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Re: [perl #108470] Term::ReadLine should use AE instead of Tk forevent looping

January 19, 2012 09:32
Re: [perl #108470] Term::ReadLine should use AE instead of Tk forevent looping
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On 19 January 2012 18:08, Vladimir V. Perepelitsa <> wrote:
> Paul, I know, Marc is very hard man to talk, but why don’t you and Marc come
> to mutual understanding?
> Your ::Loop::AnyEvent goes into AE's internals. It's not a good point of
> interaction with other modules
> You abuse Marc's module, so he insert a protection from abusing.

This is a gift culture. Its not up to the giver to determine how the
receiver uses the gift.

It is also not Perlish to prevent someone from doing something that
they want to do because you don't think its a good idea. That is up to
the consumer of the module to decide.

It seems to me that if the module warned, perhaps something like "You
have loaded ... prior to this module, which is known to cause
instability in other things using this module. Please do not report
bugs about problems you might encounter" then it would be pretty

But forbidding someone to use a module because you want to use another
module the author does not approve of seems pretty unreasonable to me.

> If I know, that something on CPAN will not work, or will work badly with my
> module I prefer to protect from such interaction.

If that is your attitude you should hide your code away and make sure
that anyone that uses it signs a contract about terms of use. But that
also means it doesn't belong on CPAN and isn't really what I would
call "free software". AnyEvent is released under the same terms as
Perl itself. Therefore it is "free software". Therefore anyone can
take the code and do pretty much whatever they want to it. But they
can't do the same with the version on CPAN, doesn't that strike you as
being the antithesis of "free software"?

It simply is not YOUR problem what happens when someone decides to do
something you think is stupid with your code. It is that persons
problem. Trying to forbid people from doing something you think is
stupid just means you are going to stop someone smarter than you doing
something smart that you never thought of. This actually seems like a
good example of that.

> Just try to talk with him and many users of AE and IO::Async will win
> instead of stupid war between AE and IO::Async

Of course it is always better to talk about things. Hopefully they can
figure something out.


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