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[perl #109408] Documentation that refers to Perl 5 as new

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Nicholas Clark
January 30, 2012 09:31
[perl #109408] Documentation that refers to Perl 5 as new
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There are several places in the core Perl documentation that happily announce
that something is new. New in 5.004. Even new in Perl 5.

Perl 5 is not new. 5.004 is not new. I suggest that we have a policy on
what "new" is, document it, and then check the documentation to rephrase
away the old new. Given the plateau of 5.8.x

and the still widespread deployment of 5.8.x in distributions and firms,
5.10.0 is certainly new. Even 5.8.0 might be, if we want to highlight
things to people who are coming back to Perl having learned it a decade ago
(or having "learned" it via online code or tutorials of that era)

For starters, I think that this section near the top of perlfunc.pod should

diff --git a/pod/perlfunc.pod b/pod/perlfunc.pod
index 3358a39..c32c902 100644
--- a/pod/perlfunc.pod
+++ b/pod/perlfunc.pod
@@ -247,22 +247,6 @@ X<time> X<date>
 C<gmtime>, C<localtime>, C<time>, C<times>
-=item Functions new in perl5
-C<abs>, C<bless>, C<break>, C<chomp>, C<chr>, C<continue>, C<default>, 
-C<exists>, C<formline>, C<given>, C<glob>, C<import>, C<lc>, C<lcfirst>,
-C<lock>, C<map>, C<my>, C<no>, C<our>, C<prototype>, C<qr//>, C<qw//>, C<qx//>,
-C<readline>, C<readpipe>, C<ref>, C<sub>*, C<sysopen>, C<tie>, C<tied>, C<uc>,
-C<ucfirst>, C<untie>, C<use>, C<when>
-* C<sub> was a keyword in Perl 4, but in Perl 5 it is an
-operator, which can be used in expressions.
-=item Functions obsoleted in perl5
-C<dbmclose>, C<dbmopen>
 =head2 Portability

(And I'm suggesting removing the "Functions obsoleted" too, because I don't
think that it adds any value, but it takes up screen and brain space. Do we
define "obsoleted" anywhere? They've not been removed in the past 17 years of
Perl 5. Are we going to remove them in the next 17?)

Nicholas Clark

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