewpoint - one of Norway's most dramatic tourist 

We have invited core members of the #p5-mop and #perlrdf crowds, and 
intend to spend the time working on converting CPAN modules to use 
whatever Moosy goodness is appropriate, and to get stuff done towards 
putting a proper MOP (Meta Object Protocol) into Perl core.

I imagine that especially the MOP work is something members on this 
list might be interested in working on.

To cover expenses for the venue and food, we're selling commercial 
tickets to companies who would like to support the effort. We are also 
giving rebate promo codes to members of Perl and CPAN communities, so 
they can attend while just covering basic expenses. We're not 
expecting any profit from this event - but if we get any it'll be 
spent on further activities in the community.

If this hackathon seems like something you'd like to attend, here's 
how to go about it:

*** Get in touch with us ***

  - We'd love to hear if you're coming! :)
  - We hang out on IRC, on the channel on
  - Register yourself here: <>

*** Air travel to Stavanger ***

  - Book your own plane ticket to Stavanger Sola Airport (SVG)
  - Make sure to arrive in Stavanger on August 25th *before* 14:00
    local time (CET DST). This is so we can reach the ferry and bus
    connections on our way to the venue. :)
  - If you are planning on going to YAPC::EU, there is a direct flight
    from Frankfurt (FRA) to Stavanger (SVG), and several more during
    the day.
  - Feel free to arrive early or leave late, but in that case you'll
    have to organize your own accommondation.

  - More info can be found here:
    - <>

*** Bus travel between Stavanger and the venue ***

  - We'll organize group travel from the airport to Stavanger and from
    Stavanger with a ferry onward to Tau and further with bus to the
  - If you arrive very early or late, you may have to organize your own
    bus transport.
  - Bus and ferry itinerary can be found on the website linked at the
    beginning of this mail.

*** Lodging and food at the venue ***

  - We'll stay at the Preikestolen Mountain Lodge. We have 20 rooms
    reserved, so we'll have to share rooms!
  - If enough people sign up, we'll have the cabin (the smaller, older
    building located next to the mountain lodge) all for ourselves.
  - We have done our best to make the stay as cheap as possible, but
    this is after all in Norway. Apologies for the high prices.
  - The cheapest option (3 people sharing a 4-bed room) costs about
    4800 NOK/563 EUR, using the appropriate community promo code below.
  - We'll do our best to find room for everyone, but we reserve the
    right to close registration for certain room types when those
    aren't available any more.
  - If you NEED a separate room (e.g. if you have a serious snoring
    problem), then register for a single-room; Otherwise, please
    register for 2-person or 3-person room only!
  - The rooms go at a first-come-first-served basis. DO NOT DELAY

  - More details can be found here:
    - <>

*** Registration ***

  - Register at <>
  - When registering, use one of the following codes:

    Community653cabin3   (Share a 3-bed room, cabin, 653 EUR)
    Community782cabin2   (Share a 2-bed room, cabin, 782 EUR)
    Community938cabin1   (Your own room, cabin, 938 EUR)
    Community955hotel3   (Share a 3-bed room, hotel, 955 EUR)
    Community1040hotel2  (Share a 2-bed room, hotel, 1040 EUR)
    Community1300hotel1  (Your own room, hotel, 1300 EUR)

  - Or register as a commercial attendee (no codes required, and you'll
    support the the hackathon with 2500 EUR).
  - Feel free to share these promo codes with others in the community!

  - More details can be found here:
    - <>

*** Questions ***

  - If you have questions, please drop by on IRC or send us a mail to
  - If you want to learn more about what we're thinking, check out our
    sponsor page!
    - <>

Hope to see you there! :)

Kind regards,

- The hackathon organizers,

   - Eystein Grusd (egon_)
   - Marcus Ramberg (marcus)
   - Kjetil Kjernsmo (kjetilk)
   - Arne Sommer (arnesom)
   - Salve J. Nilsen (sjn)

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