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Re: [perl #109798] '/e' regexp modifier is not recognized by re pragma

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Brad Gilbert
February 6, 2012 22:26
Re: [perl #109798] '/e' regexp modifier is not recognized by re pragma
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On Mon, Feb 6, 2012 at 11:04 PM, Eric Brine <> wrote:
> On Mon, Feb 6, 2012 at 9:23 PM, demerphq <> wrote:


>> And yes of course Perl complains
>> when you use a modifier which controls how the match is performed on a
>> pattern constructor which does not actually do any matching.
> That's good. That's what I would expect. The problem is that perlre lumps
> "g", "c" and "p" into the documentation for regex pattern compilation flags.
>> I find the term "regex flags" to be ambiguous and "Regex pattern
>> flags" to only be marginally better. Some of the terms I have used
>> elsewhere in this thread are equally bad. Since this ambiguity seems
>> to lead to confusion, lets try to come up with better terms. :-)
> perlre simply calls them "modifiers" and "flags modifiers". The re pragma
> calls them "flags" and "modifiers". It could definitely be improved.
>> ---------------------------------------------
>> 1. Pattern semantics flags: /m /i /s /u /d /l /a
>> These modifiers change the meaning of specific meta-character, or
>> literal text. These apply to qr//, m// and s///
>> 2. Pattern compilation flags: /x /o
>> These patterns change the process by which a pattern is compiled. /x
>> does so by causing the regex compiler to ignore specific parts of the
>> pattern passed in, and /o by determining how often it gets compiled.
>> These apply to qr//, m// and s///
>> 3. Match control flags:  /g /c
>> These control how the matching is to proceed, and only apply to m// and
>> s///.
>> 4. Substitutions flags: /e /r
>> These control the behavior of the substitution operator, and apply only to
>> s///
>> ---------------------------------------------
>> Unfortunately  this leaves /p out
> Sounds good. A few comment/nits:
> I'm not sure a distinction is needed between (1) and (2), and it will lead
> to having to the following mouthful: "(?:) accepts pattern semantic flags
> and pattern compilation flags".

While (1) and (2) could be grouped together by what they can apply to;
I think it would be quite hard to come up with a phrase to describe them
that doesn't also include any of the other flags.

The phrase:
Pattern semantics flags
is very unambiguous as to what is included in that group.

If you wanted to describe both (1) and (2):
"(?:) accepts pattern semantic, and compilation flags"

I would like to note that the important words from (1) and (2)
are "semantic" and "compilation"

Also there is actually a difference between (1) and (2),
the flags from (1) can be applied with "(?i:)"
The flags from (2) can only be applied to the whole pattern/match/substitution.

( Perhaps we should refer to qr// as a pattern. Just a random thought. )

> perlop lists /ee in addition to /e, so /ee should be listed explicitly here.

If we do refer to /ee, perhaps we should note that you can append as
many /e's as you want.

> Because of where it can be used, I'd place /p under (2). (I believe it
> should be in (3), but that's not how it was implemented.)

I agree with this.

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