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Re: [perl #108470] Term::ReadLine should use AE instead of Tkforevent looping

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Marc Lehmann
February 2, 2012 17:33
Re: [perl #108470] Term::ReadLine should use AE instead of Tkforevent looping
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On Thu, Feb 02, 2012 at 04:26:40PM +0100, Leon Timmermans <> wrote:
> What ever was discussed previously, it doesn't appear to have been
> discussed in the open (in particular, the bugtracker of
> IO::Async::Loop::AnyEvent remains empty). You assert it's evil, but
> don't explain why it is. Why can't it work? You list facts, but the
> ones that actually matters are still in the fog (how/when does it
> break? How can that by fixed? Or why shouldn't it be?).

That's true (but in the meantime, has been explained).

> The way you're handling this is raising more questions than it answers

Well, keep in mind:

1. perl5-porters is not the place to discuss this thing, it's simply off-topic
2. this has been discussed in private with the IO::Async author before, who
   opted to ignore my suggestions completely, and didn't even bother to
3. I didn't drag this into the public here, Rocco did with his fabricated

> and it gives the general impression you don't *want* this to work. That
> is what gets people pissed off.

And keep in mind that this impression comes from what other people said,
not by what I said - I wasn't even consulted nor notified, and if I hadn't
see a notification about this on twitter, rocco's fabrication would have
gone unnoticed by me. Nobody sought for my input - I gave my input freely
to the IO::Async author, and anybody who cared to ask. Why is it suddenly
my fault for notifying people and being ignored?

What pisses me off is that Rocco can spread fud on p5p and people like
demerphq go as far as asking for the removal of my module from CPAN.

Really, don't you think people here were awfully quick to make up their mind
without even asking me for my side of the story, and in most cases, not even
looking at the actual code, but instead blindly believing what others have
said (others with an agenda of pushing their own modules?). Or people openly
asking for the removal of AnyEvent from CPAN? Without actually having read or
understand the issues at all; without even *trying* to?

I am trying to clarify things, but why do you want to drag out this fud
campaign on p5p? Why do you want to give this thing a forum on p5p? Can I
also use p5p for slinging mud at people now? Do you really think this is
acceptable? Do you actuallly *want* that?

I don't.

> > I am not the author of IO::Async::Loop::AnyEvent, and am not responsible
> > for it when it breaks. Making me responsible is highly disingenious.
> It's not just broken, you've actively forbidden other people from
> trying to make it work.

I have never done that, nor do I have the power to enforce that, so please
stay to facts, ok? This fud campagin doesn't help anybody.

> If all that was wrong was IO::Async::Loop::AnyEvent being buggy, no one
> would have been mad at you.

All that is wrong is IO::Async::Loop::AnyEvent being buggy by design and
causing problems for users who use AnyEvent. I don't see how that changes
anything of relevance that would enable anybody to be mad at me.

Unlike others, I am acting in good faith here, trying to discuss things
*first*. Nothing like that has been attempted by you or anybody else on
p5p.  Look into the mirror please when you get angry at people who don't
openly discuss things.

So, one last time, keep in mind that I didn't drag this onto p5p, that p5p is
the wrong place for this discussion and I didn't start to sling mud around,
Rocco did.

However, reactions like yours do piss me off. You find it ok to change p5p
into a forum for slamming other people, and then think those other people
need to explain themselves?

Sorry, not so - I have the (moral) right to correct when people spread
fud (in roccos case actual lies) about me and my code, but I am not
required to take part in a p5p slamming campaign against me, and I am,
understandably, not very motivated to give in to this kind of blackmail.

That might be your style, but not mine.

And as such, I reserve the right to print warnings or fatal out in any way I
want in my module. If you don't like it, you can bring it up and we can talk,
or you can ignore my module, or you can tell others not to use it because of
that, but joining a fud campaign on the wrong mailinglist is simply not ok.

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