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Re: pop @INC (".")

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Todd Rinaldo
March 8, 2012 23:17
Re: pop @INC (".")
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On Mar 9, 2012, at 12:56 AM, H.Merijn Brand wrote:

> On Thu, 8 Mar 2012 17:06:10 -0600, Reini Urban <> wrote:
>> On Thu, Mar 8, 2012 at 4:37 PM, Todd Rinaldo <> wrote:
>>> On Mar 8, 2012, at 2:58 PM, Jan Dubois wrote:
>>>> On Thu, 08 Mar 2012, David Golden wrote:
>>>>> Let me answer your points in reverse order.
>>>>>> Does anyone besides me share my concern that putting "." in the path
>>>>>> isn't always necessarily desirable?
>>>>> I agree that it's not always desirable, but I'm not convinced that
>>>>> it's never desirable, either. Or rather, if undesirable, how/when
>>>>> should it be removed from @INC. Optionally with "-T" or mandatory
>>>>> enforcement by the interpreter?
>>>> I find it always undesirable.  What I usually want is,
>>>> and '.' in @INC does provide similar functionality while testing
>>>> from inside the script directory:
>>>> If I really wanted '.' in @INC, then -I. is a cheap commandline
>>>> option, or "BEGIN { push @INC, '.' }" a trivial script addition.
>>>> But as I already said, I never really want '.' in @INC, I either
>>>> want $FindBin::RealBin, or the directory pushed by
>>>> So I think a Configure option to build perl without '.' in @INC
>>>> would be fine (and core tests should be updated to accommodate that),
>>>> but a forced -T does not feel right to me.
>>> Jan says it better than me. This is my thinking.
>> Mine also.
>> . in @INC looks like a window-ism, where exe's are found in . before
>> looking at %PATH, and . included in $PATH is considered bad style.
> Yes, but extremely handy when *testing* in a different environment.
> Not everybody uses the same MO, but I start an editor for every file I
> edit and close it when I'm done. Others open their fav editor when they
> have booted their machine and use that for every edit and never ever
> close it. Some use all their windows maximized I never ever maximize a
> window (unless in presentations where my browser supports F11 to show
> full screen). Some start a single (x)term for doing all their work, I
> start one for every task and close it when I'm done.
> In that last case, it is very very handy to set PATH to include '.',
> set $LD_LIBRARY_PATH, $SHLIB_PATH and other environment variables that
> would make life miserable when I would have set them by default.
Your argument here seems to center around development and testing. I agree with you on the flexibility of "." in those cases. It's in the production use of perl that I start to get hives when every one of my scripts has to defensively remove "." from @INC or risk unexpected behavior and/or a security issue.

> I have never (yet) used 'mylib', and declaring '.' as a poor-man's '.'
> is imho overstating the "problem" at hand.

Yes, but "." isn't always the same as $FindBin::Bin. I've never used it but, in my view, mylib is more a rich man's "." than a poor man's ".".

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